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Chapter eleven

The sunrays that penetrated between the curtains started awaking Penelope and her full senses rose to life at the sounds of Derek groaning her name next to her. Blinking her eyes with a slight smirk and a laughing exhale, she shifted to turn and look at him.

His mind and body deep in slumber, lost in the erotic dream he was having, his hips kept bucking up into nothing but the grazing sheets over the head of his length. It amused her as she watched, his expression lusty and pleasured, his seductive lips parted, letting shallow breaths emerge from his mouth.

The sight of his mouth like that was bringing sizzling heat to her center and she started thinking of its skilful movements all over her body like he had been doing the previous night. The memory sent her back to another as she recalled their dance trainers noticing his un-held in lust after the third session …

Paul had decided to tutor only Penelope and her husband that day, having noticed that Derek focused more on the effect of the dance movements rather than the dance itself, he had chosen to give him some pointers.

Penelope stood near Derek and Paul with Cassie at her side, overhearing everything they said.

"It might be hard to focus because of all the rubbing up and down of your bodies but you'll get used to it, out of experience I'm telling you." Derek nodded and she noticed him for the first time truly listening.

Paul started again "first thing you need to know is that you would be leading every movement, she'd be like an extension of your arms, she needs support, and you'll give it to her, all the lead is with the chest and arms…" Paul carried on explaining with arm movements and even called Cassie to illustrate.

Penelope chuckled under her breath at his pitching groans that snapped her back from the memory.

Derek's moves were keeping the same pace and he was shuddering as she gazed at him. She bit her lip and lifted the sheets helplessly, drinking in the sight of his throbbing hard cock and pre-cum emerging from the slit. She moaned lightly, liquid warmth pooling her core.

Goose pimples rose on her skin as he groaned out "Oh, baby…you're so tight…so fucking tight." She whimpered lightly at his words that inflamed her in a second as his mumbled words continued "ahhhhhh yeah… baby girl… just like that baby doll…ahh that's it…oh fuck yeah… so hot … so wet …mmmmm"

Penelope was shuddering next to him, her nipples hard and her feminine centre dripping for him. Without any resistance, she shifted to straddle him, sitting up straight, slowly lowering herself over his pulsing engorged hard-on, moaning deeply and throwing her head back, facing the ceiling as she started to rock back and forth to her own pleasure, laughing throatily when she felt him shift slightly, he was fully awake now, his groans still escaping and he laid back, letting her ride him hard and fast.

Less than a minute later, he sat up, his hands holding her and leaning her, taking one hard nipple into his mouth, making her half moan, half scream in pleasure. He licked and sucked hard, feeling her pick up the pace, riding their orgasms higher until they both forgot how to breathe. He switched to her other nipple, giving it the same attention, delighting in her wails of bliss as they neared the edge, his ragged groans and panting hit her flesh in hot waves that made her moan louder, going crazy at the feeling of his moist lips and tongue running over her breasts, her ribcage, neck and shoulders, trailing wet passionate kisses all over her skin.

His muffled growls increased when she rode him faster and harder, bringing him too close as her walls clenched him tight, her orgasm hitting full force with loud screams of ecstasy heard possibly from outside. Warm tremors shot through him as he exploded into her absorbing depths that milked him for all he had, draining husky blissful groans out of his lush lips

Her body quivered from after shock, panting heavily, her breasts heaving and falling near his face as he stayed limp, panting against her skin before he chuckled hoarsely "good morning goddess" his head lifted lazily to look into her passion heavy lidded eyes, his own dark orbs leisurely straying up her body.

a grin pulled slowly at her lips as she inched her face down to him, giggling slightly "I did show you a good morning hot stuff…didn't I?"

He sighed out a "yes," with a breathy laugh and dropped back over the mattress, groaning in satisfaction, his eyes closing. She lowered to kiss his seductive lips, sucking gently and nibbling on them, earning more groans from him, "hearing your words while you dreamt of us gorgeous got me so turned on, I couldn't resist," She purred lustfully and he moaned huskily in response, starting to buck up against her again, wanting more until they'd be ruined for the day.


She'd known after their morning's escapade that they'd be late for work, though a part of her didn't care she'd been craving him in the worst, best way for days and once he'd gotten home last night she couldn't stop herself. It wasn't that she didn't love her job she did, she just loved her hunk of man candy so much more. A slowly easy grin spread across her lips as her mind switched back to her appointment five days ago, it seemed all the passionately wild love making had produced some results. She had, yet to tell him cause once she got back, a case took centre stage and took her hot stuff away from her.

"Office of the omnipotent Oracle of Quantico at your service," Penelope stated into her head set while twirling a pen in her hand.

"This is Mrs. Morgan I do have the right number?" came a deep male voice.

Penelope sat up, attention on the phone call now, "Yes sir how can I help you."

"This is Dr. Carter I have the results of those that test you've been waiting on."

"Oh yes, yes what do they say," Penelope responded crossing her fingers.

"Are you free this afternoon, I'd rather not discuss this over the phone," Carter answered, eyes trailing up when his nurse walked into the room.

"Uhmm I think I can sneak away for an hour at lunch, around twelve."

"See you at twelve then my dear," and he hung up.

