This is an Author's Note about the sequel The Power Ducks 2:

The Power Ducks 2 will follow Lyn, Stevanna, Dean, Fulton, Adam, Charlie, James (Adam's brother) Guy, Connie, Lilly (Guy's wife), Luis, Maria (Luis' wife) and their children Jezabella, Junior, Jodie, Jannie, Julia, Emma, Anna, Cassandra, Jaysen, Sean, Mia, Michael, Luna and Selene and Sol and Helios.

Julia, Sean, Mia, Sol and Helios will be the new rangers in The Power Ducks 2 and Lyn will give them the bracelets.

If anyone has any questions or suggestions for The Power Ducks 2, please feel free to p.m. me or email me.

Magenta Stone.