Two days later, Rock once again stood at the bar on Miami Beach, though today, Dutch and Benny stood beside him. Again, Revy lay out on a beach towel, wearing but her black bikini and a pair of sunglasses. Beside her, Janet sat wearing a similarly insignificant green bikini, as well as a rather large brimmed summer hat.

"I really hope Revy doesn't shoot her," Benny said as he nursed his drink.

"Revy might be a hot-head, but now that she's in the system, I doubt you have anything to worry about, Benny boy," Dutch replied confidently.

Janet took a sip of her drink as she spoke to Revy, "We might as well talk about something." She smiled as she continued, "We both know you can't shoot me any more." Still, Revy just lay there. "Fine, I'll just keep talking until you say something back," Janet threatened. Her expression became one of mild anger as she again barked, "Oh come on, Rebecca!"

"You think she's even awake, Rock?" Dutch asked at the bar.

"She's actually getting really good at ignoring people," Rock replied.

"Suppose she has to now that she can't just run around wavin' her cutlass at people," Dutch replied.

"Yeah, but she does love this states gun laws," Rock replied with a smile. "She's always got at least one of them on her."

"So you mean--"

Rock interrupted Benny, "Yep. There's one in her bag right now."

Immediately panicked for Janet, Benny picked his drink from the bar and walked back to the Lagoon Company's spot on the beach.

Dutch smiled as he took a sip of his drink and asked, "So, Rock…" He placed his glass back on the bar and continued, "…Japanese Businessman, Pirate, Government Assassin, and now; retired and living the good life."

"Sounds about right," Rock replied with a smile.

"How's she doing?" Dutch quietly asked with concern for his oldest friend.

"She's getting better. She slept through the past two nights, probably because she's exhausted, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth."

"You still having those little talks?"

Rock smiled warmly, "Sometimes."

Dutch smiled and placed his empty glass on the bar. He made motion to the bartender who promptly refilled his glass. A fresh glass in his hand, Dutch asked, "Shall we?"


Dutch and Rock headed back to their friends and took a seat on their towels. "Everyone still alive?" Dutch asked.

"We're good," Benny replied with a smile as he held Janet in his arms.

"Revy?" Dutch asked receiving no response.

"Looks like she really is asleep," Rock replied, just slightly surprised.

He leaned over to his wife and placed a kiss on her lips. She returned the kiss, fully aware of the feel of her husband's lips, but replied as she so often had, "That was you, right Rock?"

"Yes it was me," Rock sighed.

"Thanks for not shooting Janet," Benny said, as Revy sat up on her towel.

"Stupid fuckin' gun laws," Revy barked.

Rock handed his wife his drink, quickly diffusing her outburst. The crew looked out at the ocean in silence for a moment, simply enjoying their freedom. Revy reached down to her bag, instantly causing Janet to cower slightly. She retrieved a pack of cigarettes, and passed it around to her colleagues. Her and Rock lit their smokes and Revy stood from her towel. It was seconds like these that took forever for Rock to process.

The sight of his wife's magnificent body as she stood over him; he could stare at her for hours. Several onlookers shamelessly stared as Revy brushed the little bit of sand that had gotten on her off. Of course she took notice, and barked at her husband, "C'mon, get the fuck up, Rock!" Rock's eyes widened and he quickly got to his feet. Again she spoke, this time a bit softer, "Take a walk with me."

He smiled slightly in relief and extended his hand to her. She took his hand into hers and off they went.

"Did you even peg this, Dutch?" Benny asked as he watched Rock and Revy walk away.

"Not in a million years, Benny boy."

Even though she and Revy didn't get along in the least, Janet couldn't help but smile at the sight of the two love birds. However, it seemed to dawn on her what they might be going off to do, "You don't think they're--"

"Ah who cares if they are," Dutch interrupted as he took a drag from his cigarette. "Their free now; let'em enjoy themselves."


Rock and Revy walked off away from the crowds towards a small outcropping of rocks. Rock took a seat on one of the ledges and Revy sat back against his chest. He delicately wrapped his arms around her, and her hands reached up to wrap his forearm. The sun just touched the horizon as Revy quietly broke their silence, "This is nice."

Rock smiled as he asked, "So what do you want to do tomorrow, Revy?"

She leaned her head back on his shoulder and turned to face him, "What do you want to do, Rock?" He leaned to her and gave her a kiss. As he pulled away from her, she asked with a smile, "Besides that?"

"I want to do whatever you want to do," Rock replied.

Revy smiled and pulled herself upright and away from him. As Rock observed her face, he could tell she was working on something, and struggling with how to word it. Finally, she began, "Rock…" She collected herself and took a deep breath, "…I know I'm…" Again she searched, "…messed up." She flicked the remains of her cigarette into the ocean and continued, "I love that you try to do everything you can for me, that you always try to take care of me. It's because of you, that I want to live this life, Rock. I don't want you to stop living yours, for me."

Rock smiled as his eyes welled up, "You are my life, Revy. I--"

She pressed a finger to his lips, and quickly interrupted him as she had heard this before, "I know, and it's sweet. Just remember, it's okay for you to want things too."

"Well…" Rock hesitated for a moment as he attempted to think of something to do, "…we could go to Disneyworld."

Revy's eyes narrowed and she blinked a few times as she replied, "Really, Rock? We each get clean slates, and that's all you've got?"

"Okay…" Rock again paused as he thought of what else they might do. His expression perked up as he had another thought, "…we could drive Route 66?" Revy smiled slightly as Rock continued, "Maybe camp out on the side of the road every night."

"Now that's a good fuckin' plan, Rock," Revy replied. She smiled as she stood from the ledge, and reached her hand down to her husband, "C'mon."

"What?" Rock asked, "Now?!"

After helping him up, Revy hopped down onto the beach and turned back to face Rock, "What? Have somewhere to be tomorrow, dumbass?"

Rock smiled as he took in her words, her face; they had nowhere to be, and their whole life ahead of them. He hopped down onto the beach and without any prompting or telegraph, Revy jumped into his arms. Their arms locked tightly around each other as he spun her around. She smiled and giggled like a little girl, before he delicately dropped her back to the sand. Their arms remained wrapped around one another as they stared into each other's eyes.

"I love you, Revy," Rock said with a smile.

"You too, Rock," Revy replied.

They slowly leaned their faces to one another, pausing for just a moment before their lips met. Their anxious smiles widened as they delicately brought their lips together, just as the sun fell below the horizon.

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