Okay. So this is not a real chap, but I am posting this because I found out about a group on ffn is going round reporting fics that are against ffn's rules. It's mainly grammar, but they're using a programme that automatically checks for it, and there is supposedly a beta version of one that checks for MA rated fics (which are banned from the site)- I know all my fics are only porn, and so I'm not happy about this. I got some more info from:

civilinitiative dot blogspot dot com /2010 /08 / redbotton-issue-and-what-it-means-for dot html

community dot livejournal dot com /fanficrants /9840378 dot html ? view= 311066874 # t311066874

If you google Literate Union (the group who is doing this) you'll find tonnes more. I'm telling you guys this because I'm probably going to be ditching altogether now. Also because it's against ToS to use automatic programme thingies, yet the site admins won't stop this use. It's hypocritical and ridiculous, so I'm making a point and am now moving solely to LJ and similar sites, where I won't have this problem- if you google archive of our own, to get the website, you can now find me on there- I am slowly putting up my fics on there, but the next chapter of Torment: Sold is only on there at the moment. I'll leave my fics on ffn until they're all transferred.

I'm sorry for this news, but I hope you won't abandon me- the fics are around after all! This news is also a reason for the huge delay in updating- I felt so sad that some people could ruin the biggest and one of the best sites just because of their own narrow-mindedness.

I hope to hear from you all over on AOOO soon- please?