Harry looked out his window. Six more minutes, he thought, six more minutes till I'm fifteen. Not like it really matters. Nothing special is going to happen this year. Other than I'll be under strict rules. Sirius last letter was all about how not to go outside the yard, and watch out for
Death Eaters. Oh well.
Harry sighed.

          Right then five owls flew in the window. The first one was Pig. Harry caught him and took from him the card.


Guess what? Here's your birthday present….you get to stay the rest of the summer! Dumbledore said it's alright! See you tomorrow,


Harry didn't give into the temptation to jump for joy. He was going to leave the Dursley's! He took the package from Hermione's brown owl.


I heard about you going to Ron's. I'll be coming too, but later in the summer. I hope you have a great birthday. I thought you might be a little low on this.

Yours truly,


Harry smiled and opened the box. Inside was more wax for his broom. He had been running low on it. Harry decided to polish his broom before he left for the Weasley's. Harry grabbed the package from Hagrid.


Hello Harry. You may be needing this later on. Thought you might enjoy it.


Now Harry was a little afraid. He remembered the Monster Book of Monsters. He cautiously opened the box. Inside was a key…a Portkey. There was a small note inside which said, To Hogwarts. He had given him a way to get to Hogwarts if he needed to.

Harry went for the box that was carried by a Phoenix.

Dear Harry

How are you? Buckbeak and I are safe with Moony. Don't worry. I've got a new birthday present. I'm going to be in Diagon Alley of the 17 of August. How about we go shopping together? Otherwise I'll have Lupin go get your present.

Love always


Harry wrote back replies to all, thanking them. Then, pleased, he went to bed.

"Good morning Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, Dudley."

"What's up with you, boy?" asked Vernon suspiciously.

"Nothing. Oh, yeah. Ron should be coming over today. I'm spending the rest of the summer at his house."

Vernon choked on his toast. "H…here?" he stuttered.

"Yes here. Now, I'm going to go pack." Harry thought it had gone relatively well. Of course, he had left before Vernon had gotten his voice back.

Harry threw all of his things in his trunk. He had just dragged it downstairs when the doorbell rang. "I'LL GET IT!!!" He called. Harry opened the door.

"Why hello Harry, nice to see you again. May we come in?"

"Of course Mr. Weasley. I'm glad to have you." Mr. Weasley came in and immediately began inspecting the plugs. Ron came in and shook his head. He was followed by the twins, and who Harry had missed the most…Ginny. "Hello Ron, Ginny, Forge, Gred." The last two smiled.

"So, umm, where's…"


"Ohhh. I believe it is time you introduced us Harry."

Harry shook his head and lead the way to the kitchen. "Hello Mr. Dursley, Mrs. Dursley. Good morning Dudley." Said Fred cordially.

"Top o' the morning to you." Said George.


"Please excuse them, sir," said Ginny quietly. "I'm Virginia Weasley. I'm really quite sorry for the intrusion that we have made. If you don't mind, I believe that we shall be leaving now. George, don't you dare put that Canary Cream down! Thank you for letting us take Harry. Good bye." She grabbed Fred and dragged him out.

"Ginny! We were just beginning to have fun!"

"Let's go."

Harry had a wonderful summer. On the seventeenth he went shopping with Ron, Hermione, Lupin, and Sirius. The rest of the summer was spent playing Quiditch and other things. (Such as getting rid of garden gnomes).

Harry stepped out of the Hogwarts express. He noticed that there were professors here also to keep watch. That just proved how boring of a year it was going to be. He probably wouldn't even be allowed to go to Hogsmede.

He climbed into a horse-less carriage. Harry was silent the whole way up, which began to worry Ron and Hermione.

The Sorting was shorter than usual. When the first years were done Dumbledore stood up. "We have two more students. One to join the fourth years, and one to join the fifth."

Pr. McGonagall called, "Lily, Kathleen." Harry fell off the bench.

"Professor!" He called getting up off the floor. "Can you wait a sec? I need to talk to Kat first."

"Kat?" asked Ron.

A red haired girl came over at McGonagall's nod. "Kat? Where have you been…."

"Harry?" Harry…alive. My older brother is alive!

"You can call her last name Pr. It doesn't matter," said Harry. Then he whispered, "Try for Gryf, 'kay." She nodded.

"What do you mean by last name?" asked Ron.

"And, you can call Amber's last name too."

"Potter, Kathleen, and Potter, Amber!"

Fourteen-year old Kathleen walked to the front, and fifteen-year-old Amber followed; not before smiling fully at her twin.