'Oh God I hope it's good news,' Penelope thought, punching a few buttons, "Hotch!"

"What is it Garcia, everything running smooth," he answered on the second ring.

"Smooth as a baby's but boss man but that's not why I called, I need to leave at eleven thirty I have a doctors appointment."

"You feeling all right Pen, need me to send Derek down?"

She could hear the worry in his voice and it warmed her heart to know he cared, "No I'm fine, this just routine they got some lab results back and didn't want to give me the information over the phone."

"Take your time Pen, if you need anything, let me know. Does Derek know?"

"No and please don't tell him not yet anyway," Penelope answered a hitch of happiness in her voice.

"Of course and congratulation I hope the results are what you're looking for," Hotch returned glancing out into the bull pen.

"Thank you Hotch and can you keep…"

He interrupted, "We'll try our best can't promise much."

"I know and thanks again," she hung up and rushed to put all her babies asleep that one word babies brought more happiness to her eyes.

Twenty minutes later she nervously sat in the doctor's office fingers fooling with the buttons of her shirt, looking up when the door opened. "So Doc give it to me strait am I?"

He set the file down, on the well used metal desk beside her, a grin splitting his face, "I'd say you'd have a big reason to celebrate tonight with Derek, just no alcoholic drinks for you."

A smile lit up her face, eyes twinkling merrily, "Really I mean it's not a fluke."

"Seriously Penelope you're pregnant," he replied, taking her hand in his. He'd known Penelope for the better part of seven years now and had been her doctor for that long. He'd been happy to find out that she'd found her one true love it made his old heart joyous to see the two of them together.

"What's that goofy grin for," Emily's light voice, exclaimed from the doorway.

"For me to know and you to find out later, peaches. So what do I owe this honour?"

"Lunch you ready?"

"As I'll ever be," she responded grabbing her purse and following the raven hared woman out the door.

"You look ravishing baby girl good enough to eat," he breathed into her ear, wrapping his arms around her from behind, when she walked into the bullpen. He placed light nibbling kisses on her neck, "Humm what you say we skip lunch and go have some fun."

She grinned wiggling her hips across his front, "Sorry sugar lips I wish I could but this Mama needs to eat."

He groaned but led her towards the elevators, "Party pooper," he admonished.

Later that evening, after getting home from work, Penelope set to work on her dinner a surprise for her husband one she hoped he'd like.

"Sweet cheeks dinner's ready," she called waiting for him to emerge from the home gym.

"What'd ya got?" he answered from the doorway, sweat dripping down his sculpted chest, making her mouth water at the delicious sight before her. "Penelope," he grinned watching her eyes heat up with lust and passion. Slowly he prowled towards her, gathering her into his arms, crushing her soft body into his hard one, "What'd ya got to eat?" he breathed against her ear nipping at the lobe.

Her body shuttered in response to his touches, "Dinner," she stuttered out, trying to calm her over heated body.

"Humm I think I have dinner right here," he growled, lowering his lips to the smooth milky white column of her neck, nipping and sucking on the tender flesh.

"Derrreeek," she panted, dragging his name out, arching her neck back letting him have the access he craved.

"Yes Goddess," he chuckled against her skin, taking another bite from her heated flesh.

"Dinner we need to eat," she panted on a moan wanting nothing more than to let him take her.

"Then lead the way beautiful," he whispered turning her in his arms her back pressed into his front.

Slowly, on wobbly legs, she walked them, towards the table and stopped, he walked around her smacking her ass as he did so and pulled out her chair letting her sit, before taking his own set. Looking down at his plate an amused smile lighting his eyes, "Is small the theme of the day sweetness."

She giggled, "You could say that hot stuff, we have baby back ribs, baby corn, I even found baby red potatoes. Do you see any similarities baby?"

She watched him take in the table setting candles in the centre, their plates and the food, he noticed that he only had a glass of wine, but Penelope had, fruit juice, something she only drinks in the morning.

Glancing up he gave her a confused look, unsure if he was reading things right or not, "Are you trying to tell me something honey?"

"I just may be daddy," she replied, giving him a soft look.

"Penelope," he breathed looking up at her, "seriously?"

She nodded nerves returning to her, "Positive."

"When did you find out?"

"The day you left on that case to North Carolina. I wanted to tell you then, but I didn't think it would be fitting over the phone," she studied his face wondering what was going through his mind, "Well handsome what'd think?"

"I think," he began rising slowly from his chair and stocking over to her, pulling her into his warm, strong embrace, "that you've made me the happiest man on earth," before his lips sealed over hers in a fiery passion filled kiss.

Slowly they broke apart panting for air, "So I take it you approve of the idea?" she grinned feeling his hands running over her back.

"Approve hell woman I love the idea," he answered, placing another lingering kiss to her lips. "I'm gonna be a father," he breathed against her lips shock finally registering in his mind.

Picking her up he twirled them both around, making her eyes go slightly cross, saying over and over that he was going to be a dad. All Penelope could go was hung on a big goofy grin splitting her face.

"Hot stuff you may want to stop spinning I may get sick," she advised as he halted the movements.

