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By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Luna enjoys watching Dean sketch things. She has never been drawn to practice any kind of art herself, but watching it is a different matter. They will sit on the cliffs by Shell Cottage, and Dean will sketch the calmness of the clouds and the rage of the sea while Luna looks serenely on and dreams.

Sometimes Luna wishes she could step off the cliffs and become one with the sky. The sky is full of birds, and birds are meant to be free. Luna is a Ravenclaw, therefore she must be a bird. Her patronus may take the form of a hare, but Luna knows that she is really a bird.

She can't actually fly off the cliff though, not with Dean there. Watching him recreate the world in shades of grey makes her almost want to become a part of it. She knows she never will though; birds cannot be anchored to the earth, no matter how much they might want to. It is not in their nature. So all she can do is watch.

If Luna were anyone else, she would be worried that Dean's drawings appear more real than the things they seek to depict, but Luna is not worried; she has never known things to be any other way.