"Chronicles Of Poring"

There was once a Peaceful town called " Jellopy" where little porings and poporings bounce around happily.
Jellopy is Protected by the king of all porings, "The Mastering guarded by angelings.

Our story starts with a poporing named "Rakon" along with his little sister named "Mikan".

Big Brother !!... Wake Up!!! mikan shook rakon until he fell from his bed. "SPLAT" uh...what..what happen ?!?...

Oh mikan its just you. "snore" then rakon dozed of once more. Mikan bristled in anger she whipped her head making

her bubble(1) smack rakon on the face. rakon yelped "WHAT !!?" we're gonna be late for school "mikan deadpanned"

Rakon's eyes widen,he look at the clock and read the time ,"8:30!!!" Why did'nt you wake me up sooner! said rakon.

rakon suddenly disappeared at a blink of an eye and then suddenly appeares ready for school.

Mikan and Rakon were on thier way to school.

-------------- On the School ------------------

Rakon meet his classmate , marin named Kame, they were seatmates. Rakon come on down and Show us your skill.

Rakon goes Down... "Now do it !!!" said the teacher. Uuuhhhhmmm... hhhooooo... Waaaahhhhh!!!!!... The ground

Starts to shake and the teacher has been amazed on what he have seen. "Phew" Rakon just stop and said

TRUE FORMATION !!!!!... Nothing Happens, The Class just saw a Dead fish beside him ( LOL ). " Failed"

said the teacher. "OMG ur Cool u just freak me out and my whole body shaked" said Kame , "Well its just another

failed exam" Rakon said.

-------------- *Bell Rang* ----------------------

Rakon and Mikan Meet with thier Friends, Drops named Peach and Kame.

Kame Said " Come On Lets Bounce! " and they went to the Apple park to hang out and drank apple juice.

Suddenly they felt the air became stronger and notice the sky darkened, Lightning flashing through out.


An Angeling bowed his bubble to the Mastering and said One Sentence that held bad tidings

" He has awakened! "

----- * OMG * !!! (haotobeproliekyu) END ---

(1) - The floating portion on the top of a poring type of creature

A/N - My First Fanfic So please be kind T.Y. ( an lakas ng Trip ko )

Its Just in my mind ._.