He studied her a few minutes, taking in her face the heated look in her eyes, her blonde hair falling from the twist she'd put it in, to his eyes she never looked more beautiful.

"I love you Penelope," he breathed, sealing his lips over hers once again.

Without much warning he grabbed her ass, pushing her hips into his and lowering his hands to her thighs hoisting her up on to his waist making her wrap her legs around him while his lips attacked hers feeding off her tender mouth, taking slow long sips of her wonderful taste. Leisurely he walked back towards their room intending on making slow sweet love to his wife.

Laying her back into the soft mattress taking his time in popping every single button followed by his lips, adoring her body slowly.

"Handsome please need you," she breathed clutching at his head.

"Humm Goddess I plan on taking it very slow." And to prove his point he climbed on the other side of the bed, letting his large hands caress the skin bared to his eyes, moulding her lush breasts in his warm hands. "Sit up from me beautiful," he commanded and when she did he deftly popped the clasps on her bra running his hands over her shoulders pushing the silk hot pink shirt from her soft body, taking the bra straps with him and tossing both over his shoulder.

He leaned her back down, capturing her sweet mouth with his, tongues tangling slowly thrusting in and out giving her a preview of what he'd be doing to her shortly.

"Derek please," she begged again when they broke for air.

He shook his head, trailing his lips down her neck, across her collarbone just to the top of her breast bone, teasing her with just the tip of his tongue before dipping his head lower circling her pretty pink tipped nipple before bragging it between his lips and sucking deeply gaining a keening wail from her lips that went strait to his groin.

"God woman you are beautiful," he whispered against her skin, hands working her skirt down her legs coming in contact with nothing underneath but wet hot skin. Sparing a look down a deep growl left his lips, at the sight before him. His control slipping from him, as her hands tugged at his pants and pulled them and his boxers down.

"Can't wait handsome, please now," she begged opening her thighs wanting, needing him deep inside her.

Nodding he laid between her parted thighs placing just head of his erection at her entrance before slowly tortuously inching in.

Her head flung back, nails scourging his shoulders as he started a slowly agonizing pace, "Derek, oh God so good," she breathed wrapping her legs around his waist pushing him in just that much deeper.

"Oh Penelope," he whispered against her skin nipping at her flesh leaving small bite marks, marking her as his forever.

His intending pace of slow and smooth, picked up with each thrust feeling her walls clamp down around him, the hot wet heat sending him into a frenzied pace slamming into her faster with each sharp thrust gaining gasping breaths from the woman beneath him.

All too soon, her slick walls clamped down around him, milking his seed sending them both into an organism with so much force it rocked them both.

"Thank you my beautiful wife for the gift of our child," he breathed planting kisses along her face and neck.

"It took two to tango my loving husband," she returned wiggling her hips feeling him still deep inside her.


The next morning, Derek drove silently to the BAU, Penelope at his side, her hand on her belly and a smile gracing her face. She had been doing that from the moment she woke up, thinking about their future child and the way he was growing in her. Although it had only been a few weeks, her maternal instincts made her hyper aware of the living being in her.

Derek grinned, he was more than happy of the surprising news but he could see Penelope was more elated, scarily more than he was.

A need to distract her and bring her attention back to him ate at him and he sneaked his hand to her bare knee, slithering it upward and smirking at the gasp escaping his wife. She slapped it away and chuckled when he brought it back to her leg again. She grabbed it and dragged it to her stomach, pressing it in attempt to divert him from teasing her. He caressed her belly with the back of his hand, glancing for a couple of seconds into her eyes with a deep soft look as she loosened her grip. Her hand let go and her head leaning languorously on the headrest.

His hand rubbed her belly but also rolled up her shirt and in a swift movement, his hand penetrated into her panties, grinning at the surprised moan she let loose, he started rubbing her clit torturously slow with his fingers making her scream for him, egging him on to stroke faster until her orgasm exploded and she wailed his name in ecstasy.

He chuckled under his breath at how she got carried away, it was incredible how she could turn him on just by sitting there moaning like that, the smooth flesh he was fondling throbbing against his fingers, driving him mad with lust.

She turned to look at him, lidded dazed eyes faked a glare as he removed his hand "laugh while you can sug I promise, I will get you back for that" she spoke breathily, letting out a small moan at the sight of him licking the same digits that had just been stroking her most intimate spots.

He hummed pleasurably at the taste and answered huskily "can't wait princess" a teasing quality to his voice and a cheeky grin groaning when she grabbed him from above his jeans "you better take off your hand baby girl…" he muttered hoarsely, crackling with desire.

She grinned mischievously "why would I do that?" she teased, squeezing him, delighting on the groan fleeing his mouth "cause you don't want us to have an accident" he finished, squirming slightly and she removed her hand with a pout.

A tiny smile tugged at his lips, knowing that she was far from done with him, he'd be paying for it later but for now, he savoured his male triumph.


The day had gone by without any case for the team, all spending the hours doing paper work before the afternoon started sliding into evening and Derek hurried out of the bullpen, throbbing with anticipation, already picturing himself doing his wife against the door of her office.

Turning the doorknob, disbelief crossed his face, it was closed. She must have purposely left without him. He thumped the door in upset, she was definitely in trouble.

