Chapter 23

It surprises me how my life has changed in the past two years. I never thought that I would be married or that I'd have children. I am married to Abigail Cornwallis O'Hara Tavington and am the father of eight children. Having them in my life has changed me for the better. I am no longer using brutal tactics against the Rebels. I do whatever I am ordered to do. I am now a general and I have taken my place at General Cornwallis's side. I am now his aid de camp. I am the one that hands over my superiors sword when he surrendered at Yorktown. It was devastating to know that we lost the war. Abigail and I were both happy to know that we would be returning to England. We were both sad to leave the Carolinas, but it was time to go to our true home. We moved into the large estate that she grew up in. It was a lovely home outside of London. The children were absolutely thrilled when they discovered how big their new home was. There are numerous rooms in our new home. Many more than the manor at Fort Carolina had. Abigail gave me two more children, sons, whom we named Geoffrey Frederick and Andrew James.

James and Kassandra Wilkins reside in the Carolinas on the Wilkins plantation. They have five children now. Kassandra inherited her father's home which is located outside of London. They come to visit every so often and stay at their home.

The Bordons reside in Buckinghamshire. They have four children. Douglas Bordon did marry Sarah. We all knew it would happen one day. They have given us many beautiful grandchildren to dote over. As have the rest of our children. They all marry and visit us often.

Lord General Cornwallis passes away a little before his sixtieth birthday.

Abigail and I are well into our elder years now. We enjoy each other's company. We go to visit Charles O'Hara's grave often to pay our respects. We let him know how the family is doing and thank him for bringing us together.

My darling Abigail passes away a few weeks after turning seventy. She is with her parents, grandparents, and Charles now. I will be joining them soon as my health is failing. I cannot wait to see my Abigail again.


William Tavington passes away a month after his wife Abigail. He lies in rest beside her. Their family crypt has been placed near the O'Hara family crypt so that Abigail could rest in peace near both the men in her lives.


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