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The game started out harmless enough. Little light kisses, before he'd go off on a case, slow caresses when they were out with the team or in public or passionate glancing that left them both wanting the other. They'd been married over two years now, the fire and passion should've gone out of the marriage by now, Rossi commented one evening while out at their favorite pub, relaxing and distressing from the latest case.

That got Penelope thinking. She didn't want the fire and passion to leave their marriage regardless of how long they've been married or how old they grew. She knew deep down that she'd always love and lust after her chocolate Adonis of a husband. That's what had her sitting on the edge of their bed half undressed deep in her own thoughts.

Morgan came out of the bathroom, boxers the only article of clothing he had on, but got no response from his wife, who usually would look him up and down in appreciation grinning like a love sick woman the whole time. Not that he'd be complaining. He rather liked that grin when it appeared on her face it meant he'd be happy man before long.

Yet this time she sat there in her lily white bra and panties with little sun flowers dotting the fabric, with a pensive look in her warm honey brown eyes.

"You can't still be thinking about Rossi's comment, baby girl," Derek questioned, strolling over towards her.

She looked up drawn out of her thoughts by his deep voice and had to hold back the gasp of pleasure at see her husband stocking towards her. Yup, no matter how old they got she would always love seeing his strong form coming towards her.

She tried to remember he'd asked her a question, but her mind couldn't form the appropriate words to say. He looked to good to tear her eyes away from. The way every part of his hard body flexed and strained as he walked. The man was a walking sculpture come to life.

He leaned down in front of her, grasping her chin in his warm palm studying her face. The very face he loved with all his heart, taking in the smooth, makeup free skin, her light pink lips, and her chocolate eyes, that spoke volumes to him every time he stared into the warm depths.

"Sugar what's the trouble?"

She shook her hair, blue streaked blonde hair flying around her head, "Nothing sweetness, I guess I was just too lost in my own thoughts."

"Humm sounds like someone needs a distraction," Derek replied fingering the strap of her bra.

She grinned at him leaning in to capture his lips in a heated kiss, as they fell backwards on to the bed and her giggles turned to moans. That night would be the start of the real game, though neither admitted it out loud, they wanted to see who could leave the other breathless, to dispel Rossi's comments for good.