He headed out to his SUV, driving speedily home and invaded the house. He made his way upstairs, catching her in a bathrobe, her hair in curlers getting ready for something he knew nothing of. That irritated him even more. He grabbed her, kissing her furiously and lustfully until she broke the kiss with astonishment and lack of air.

He panted than breathed "I'm gonna spank you for sneaking out on me until you beg me to stop" she giggled amusedly "I can't let you do that baby…I have plans tonight," she smirked amusedly at his upset expression and added "I had to get ready for the surprise"

"What surprise?" he asked lowly. She grinned evilly and pecked his lips "you'll see…now get your cute chocolate butt under the shower, we only have an hour left."

He crushed his lips to hers again and grinned against her mouth when she kissed him back fervidly.


Seeing him come out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel around his waist, she bit her lip, her eyes washing over the drop dead gorgeous man in front of her. She shook her head, focusing on her plan, wondering if he would take well the 'surprise'.

"So will you tell me where we're going?" he asked standing, facing her.

She smiled and stepped to the closet, pulling out a shopping bag and a small vial of sensual massage oil, swiftly hiding it in her pocket before he'd see it.

His expression transformed to apprehension and anger as he saw what she pulled from the carrier bag "hell no!" he growled in protest and she grinned, holding the dark navy suit she had bought him.

"All the team is gonna be there Derek, come on, it was the whole point of going to those dance classes" she pleaded and he exhaled a sarcastic laugh "oh that's even better," he shook his head "no one is seeing you dance like that, I already told you."

She strolled towards him, leaving the suit back in the bag. She smirked naughtily and he gulped, guessing what was on her mind.

"Remind me, when was that?" she spoke sultrily, standing a foot from him, reaching for his towel.

It dropped to his ankles, revealing his stiff erection, pulsing achingly for her already. Her dark eyes lowered, fixing it, provoking pre-cum to emerge, he groaned lowly and it took her all of her sanity to make no move, encouraging herself inwardly, she came closer and stood on her toes to whisper in his ear "ah, wasn't it when I was sending you over the edge floating on cloud nine with my lips wrapped around you and my tongue worshiped your amazingly nice cock" she finished grabbing his length, relishing in the deep groan that slipped him. "We'll go together super fox" she added and he mumbled a "no."

She let go of him suddenly turning away from him "Fine, I have a plan B anyway…" she crossed her arms, raising her chin "Paul said he'd dance with me if you refused"

His anger graded to the top "what?!" she wiggled her brows at him "you left me no choice"

He shook his head, ticked off "I'm gonna choke that man to death" he spat out, more to himself than to her.

Noticing her amused content grin as she watched his jealousy kick start, he eyed her suspiciously for a second. "You're pulling my leg aren't you" he commented and she giggled before moving to wrap her arms around his neck

"Just come with me, it'll be fun" she murmured, her face near his. "No way" he replied with determination. "It'd be worth it" she whispered seductively. He shook his head no and she caressed his bare shoulders "baby you're so tense, why don't you lie down and think about it for a second" she nudged him backwards to the bed and he fell back over it. She straddled him slowly, a smile playing on her lips.

He watched her pulling out a vial of massage oil and squirmed wanting to get up and flee her coming torture "relax sugar, I'm gonna make you feel better"

She poured a little of it over his chest and started smoothly massaging him, their eyes locked, passion burning between them but neither moved.

"Close your eyes" she demanded softly with a light smile and he did, feeling confident since she was focused on his chest and if he'd feel the oil lower, he'd certainly stop her before she'd make him crack.

As soon as his lids closed, she swiftly poured some oil into her hands and rubbed them together, biting her lip evilly at the sensations she would fire through him.

In an unexpected move from her part, he felt her hands, slick and hot massaging and stroking his manhood. He groaned deeply at the lusty tingles she elicited there. His eyes flew open "oh shit…" he breathed out, his lidded eyes facing her devilish grin as she started sliding both hands up and down, grazing her thumb over the slit from which pre-cum flooded "Pen stop" he gasped out, his eyes rolling back and closing.

"You don't want me to" she whispered back, delighting in the power she was having over him. She watched in relish his head press hard into the mattress, his hips bucking up, shoving into her dextrous hands that moved deftly by every passing second. "This is for this morning" she sped up more and wild husky groans tore out of his mouth "and for making you come and dance with me tonight" he was close she could feel it, his panting and groans, his shuddering and bucking up all played to her advantage as she murmured "you agree or do I stop now?"

"Don't stop…I do" he panted out, his seed boiling in his sacs, losing his mind to the point of accepting anything she demands. "Yes?" she grinned, her centre pooling in the desire for him. "Yeah…" he gasped out before groaning deeply, coming with a deep groan of satisfaction.

After a few more strokes, she released him, looking down at the sticky load soaking her hands "charming…" she murmured to him before moving to the bathroom and washed it off.

Without warning, he came behind her as she dried off her hands, snaking his arms around her waist and pulled her to him "woman you drive me mad" he whispered in her ear, bringing gooseflesh to her skin. She turned in his arms, a passionate look smouldering in her eyes and a smug smile playing over her lips. He captured her mouth in a sizzling kiss to which she responded fully before he shoved her against the door, causing it to shut close.

