Misaki: *looks up* -.- You sure are lively Sakura
Sakura: I SURE AM!
Misaki: You know what?
Sakura: What?
Misaki: I think you are kind of weird...no offense
Sakura: Gasp!
Misaki: Gasp?
Sakura: I'm offended Misaki!
Misaki: Eh?! I'm sorry! Sometimes words just come out even if I don't want to say them
Sakura: ....*sniffles* I forgive you Misaki... Now Yoshi chase Misaki until she gets all red and huffy and puffy. She can also lose weight by this aswell ^o^!
Misaki: Eh?!
Sakura: Now Yoshi... Ready... Set... GO!
YOSHI! ^o^
Yoshi chases Misaki until she is puffed out
Misaki: I'm so sorry I said such things!
Sakura: Now I really forgive you!
Everyone hugs (Sakura: Even Yoshi!)
Sakura: *serious* OK! Now we must do the disclaimer EVERYONE!
Misaki: Wow you sure bounce up quick (as always -.-)
Sakura: Shhhh! We're going to do the disclaimer now
Sakura+Misaki: Sakura does NOT own anything from Angelic Layer
Sakura: The truth sure hurts ;( . Oh well ENJOY!
P.S There is some OOC. You have been warned!

-At an unknown place- (Sakura: You can do any type of background here, even if it's in Unicorn Land... LOL)

''Where are you taking me!'' Misaki shouts desperately.
''None of your business.'' the stranger said gruffly.
''... But it is my BUSINESS!'' Misaki said stubbornly.
''Just be quiet will you.'' the stranger said.
''But-Nevermind'' Misaki said defeated. I don't wanna be molested! *sniffles*(Sakura: Are you wondering what age is he? Well he's about 14 so don't worry it's not like he's old or anything ^o^ people these days, don't know what to say to them).

-Shoko's house-

Shuko goes up to the phone and dials a number.
''Ah, Ichiro this is Shuko speaking. Do you know where Misaki is?'' Shuko says a bit worried.
''EH! She isn't home yet?!'' Ichiro said REALLY worried.

At the other side of the phone

-Ichiro's house-

''Who are you talking about Ichiro?'' Ohjiro said.
''IT'S MISAKI! SHE ISN'T HOME YET!'' Ichiro said with tears in his eyes (Sakura: By the way he has tear of sadness not tears of joy!).
.''Ichiro, she might be at her friend's house.'' Ohjiro said with a straight face.
''Please can you call me Ichiro onii-chan, Ohiro-chan.'' Ichiro said still with some tears in his eyes.
''No!'' Ohjiro said straight forwardly.
''Your so mean sometimes Ohjiro-chan!'' Ichiro said stubbornly (Sakura: kinda childish isn't he? -.-.).

At the other side of the phone

-Shoko's house-

-.-' I can't believe this! they're acting childish at a time like this!

-Ichiro's house-

''PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER OHJIRO, ICHIRO!'' Shuko shouted angrily for the first time.
Ichiro and Ohjiro jumped at the sound of Shuko's angry voice.
''S-s-s-sorry Shuko.'' Ichiro says tearfully.
''Sorry Shuko.'' Ohjiro said trying to keep a straight face and not to cry (Sakura: hahahahahahah LOL)
Shuko exhales.
''I'm sorry Ichiro, Ohjiro. But Misaki is my only child and I abandoned her once and I'm not going to do that again!'' Shuko said confidently (Sakura: What the BEEP is she talking about?! You'll find out why I said that...)
''LET'S GO SEARCH FOR MISAKI!'' Ichiro shouted.
''YES!'' Everyone said.

-At the unknown place or whatever-

''Eugh! we've been walking for hours.'' Misaki said grumpily.
''Shut up! At least you aren't walking!'' The stranger said quite annoyed with Misaki.
''I'm sorry I get grumpy when I'm like this.'' Misaki said apologetic.
''D-don't worry.'' The stranger said while blushing.

-2 hours later-

''It's night-time now.'' Misaki said quite sleepily.
Ohhhhhh! It's soooo late I'm going to be in so much trouble when I get home! Well it isn't my fault I'm late, soooooo, basically it's not my fault!
Misaki smiles to herself.
''What are you smiling at?'' The stranger said quite happy.
''Nothing. Just thinking about something.''Misaki said, still smiling.
''Ummm. Ok.'' The stranger said.
She sure has gotten weird. Hmmmmm. Maybe it's just beacuse of Angelic Layer.

-At the streets-

''Where could she be?'' Shuko said, quite sleepily (Sakura: Misaki was like this aswell. ^o^)
''Maybe she's at......'' Ohjiro started.
''I have an idea, but I don't think you'll like it.'' Ichiro said.
''She isn't is she?!'' Shuko said, worried.
Everyone started running. Ohjiro just followed Shuko and Ichiro.
What are they talking about?!

Well I guess that's all for now!

Sakura: PHEW!
Misaki: You're tired aren't you?
Sakura & Misaki: -.-'
Sakura: I think I need a vacation.
Miskai: WHAT?! But-but you need to stay and finish the story!
Sakura: FINE!

Sakura: Well everyone. It looks like I'll still be here for awhile!
YOSHI! ^o^
Sakura: Sure you can Yoshi!
Misaki: Huh?
Sakura: Don't worry! ^o^

Next time it will be about... Well you'll have to find out huh? But first it will be an E X T R A !!!!!!!!!!!!