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All the little things


War Hero seeking information to write memoirs!

Esteemed War Heroine, Miss Hermione Granger has announced that she intends to write a semi-biography of the late Severus Snape. Explaining her motives, Miss Granger said, 'I don't plan to write a tragic story of love lost and bitter childhoods, for it is irrelevant and would dishonour Professor Snapes memory, and he might come back to haunt me if I did. Yes, earlier experiences shaped him, but I want to show people the real Severus Snape, the man behind the sneers and witticisms.' Miss Granger has insisted that her book will not be a factfile, or a list of juicy gossip about the mysterious potions master, (which this reporter thinks the public deserve to know) but rather a shared collection of memories, 'it's all the little things he did' as Miss Granger concluded.

The soon-to-be bride of Mr Ronald Weasley urged everyone who ever knew the man to think carefully about things Severus Snape did, because they might have been something of a good deed, though well hidden. 'We were all so very wrong about Professor Snape,' Miss Granger recollects, 'from the first time I ever saw him at the teachers table, I misjudged him. Harry and Ron always insisted he was up to something, even when he tried to help us, we only saw what we wanted to see, like in Harrys first Quidditch match, and when we encountered Professor Snapes logic puzzle which was protecting the Philosophers Stone.' This reporter, as ever, tried to get Miss Granger to explain, for the Philosophers Stone incident is one of many suspicious events involving Harry Potter's time at Hogwarts that Albus Dumbledore hushed up. 'It's not my story to tell,' she insisted, 'that is a story for Harry to tell.'

Why then, dearest readers, is Miss Granger taking it upon herself to tell the story of a man she barely knew? Miss Granger answered me very cryptically, 'Professor Snape left Harry in the possession of some memories, and judging by those memories, Harry was not the right person to do something like this.' Is this perhaps a hint to the well known animosity between the Chosen One, and Severus Snape, or perhaps, just maybe, readers, a hint to the mysterious relationship between Severus Snape and Lily Potter (nee Evans). Miss Granger denied this, 'I won't be talking about Professor Snapes private life, which is the only reason this book is in the works. Professor Snape was a very private man, he was a spy, a double agent and a hero, but moreover he was a mentor, a teacher, a protector, and now I want to pay homage to him, not in the way you did to Dumbledore, by ripping his life to shreds, but to capture moments of humanity, to show he was truly Dumbledores man through and through.'

Readers, I asked Miss Granger one last question, what would she do or say to Severus Snape, were he alive today? 'A few things really, I'd apologise for setting his robes on fire, stealing his supplies and stunning him, I'd thank him for everything he has done, I'd ask him for my last essay back, and I would tell the world that I trust Severus Snape.'

Miss Granger is looking for any information or memories with regards to Severus Snape, and asks that those willing to share their knowledge owl her to book an appointment.

Rita Skeeter
Daily Prophet

Hermione threw down her paper and scowled. She had known that going to Skeeter was going to be a trial, and that she ought to have hexed the woman several times for her questions, but for all the blackmailing and threats, Hermione had her way. Front page news. The first notch in rectifying the miscarriage of justice that was Severus Snape's life.

A nasty thought hit her.

He would kill you for doing this if he were alive.

'But he isn't alive,' she breathed to herself, 'and I'll be careful not to mention Lily. I won't let him fall into the shadows. The man deserves more.'

More than that ridiculous Order of Merlin, Third Class, that's practically equating him with Pettigrew.

Ron, who was sat across the breakfast table with a glass of orange juice in hand, looked up from Hermiones discarded paper and smiled gently. 'You're right Hermione, and I've been thinking, how about petitioning to get him a chocolate frog card?'