His hands lowered to her hips, drawing slow circles into the soft flesh for a moment before heaving her and standing between her open legs. He pressed tight against her, her bathrobe open, allowing his flesh to join with hers, he moved mercilessly hard and fast, straining shaky moans and wails of pleasure out of her plump lips, groaning at the feeling of her slick hot depths surrounding him like he had ached to do all day long. He helplessly drove himself within her deeper and quicker until the wild surge of pleasure took them into sensory overload…


When they got to the pub, looking elegant and in a way flamboyant, they felt several people looking at them. Penelope was in a romantic short, sophisticated fashionable classic deep-V halter red dress. Adjustable halter ties, open mid-back and pleated flared skirt.Sexy black stiletto heels, her splendid curled hair left cascading down her shoulders beautifully.

Derek was in the suit Penelope gifted him with, gorgeously breathtaking, a real feast for the eyes and that got her prematurely jealous of all the women that'd be drooling over him, she feared he'd flash his dazzling smile, one she selfishly wanted to be the only one to see.

Her jealousy flew off in a minute to be replaced with mild amusement and intense satisfaction when his lusty tone hit her ear in a breath "hell, how could I let you come in here looking flaming hot like this… if I see any prick checking you out, I'll knock his teeth out."

She sniggered, the beat of the music loud enough to mute it. "What are you laughing at?" he asked out loud, and faked angry tone, trying to hide the smile but failing as the amusement reached his eyes.

They exchanged an intimate passionate look before he dipped in and stole a tender but short kiss, not to smudge her lip-gloss.

Penelope caught sight of Emily near the bar, waving at them to come. They weaved their way to her and the rest of their friends, Derek joined the men at the large table where Will, Reid, Hotch and Rossi sat. He shook Will's offered hand, seeing him for the first time after his wedding and nodding his greeting to everyone else.

"Nice suit" Rossi commented.

"A gift…from my wife" Derek replied simply and David nodded thoughtfully, astonished by Penelope's good choice, that only proved how well she knew her husband in and out.

Derek chuckled under his breath, taking a seat on the crooked armless bar stool; he started teasing Reid about being in a club night like this one and stopped when he saw the serious offence in Reid's expression, telling him he was just ragging on.

Penelope hugged JJ when she joined her and Emily. "I can't believe you did it" Penelope spoke cheerfully to Emily, hearing the song "Dance like this" by Wyclef Jean featuring Claudette noticing she had arranged everything like Penelope had asked her to.

"Are you kidding? My friend Mace over there can make the floor totally yours tonight" she replied loudly over the roar music, nodding towards the DJ.

"Ladies, I'm a little lost here, can any of you tell me what you're planning" JJ threw in and saw them exchanged an enthusiastic smile.

"Just wait and see" Emily replied instead of Pen. JJ mouthed her agreement and walked to sit with her husband, bringing him his drink.

Penelope walked with Emily to the bar, chatting with her a few minutes while she ordered the drinks. Penelope had put her small red purse over the counter, leaving it open, still distracted by their talk and Emily's eyes caught sight of three women with gaping hungry eyes goggling in Derek's direction like he was some chocolate sculpture they wanted to devour. She hoped Penelope wouldn't see them as she sensed she would smash their faces with painful slap.

Emily smirked as an idea slipped into her mind. Derek had been glancing every two minutes at his wife while talking to Hotch and Rossi. She gathered the three filled beer glasses in her hands lifting them and with her lower arm purposely slid Penelope's purse off the bar counter. Penelope hadn't noticed until it landed near her foot, all the coins and makeup that were in there strewn on the floor

"Oh Pen I'm so sorry," Emily started with a fake apologetic tone and Penelope smiled politely "don't worry about it." Like Emily had planned, Pen bowed low to pick them, giving Derek who sat a little far behind her an erotic view that left him frozen in place, his lips dry and his eyes fixed on his wife's butt and bared thighs.

Hotch called his name when he noted he wasn't really listening to him but that didn't get his attention either. He saw him shift slightly in his place, his eyes looking fixedly towards the bar. He followed his stare and shook his head with an exhale at the sight of Penelope, bent down gathering her fallen stuff from the floor, her posture clearly arousing Derek. Rossi only rolled his eyes when Derek excused himself and walked towards her.

She straightened up again, purse in hand, she turned coming face to face with him, raising a smile when he pressed her flush to him, his hand squeezed her butt cheek making her jerk before he took a bite of her milky white neck "behave handsome" she spoke close to his ear, a smug smile playing over her plum lips.

Emily inwardly congratulated herself with the sight of the women watching with irritation and crushed hope now. She took the beers to their table, joined by Derek and Pen shortly after. They sat closely together, arm in arm, almost in an embrace "so what do you take?" Emily addressed them, willing to bring them their drinks.

Derek hummed pensively for a second and answered "Martini" Penelope added quickly "for me, anything without alcohol"

Bewildered, Prentiss gave her a confused look "well, it's not safe for me to drink for the nine coming months" she stated, looking at the rest as Derek kissed her forehead. With a happy smile she received cheerful congratulations from everyone except Rossi who only mouthed his congrats to both, feeling a little embarrassed and doubtful of his own remark that he had made months ago, it seemed clear to him that the more he expected their passion to fade the brighter it flamed and now a child was going to be born out of it.

