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This was the 2nd time we had come to Forks. All of us loved it. There was so little sun we could almost be normal.

It hadn't changed much since we were last here 70 years ago. Sure a couple of generations have grown up but the basic geography had not changed at all. The school, the diner and the local shop were all in the same place. Before we moved back to Forks we had a look at the local directory to see who still lived there. We recognised 75% of the surnames out of the 3000 listed.

We were both saddened and relieved to realise that only 1 person we knew from back then was still alive but they were only 2 when we left so they would not remember us. To be on the safe side we also checked the school achieves but they only went back 25 years so they had no record of us. This sorted we moved in to our new home and settled in.

The house we had purchased was a 3 storey old build, with glass walls on 1 side overlooking the Olympic forest. Unusually we did not have the normal fight over who got which room because it was perfectly laid out.

I suspected Alice was behind that as she was fed up of the usual squabble over rooms. I suppose now that she knows us so well she didn't need to bother asking. I got a room with one of the glass walls on the far side of the building. I planned to thank Alice for that mercy.

It was bad enough having super hearing let alone hearing and seeing through the minds of 3 perfectly matched couples. I knew Carlisle had the same difficulty but he managed to work nights most of the time and he couldn't read minds. Sometimes my 'gift' is more of a curse.

After everyone had unpacked, aka when Alice had finished handing out new clothes, we rejoined in the 'dining' room to fill in Alice & Jasper in on Forks.

This boiled down to telling them who was original to this town and who had came here in the last 70 years. As we had had no time to integrate with the locals we did not know if there were still any stories about us.

As mentioned previously it was obvious no one remembered us directly but stories did tend to get passed down from generation to generation so we couldn't be too careful. Just as we were finishing off Alice had a vision which left her stunned.

I quickly tuned in to see what had caused her to react but by the time I had focused there was just a blank. This had never happened before and there was only 1 explanation that would fit. Jasper sensing my shock and Alice's uneasiness demanded to know what was going on.

I was still unable to formulate a coherent sentence but I knew I only needed to say one word; "Werewolves". It only took Carlisle ½ a second to work out what was going on. He quickly judged that I was incapable to do anything so he took charge.

He quickly explained to everyone else what was going on. I was still out of it so I only caught some of it but it seemed like Carlisle was explaining about our last visit again this time speaking on something all of us had forgotten; that fact that there were werewolves aka shape shifters in a town 15 miles away.

Thinking back to it, it had come up at one point in passing but we had forgotten the relevance and anyway surely the gene had been wiped out. As Alice proved this was clearly not the case.

Alice's ETA of their arrival was 30 minutes, which had been 20 minutes ago. So that meant we had 10 minutes left to prepare us for the visit? I was able to move once I had got past the original shock though by then the house was already finished. With that finished we then talked about what we were going to do next.

Should we deny everything and say it was a coincidence or just admit it and renew the treaty?