Authors Note: I've (oddly enough) liked this couple (as crack as it is) for a while now, ever since I had about three separate dreams with them being together, and now I finally had the guts to write a story about them!

Okay, lets just pretend for a while that all the anime characters in every single anime all co-exist together with other humans such as you and me. A few of them made friends outside of their anime, such as Death the Kid and L.

Also: This does contain Yaoi (boy on boy) and to all LXLight people, Light is not in this, Light will never be in any stories as I do not like L and Light together. So please do not leave comments saying that L belongs to Light, because as far as I'm concerned, it's L and Kid all the WAY!! BUT, all other reviews and what-not will be greatly appreciated!!


Kid wrote in his diary as L sat down next to him. "What are you doing?" L asked as he tied to see what Kid was writing. Kid covered it with his hand.

"Nothing~!" Kid replied.

"Eh! Please, please, PLEASE tell me" L begged as he pulled on Kid's sleeve and tried to read what the book said.

"Well, okay," Kid sighed, "Lean closer so I can whisper it."

L did, and he could feel Kid's breath warm against his ear and cheek. "I'd like to kiss you right now. I'd like it a lot. And I think you would, too."

L nodded and closed his eyes. Kid's lips came against L's softly, like a butterfly landing, but once there pressed harder. Kid took L's lips between his and sucked them, then pried them open with his tongue. His tongue worked its way around L's mouth like some kind of grub, looking for the darkest, dampest, corners of L's mouth. Their teeth hit with a loud clacking sound. Kissing seemed like getting into a train wreck. There was that much force. That much danger. L's teeth ached.

They kissed until their lips were swollen and their mouths dry. Until L forgot all about what Kid's diary said, all the other girls and guys (and one particular 'it') Kid had been with (Soul, Corona, Patty and Liz, and he'd heard rumors of him and Maka) L could only think about him. Here and now. On Kid's bed. Making out.

Kid's breath was coming so hard and fast, L thought he would turn blue and pass-out.

But instead, Kid wrapped his arms around L and pushed them together onto his bed. He now sat on top of L. His face too far for L to kiss; L kissed his neck. He moved around on top of L in very pleasurable ways. In which, L was totally enjoying until his alarm went off and he sat up in bed.

Death the Kid was gone. The taste of his mouth was gone. But most of all, the warm feeling in L's heart was gone. But only an hour later Kid came over and they sat in the living room together drinking.

Hopefully, this time, an alarm won't stop the best part.


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