Penelope decided to once again to go with Emily, asking her this time if she could give the signal to Mace for the chosen song.

Prentiss handed her the virgin strawberry daiquiri and brought Derek his martini before going to the DJ.

Penelope sipped from her cocktail glass watching her husband swill his drink, eyeing her from his seat, his eyes speaking intimate desire to her.

She quickly made her way to Derek, leaving her drink behind, knowing the song she chose would start now. He saw her approach him seductively and he turned towards her. The music of the song "Infatuation" by Christina Aguilera started and without warning, her high heeled foot flung up and landed on his thigh, her leg left nearly bare to him, his eyes half closed and darkening washed over her from foot up to the eyes. Her hand stretched out in a fluid move to him. He took it in his smoothly and let her lead him to the dance floor.

Their friends around the table, including JJ were left speechless at the bold act that they had just witnessed, little did they know, it was nothing compared to what was coming. Reid squinted his eyes at the stance they held skillfully, not stepping but sliding over the floor.

He comes from a foreign place
An island far away
Intrigues me with every move
Till I'm breathless, I'm helpless
Can't keep my cool
Steals my heart when he takes my hand
And we dance to the rhythm of the band
Feel his fingertips grip my hips
And I slip as we dip into a state of bliss

Penelope's steps varied; her feet and hips moving exactly to the rhythm as Derek led her. Both smiling, starting to forget about the people around them.

Mama used to warn me to beware those latin lovers
Said I gave my heart too soon
And that's how I became your mother

Their posture changed as he deftly pressed her tight to him, her left arm gracefully around his shoulders while her right hand was still in his, their nose tips, grazing together, their hips pressed, letting hers moving to the strains. People around them started noticing their heated up moves and began to pull back, intimated and no longer dancing as leisurely as they were, they stopped the moment after, watching them only.

Said ay mama, you seem to forget
I'm not in love yet
Sweet talk don't win me over

But I realize
Big brown eyes I'm hypnotized
When he says

His right leg slithered between her thighs and his hand glided to her lower back as his left released hers and she smiled lightly, one hand to his shoulder and the other, sliding up her frame alluringly to her hair, their bodies lowering with a bending of their knees and straitening up again, repeating it twice as their lips joined sensually in a peck.

I am full blood boricua
Read the tattoo on his arm

He tells me "Mami, I need ya!"
And my heartbeat pumps so strong

Getting lost in a ritmo
He whispers "Te quiero"
Te quiero

Will and JJ were mostly astonished while Reid avoided watching, feeling unease for them, Rossi moved his half empty glass in his hand and now was subconsciously half covering his mouth. Hotch had his arms crossed, in an unconscious way willing to form a barrier between him and what he's seeing, his expression between shock and denial. Emily was grinning watching every step and move, deducing that that their dance session paid off.

I begin to give in with no hesitation

Prentiss tilted her head a little at the sight of Derek supporting Pen's frame as she kept one leg straight and styled with the other. Her head thrown back while he had one hand to her back and the other cupping her nape, slowly dipping her and rising her up again to his slightly bent body in infinitum and swift dexterity. It took him his full tenacious control not to attack her neck with passionate wet kisses, going crazy at the white chocolate wife of his offered to him like that.

Can't help my infatuation (yeah)
It's pure infatuation (
yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah)

They picked up their choreographed steps again; Penelope required doing backwards steps while he took steps forward and vice-versa, never loosing balance or him the lead, his hips relaxed and most importantly subtle.

Skin the color of cinnamon
His eyes light up
And I'm filled within
Feels so good it must be a sin
I can't stop what I started I'm giving in
He brings life to my fantasies
Sparks a passion inside of me
Find the words and I cannot speak
In the silence, his heartbeat is music to me

They came close together for a side step followed by an opening out and stepping in and out, all the while a variation of change of places. Not aware of all the persons watching besides the team, all dumbstruck and enjoying the view.

Mama used to warn me not to rush love with another
Said I'm not trying to lecture
I just care about my daughter
Ay mama, you seem to forget
I never would never let
A man control my emotions
When he smiles
I feel like a little child
When he says

Penelope had two free spin before coming back into his arms, a happy smile never leaving her lips, elated inside at the way he managed to keep to the dance and didn't crack at any second, though she could see the fire burning in his eyes and the sweat coming down unnoticed over the sides of his face, telling her how long their night was gonna be. He kept her in his arms for a very short moment before throwing her out in a deft twirl than pulled her back again, re-doing it in rhythm with the music, changing arms every two twirls.

I am full blood boricua
Read the tattoo on his arm
He tells me "Mami, I need ya!"
And my heartbeat pumps so strong
Getting lost in a ritmo
He whispers "Te quiero"
Te quiero

She stood near him, rolling her shoulders delicately, her hips swaying from side to side with the beats, her fingers keeping her dress slightly up smirking at him when he twirled smoothly and seductively around her, grazing her skin with his fingertips.

