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Well, I've been having trouble with the writing lately, but I'm rather fond of this piece. WAFF alert!

Note: I'd like to thank linndechir over at LiveJournal for bringing a discrepancy between British and American English to my attention. Seriously, guys, if you notice a mistake, tell me-- I promise I won't get mad or anything!

Disclaimer: If I owned it, the gay would be way more obvious.




Lord Coward is walking through the halls of Parliament, stretching his legs after a particularly long and boring meeting, when he hears a familiar and rather angry voice shouting his name. Backtracking until he's level with Lord Blackwood's door, Coward sticks his head in.

"My Lord?" Blackwood stands from his chair, glaring mightily. Coward gulps. "M-my Lord?"

"Coward," Blackwood hisses, and it's really remarkable how closely he resembles a furious dragon at times, "do you have any explanation," he reaches under his desk, "for this?" He places a small, fluffy kitten on the polished wood. The kitten looks up at Coward and mews hopefully.

"Acacia!" Coward exclaims, reaching down to pick up the now-purring ball of calico fluff. "I was wondering where you'd got off to!" Acacia's purrs deepen as he rubs a finger lovingly under her chin.

"Coward," Blackwood growls, disturbing the ecstatic feline, who turns to hiss at him, "this is the seventh time this month. Will you stop letting that thing out of your office?"

Coward frowns, almost pouting, and replies, "But you know she gets lonely, my Lord, and after all she does such a good job catching the mice-- don't you, girl?" he adds in a sickening coo, and the kitten's purring is becoming downright indecent now as she basks in his love. "Come on sweetie," he croons, turning to carry the yawning cat from the room. "Let's get you into your bed, huh?"

"Coward," Blackwood begins again, but Coward and the kitten are out of the room before he can continue. Blackwood thinks about following them, refusing to let Coward get away with it this time, but he knows he won't-- he never does. He sighs, shaking his head as he sits back down.

Really, he thinks with a sniff. Acacia? Subtlety is obviously a weak point of Coward's.


Acacia, according to the Wikipedia article on the language of flowers, symbolizes secret love. :D Oh, Coward, will you ever find the courage to confess?

I might have to bring Acacia back. She amuses me. As does the idea of Coward getting the best of Blackwood. And Blackwood's just like, "Whaaaaaat?" 'cause he knows he can't make Coward stop being a dork. XD

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