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It wasn't often I had a phone-call from Alice telling me it was an emergency and I was needed back at the house ASAP. If she was going to ask my permission for something she would just look to the future to see what my answer would be so I must be needed in person.

I was only in Seattle so it took me just an hour to get to the borders of Forks. Although when I got there I saw an extremely anxious Jasper and Alice. Wondering what on earth was going on I stopped and went to them to see what the emergency was. And if I had a million guesses (I used 10 of them, most things could be ruled out because for them I wouldn't need to be here in person) I would have not guessed correctly.

Esme Platt was lying on our sofa after a panic attack after finding out that we weren't human. What a great way to start the day. After I had got past that shock I then realised the implications. We would have to move again and make it seem as if it was all a bad dream.

That would have worked if it was not Esme the only person I could ever truly claim to love in question. At least there was no hope of her loving me back. She only saw me once. It was only then that I realised that Alice had slapped me.

As the parental figure I was not expecting any violence from my children and this was the first time Alice had slapped me. I was about to ask why she did it when she cut me off and said 1 sentence that changed my life completely "She loves you too. It was the only thing she was thinking about when Edward brought her here before he left."

Alice let me process it for 10 minutes before becoming impatient and hauled me (don't ask me how) in to our house after telling me not to breathe. And as I went in to the living room I saw the shocking vision of Esme.

It took all my control to not lunge at her and ravish her. She was wearing a beautiful blue halter neck which emphasised her beautiful figure perfectly. She did not hear me come in but did sense my presence and turned around from the meal she was working on to look at me.

I know a Vampire's memory is faultless but something must have failed, as Esme was more beautiful now than I had ever seen her. Her face was almost identical but now had a look of hatred in it that was not in there before. But before I could question it Alice's earlier words came back to me.

Edward had left, Alice as always was 1-step ahead of me started talking in a voice Esme had no hope of hearing. "Edward finally found his soul mate Bella. Unfortunately she is also his 'Lu Cantante' and he left for Canada as soon as he breathed.

Em's following him but knows that he needs some time by himself. He's also worried that Edward can't resist going after Bella so he's keeping him there." This is the 2nd time Bella's been mentioned. Who was she? "Esme's daughter" I suddenly felt sick.

Esme had a daughter? Where was the father? Maybe I was just a remembered crush. I suddenly felt a rush of despair it was extremely rare for me to go primal but Esme was mine. No one else's and it sickened me that she had someone else's child.