Can't help my infatuation
It's pure infatuation

Caught between my mother's words
And what I feel inside
Wanting to explore his world
But part of me wants to hide

She gasped with surprise and a smile when he pressed flush against her from behind. His hands sensuously, languidly set on her hips, guiding the sways as she wobbled against his crotch, feeling his arousal desperately holding back.

Should I risk it
Can't resist it
This has caught me by surprise
Should I let him take me to Puerto Rico
I can't hold back no more
Let's go tonight

She parted and turned in his arms swiftly, holding back the frame again, mild space between them as they swept with salsa dance footwork. She turned again, moving flexibly and sexily against his physique. Rubbing up and down, smiling satisfyingly at his stiffened body, his shallow panting coming out in hot breath. Her arms went up and smoothed down the back of his head and nape, keeping them around it, biting her lip, her hips making deliberate sluggish circles that he moved expertly with, closing her eyes and forgetting everything around her, only feeling him so close to her.

Papi hold me, say that you adore me
Never let go never leave me lonely
Papi hold me, say that you adore me
Never let go never leave me lonely.

I am full blood boricua
Read the tattoo on his arm
He tells me "Mami, I need ya!"
And my heartbeat pumps so strong
Getting lost in a ritmo
He whispers "Te quiero"
Te quiero

Her eyes flew open when he slid down low against her, eliciting her body to move exuberantly again, her shoulders and hips shaking in swift movement, her hands slithering up to her hair desirably as his digits grazed her face and tingles broke out on her skin. She turned with the beat and he slid up slowly again, brushing his lips all the way up to her neck. Her loins had already pooled and now they were dripping wet for him.

I begin to give in with no hesitation
Can't help my infatuation

Can't help what I'm feeling, infatuated
can't help my infatuation

Can't help my infatuation

Squeezed together, their bodies alternately lowered and raised in a highly, dirty sexual action giving a real show to the team that watched uncomfortably except for Emily, JJ and her husband. Hotch had his thumb and middle finger rubbing his temples, feeling like he was violating their privacy in a sense by even casting a glance, same emotions crossed Reid while Rossi was eyeing them in secret envy. He had tried that sort of passion dance with his latest ex wife and it didn't work, how could it be so perfect when it came to them? Well he knew the answer, love and passion was the key to a happy marriage and would make everything else work, which he obviously didn't have with any of his spouses, he inhaled and sighed heavily, accepting the bitter truth…

Papi hold me, say that you adore me
Never let go never leave me lonely (lonely)

Right before the song ended, and as they stood Penelope glided her leg up his and locked around it. He instantly ground into her, his arm around her waist and dipped her horizontally backwards, his hand slithering lower from her chin, to her neck and cleavage, all the down to her knee.

It's pure infatuation
Can't help my infatuation
It's pure infatuation (Infatuation)

The song ended and Penelope lifted her head "Thank you" she spoke to him watching his barely controlled lusty expression. He wordlessly, lowered her leg back to the ground pulling her up against him "you were amazing-you didn't flinch" she flattered and he dipped his head near her ear "make me wait five more minutes and I'll take you right on this floor" he spoke huskily and she giggled.

The whistling and cheering of the people present there interrupted and they turned to them, smiling their thanks. Derek gave a single nod before taking his wife's hand and leading her back to the table as another song started.

"Well that was…" JJ started, startled before they even sat. "Hot." Will finished in his broad accent.

Emily added a word of agreement and Penelope grinned, sitting snuggly near her husband. Derek kept her in his embrace as JJ asked "where did you learn that?"

He crooked a smile "can't tell, it's a secret"

"You have to teach us those moves" Will spoke and Reid's voice directly followed "speak for yourself" as though he had been included. Derek chuckled in amusement and noticed the dead silence of Hotch and Rossi.

Hotch only glanced them and looked away, their expectant looks he sensed made him spit out "for God's sake, couldn't you chose another day…I don't think I'll be looking at you two the same way after what I saw."

Derek rubbed the back of his head, thinking of the decision he had taken and that Penelope changed, starting to feel unease by their bold acts. An amused smile tugged at his lips when he turned to see Penelope sniggering.

Rossi was next to be looked at awkwardly by them before he muttered, the music almost muting his words "no comment"

Penelope gulped, that entire dance was to make Rossi admit he was wrong and that's all he had to say? She bit back a content grin when he added "except for the fact that I obviously was wrong in my judgment of your…passion" he spat out the last word as though it irritated him but it made her smirk helplessly.

Entirely relieved and proud she and Derek could prove their undying and strengthening sizzling passion, she shut her mind to everything but her chocolate god and inched his head to hers, kissing him fervidly and moaned at his craving response. She let out a small laugh that died into Derek's mouth; she had sensed someone leave the table, thinking surely that it must be Hotch, shaken by the awkward situation he found himself in tonight.


Leisurely they entered their home, Penelope letting out a content sigh, "Was it fun for you hot stuff?"

A deep sensual growl emitted from his chest, "Oh if you only knew my Goddess," he responded, pulling her into his arms, spinning her around her back up against his chest, pressed tight. He slowly swayed his hips rubbing his burgeoning erection into the cleft of her but letting her feel what she did to him.

