Dojo came flying back with a boy in a cowboy hat on his back "Finally we are here!" Geoff cheered and ran over "What's up dudes?" He grinned and knuckle bumped Raimundo and smiled over at Clay "Nice hat man."

"Finally we got back to the temple he wouldn't stop asking me if we were here every two minutes…" Dojo grumbled and turned back to his small lizard form and slithered off in a huff.

"Aw cute little guy." Bridgette grinned and picked up Dojo before he could slither off. "Isn't it cute?" Bridgette smiled at Gwen.

"Oh yeah… The cutest…"She mumbled and Dojo slipped out of Bridgette's grip.

"I'm not cute I'm a dragon!" He hissed, finally slithering off.

Master Fung smiled slightly and bowed to Geoff who seemed a bit confused by the situation "Geoff, very nice of you to join us master of Earth." He smiled slightly.

"Whoa huh?" Geoff said then realized what he meant "Ooooh yeah… Thank you." He said awkwardly then scowled noticing a girl glaring at them when she walked through the temple.

"God this place is so lame." Heather grumbled and looked around scornfully then eyed Kimiko "That Kimono is not working for you honey…" Heather cackled and Kimiko lost her temper.

"Who does she think she is?" Kimiko looked absolutely appalled. "Well 'honey' your top isn't working for you. The nineties called they want their shoes back." Kimiko said with narrowed, cruel eyes. The boys just chuckled as the two girls glared intensely at one another, none of them breaking their stares til the other gave up.

"You should be nice to her Kimiko after all you will have to be teaching her to control her powers…" Master Fung said softly.

"You're kidding!" Kimiko frowned "Right? Please be kidding!" She groaned but Master Fung merely shook his head.

A tech nerd came walking in soon after, his PDA in hand "Yup this is the right place." He smiled as he looked at the screen with a GPS on it. "The names Cody." He smirked looking to the girls.

Bridgette and Kimiko just rolled their eyes and soon Cody realized who the Japanese girl was "Holy crap your Kimiko Tohomico! Your father is an amazing inventor!"He beamed happily and rushed over to shake her hand.

"Jeez, thanks." Kimiko smiled sheepishly and let go of his hand and felt a zap of electricity "Ouch! What was that?" She gasped.

"Oh sorry I'm having a bit of a hard time lately with that. I can control most technology and anything electric or lightning…" Cody said softly with a small smile.

Duncan's loud music from his large headphones were first heard before he was seen but soon appeared in front of them after a shroud of darkness fell from his body and he appeared almost out of thin air causing everyone to jump besides Master Fung. Duncan laughed almost hysterically at their reactions "You should have seen your faces." Duncan laughed and pointed at them.

"That was not funny!" Gwen and Bridgette shouted, trying to catch their breaths after the small scare.

"That soooo was funny." He smirked deviously at the Goth and Bridgette nudged her friend with a small smirk as well causing Gwen to blush.

"Hello there." A very uptight Courtney waved a very cliché smile on her face. She looked like some kind of stuck up secretary type girl but that didn't stop Raimundo from eying her over as well.

"Well hello there sweet thing, I'm Raimundo." He said bringing on the Brazilian charm, and flashed her a smile most girls melt over.

"Charming." Courtney said sticking up her nose at his attempt, making Raimundo walk away like a dog with his tail between his legs, his head down.

"So is this where I learn how to use my power? Well of Air was it?" Courtney asked raising a quick eyebrow.

"I may be over to win her over yet!" Raimundo muttered hopefully to himself.

"Why yes it is Courtney. You were the last to arrive to the temple." Master Fung nodded and Courtney bowed respectfully to him and her new team mates.