Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Faith, Buffy
Emotion: Devious
Spoilers: Set after season 3's 'Helpless'.
Summary: Faith enjoys Buffy's lack of slayer strength.

Buffy eyed Faith enviously.

The brunette was hitting her watcher's padded hands with a speed and strength that the blonde no longer possessed. It's only temporary, she reminded herself for the millionth time. In a few days she'd be back to her regular, Slayer-self. She just had to get used to taking a back seat to Faith until then.

While the two had made amends and were no longer enemies, it really got under Buffy's skin for some reason. Seeing Faith as the favored one always bothered her. Giles was her watcher. This should be her training session, too. She should be patrolling tonight, too. Not just Faith.

After a particularly hard punch, Giles hissed and backed off. "Very good, Faith. You seem to be in excellent shape. Just watch your left shoulder. You keep dropping it," he critiqued. Faith nodded, panting lightly. Giles removed the padded gloves and moved to his office.

Faith looked over at Buffy and caught the look of jealousy. She smirked and Buffy flushed. Her eyes flashed with guilt and humiliation for a moment.

"See something ya like, B?" she teased.

Buffy looked away, ashamed of being caught. "Just eager to get my powers back," she replied.

The brunette nodded and cracked her knuckles. "I hear ya. Patrols haven't been nearly as fun with you gone."

The blond perked up a bit. "Really?"

Faith shrugged. "It's boring without someone to talk to. On the other hand, it has been kinda nice to just cut loose."

Buffy frowned. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you're little miss 'structured slay'. Count to three, one-two punch, dust, move on. It's nice to actually have a little fun with it. I missed the excitement."

Buffy's gaze darkened considerably.

Faith knew very well that she was goading the other Slayer now. She was truthful when she said she missed having Buffy patrolling with her. And she'd been more than pissed off when she'd heard what the Council had done to her. Buffy put her life on the line every night and they nearly get her killed to see if she deserved the powers she was given? It was bullshit!

The moment she'd seen Buffy in the library the next day, bruised and cut to hell, she'd felt for her. Faith had been in that condition more times than she cared to remember, and she knew the older girl's ego was suffering, too. She'd been as kind as she could about it, but seeing Buffy jealous of her for once was something she just couldn't pass up.

"Sorry if I don't go looking to get myself killed," the blond growled. Faith shrugged.

"Hey man, I'm all for comin' home alive and kickin'. I'm just sayin' that it's nice to get the blood pumping a little, y'know?"


She grabbed a towel and began to wipe the sweat off of her chest, arms and face. Buffy averted her gaze and stood to leave. She winced as she knelt down to pick up her backpack, and Faith walked over to help her. She lifted the heavy backpack with ease and slung it over her back. Buffy opened her mouth to argue and Faith cut her off.

"Mind if I carry your books for you, cutie?" she winked.

Buffy's eyes widened as she blushed crimson. Faith tilted her head to the side and smiled. "Can I walk you home, Miss Summers? These books are awful heavy and I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself."

The blond's eyes narrowed. She thought about arguing, but Faith was right. She had a ton of homework to do, which meant her bag was full to the brim and ridiculously heavy. She sighed and shrugged.

"Yeah, sure."

Faith grinned brightly and began to walk beside her, making sure to keep her pace slow, even though she felt like skipping.

"Thanks for letting me carry your books for you, Miss Slayer."


"Yeah, B?"

"You tell anyone that I needed help, and I'll kick your ass."

"I dunno, B. With your strength all gone, I think it'd turn into a spanking more than a beating. But, if that's what you're into..."

"Shut up."