"What's gotten into you handsome," Penelope asked, one hand coming up and back to grasp the back of his bald head, feeling his hands run down her sides, a sensual tingle crashed over her body making her ache in all the right spots.

"Put some music on sugar lips," he breathed into her ear nipping at the lobe, then letting her go with a swat to her ass.

With a slight sway to her hips she strolled over to their stereo picking through until she found the right CD, the song from earlier in the evening. The poppy Latin beat filling the room. She could feel Derek come up behind her, his heat penetrating her body through the fabric of her dress. He ran his hands down the length of her arms, reaching her fingers intertwining them as he undulate his hips in time with the music that filled his body with heat. Slipping one hand free he spun her around, to face him, then dipped her backwards, taking his free hand and running it the length of her neck, down to her collarbone, and between the valley of her lush breasts, his mind on her body and not much else.

He placed an open mouthed kiss to her pulse point feeling it jump under his lips, a smug smile gracing his soft lips.

Breathless she asks, "What are you doing my love?"

"Enjoying myself, darlin," he responded, bring her back up, and slipping his thigh between her legs, feeling the dampness of her arousal on his hard thigh.

Feeling the music more than hearing it, he drug his left hand up from her waist, his hips keeping time with the tempo moving backwards and forwards again, feeling her body respond to every move and every caress of his large warm hands. That same left hand, inched its way, up her side, and around her back, reaching for the tie that held the halter in place. Giving it a smart tug, watching with hooded dark passion filled eyes, as the fabric slide down her torso baring her creamy breasts to his hungry eyes, the flimsy strapless bra doing nothing but aggravating his already hyper active senses, and with one quick flick of his wrist the offending garment fell to the floor, kicked out of sight.

His warm mouth descended capturing a taut peaked nipple between his teeth, gently nipping and soothing it with his tongue gaining a gasp of pleasure from his wife.

"Hot stuff," she purred her own hands running the length of his strong muscled back, feeling the power and strength with every move he made. Desire over taking her body, as she rubbed herself shamelessly against his thigh wanting that wonderful fraction that seemed to be eluding her at the moment.

She ran her hands towards the front of his body, but before she could slip her fingers beneath the material of his shirt, noting that he seemed to have shed his jacket at some point, he turned her against, her back against his magnificent front, her dress sliding down her body to pool in a silk heap at her feet, leaving her in nothing but heels and panties.

"God woman," he groaned into her ear, arms wrapping around her waist starting to ground his hips into wanting nothing more than to be buried deep inside her, but wanting to torture her at the same time.

His hands came up to cup her full breasts as their movements continued to the beat of the song, Penelope's head falling back against his shoulder a rag doll in his arms now, as he played with his favorite toy.

His resolve to tease her starting to slip away, when her hands reached behind them both to grab his ass pushing him closer, shaking her ass and rubbing against him, as his hands fell away from her body, only to spin her around again, feeling her fingers press into his skin, and starting to pop the buttons on his cotton dark blue shirt baring dark hard muscular skin to her hungry eyes.

Leaning forward she pressed her own wet open mouthed kisses to his Adams apple, nibbling at his pulse point while her hands slide down his body, stopping at the waist band of his slacks, deafly popping the button and slowly lowering the zipper pushing the fabric down his hips, pants and boxers both. She grasped his straining cock in her warm hands pumping him slowly, watching his eyes, slide shut they bodies coming to a stop med stride.

Her finger slipped over the head and he was gone, yanking her hand away, and pushing her against the wall, thrusting in deep filling her to the hilt. He saw the smug smile lift the corner of her mouth knowing he'd played into her hands. Well he'd show her, and he pulled almost all the way out, dipping low to place a warm lick to her navel, and ran the length of her body, while filling her back up.

"Oh damn, that was," she couldn't form the words to describe the feelings he was evoking in her body.

He repeated the same movement albeit a little faster this time, her hands gripping his shoulders to keep herself from collapsing into a puddle of desire goo. On his way back up this time, he gripped her hips lifting slighting, and lowering her back down harder, as their passion rose in heat. Derek wasn't sure were he stopped and she began and for that matter he didn't care, he loved this woman way to much.

The need consuming them both and Penelope started to push down harder as they reached their shared explosive climax together each others name fall from their lips.

Slumping onto her body Derek tried to regain his breathing and heart rate, but nothing worked, still being buried deep inside her pulsation heat, worked his sanity, "Wrap those legs of ours around my waist," he ordered lifting her higher.

"Handsome," she began to protest, he pinched her nipple with his thumb and forefinger, seeing the desire flare in her deep almost black eyes, red frames askew on her flushed face. "No arguing just do it," he responded feeling her legs encased him a erotic feeling of having her surround him.

"We're not getting any sleep tonight are we," she giggled into his ear nipping at the flesh, feeling him shiver.

"None, you've been a bad girl sweetness it's time I punish you and good," he answered with a slap to her ass.

"Oh then I'm always going to be bad, my chocolate God of sculpted thunder," she purred, biting his neck.

No the passion would never die between these two, for they were first best friends, then lovers, and lastly husband and wife forever, with three children and a dozen grand children keeping them young, and so very much in love.

The End