A.N: Another new one wow. this one comes by the way of a song surprise there hu and I got to thinking about a few things. It goes AU after "Amplification" Reids voice message to his mother got Garcia thinking. I wont say more you'll just have to read to find out what happened. The first three to five chapters deal with the past mainly. So I hope everyone likes this.

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Words I couldn't say

Pulling the box out of his hall closet, he dusted the dirty and dust bunnies off the top, running a forlorn hand over the worn lid. Turning around he walked back towards the living room, a real bachelor pad, no touch of a woman anywhere, not since she walked out of his life. Setting down the box on his coffee table and picking up his beer, he wondered if opening that can of worms would be worth the pain. Hadn't she left, hadn't she took the last piece of his heart with her, never to return. But it was something he had to do, they needed her again, she was the only one who would work, the only one good enough and the only one so far away that she needed to be protected. Pushing passed the rising bile in his throat, he grabbed the lid and shoved it off and picking up the aged yellow envelop on top.

Heavily he sat on the black leather couch just staring at the envelope in his hand before gaining enough courage to pull back the seal and remove the single sheet of paper.

Dear Penelope

It's been three weeks now. We just got back from Canada, now that was a crappy case, 89 victims not counting the unsub's and the brother of one of the victims. We're all falling apart here I don't know how much longer the team's going to hold it together we miss you. I miss you…

But it doesn't matter anymore, you've moved on with your life now, leaving, us… me behind. I can't say that I'm not angry with you for just picking up and leaving with no real words. Cause Penelope I am.

Furious that you wouldn't let me explain, angered that you'd let what I thought was a strong bond between us fall. But that's in the pass right?

Work keeps getting tougher the cases longer without your magic fingers working behind the scenes for us. We keep going through techs like water through a leaky sieve. It sucks…


Not even home four hours and we have another case. I guess its back to the grind for us. I just… I want you to know baby girl that…

He knew he never finished that first letter to her, the pain of her departure had been almost too much to bear. He never understood why she left. A puzzle that would have forever haunted him if she hadn't been needed. Yet, what stung the most was the fact that she didn't tell him why, didn't she let him hold her and comfort her hurting soul. Maybe if she had, then she'd be here, maybe just maybe the team wouldn't have fallen apart.