Harry sat in a circle around Dumbledore, Snape, McGonagall, Ron, Hermione, Sirius, Molly, Arthur, Fred, George, Percy, Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks and a number of other order members. Dumbledore had called a sudden and unexpected meeting. Harry sat in anticipation as everyone who arrived quieted down, all eyes turned to Dumbledore as he spoke.

"Harry, Voldemort's power grows more daily. I'm afraid there is only one way to stop him. You need to find the Whorecrux's."

"A Whorecrux's sir? What's that?"

"Voldemort split his soul into many pieces by using dark magic and having sex with women and some prostitutes of ill repute. He put part of his soul in them. That is why when we kill him, he arises again, for he cannot really die." Dumbledore spoke gravely. "I need you dear boy, to find these Whorecrux's and pleasure them to such an intense level that the piece of Voldemort's soul within them will be destroyed."

Murmurs began around the room. Dumbledore silenced them with his hand.

Snape strode forward. "Dumbledore, I doubt the boy has the ability to pleasure the women enough to break the spell."

"That is why I need you to train him." Dumbledore spoke gravely. "We also need a volunteer, so Harry can watch and learn the ways of women."

Several hands shot up around the room. Snape's prowess was well known.

Ginny stepped forward, "I would be happy to serve the order in such a way."

"I'm sure you would Ginny." Dumbledore said sagely.

Harry interrupted, "Sir, I don't understand, why me?"

"There is a prophecy Harry. It chose you as the only one who can defeat Voldemort. Voldemort tried using your mother to create one of his Whorecrux's. She died trying to save you and created a magical power within you, once it's unlocked, your sexual skills will surpass any wizard, even Snape." Dumbledore finished.

"Impossible!" Snape sneered.

Sirius rose defiantly. "Dumbledore! You cannot ask this of Harry, he is just a boy."

"I know, what I ask is great, but Harry is the only one who can do it, it is his choice." Dumbledore turned to Harry.

"I-I'll do it, if it will save my friends and the wizarding world." Harry finished quietly.

"Very good, Harry." Dumbledore rose and patted him on the shoulder. Go with Snape and Ginny and practice your skills.

"What about me and Hermione!?" Ron huffed. "We're going to, we're not letting Harry have all the fun.

"I'm not sure what use you would be Mr. Weasly but you may go if Harry wishes it."

"Ron and Hermione can come." Harry said, pushing his hair from his face.

"Very good then." Dumbledore reached into a pouch and pulled out a small pointed rock on a string. "Harry this lodestone will show you the location of the Whorecrux's. It will point you in the right direction and spin if a Whorecrux is nearby. It must be activated by casting, 'Whoredefinder!'" Dumbledore handed Harry the necklace. "There's no time to waste, begin your studies. You may use my chambers at Hogwarts.

Ginny undressed and laid down on Dumbledore's bed. Harry had never been to Dumbledore's private chambers. It was immense and filled with potions, books and sexual devices.

"The key to bringing a woman to pleasure Harry is anticipation." Snape spoke with such confidence, it made Harry feel inadequate.

"How experienced are you sexually?" Snape asked.

"Well I've banged a couple of birds." Harry admitted.

"I do not even know if I can teach you anything, I'm sure my talents will be wasted but I expect you to pay attention to my every word! I do not like to repeat myself." Snape snarled.

Harry watched and listened to Snape's instructions. He felt intimidated when the potion master removed his clothing, revealing a huge, thick, twelve inch member.

"Sir..." Harry began.

"What is it potter?!" Snape snapped.

"Well, my err... penis isn't that big and well I'm not sure how well I can pleasure a woman. Does size really matter?"

"Yes Harry it does." Snape said smugly. "Don't worry I have potions I can give you to increase your girth. Now pay attention."

Snape fingered, sucked, licked, nipped, caressed, and kissed Ginny until she was a sobbing mess begging Snape to fuck her. Harry was amazed, Snape certainly deserved his reputation.

Snape pulled Ginny over and plowed into her in one swift movement, she shrieked in pleasure. Snape began riding away, lifting her off the bed. He moved her in positions Harry had never imagined were possible. Ginny screamed each time she orgasmed till tears streamed down her face. Snape's stamina was impressive. Harry watched him go for two hours never slowing or tiring.

Finally he slowed his pace and removed himself from a quivering Ginny. "Ok Potter, you're turn." Snape said smugly.

Harry gulped and removed his trousers. His four inch penis sprang out at attention. He climbed over to Ginny and fumbled around trying to imitate Snape's foreplay.

"No Potter! Not like that! Were you even paying attention?" Snape commented on Harry's ministrations making him feel self-conscious. Harry soon felt close to bursting. He positioned himself in front of Ginny and gave her three good pumps before he ejaculated, spilling his seed inside her.

Snape's eyes were black. "You idiot boy! Dumbledore is a fool. You will never learn to become even a mediocre lover in all your lifetime!"

Snape strode from the room furious.

After many lectures and pleadings Dumbledore convinced Snape to try to teach Harry again. He banged Tonks, Lavender, Pansy and Ginny, but every time Harry joined in he ejaculated in mere seconds. Snape's frustration grew. If not for his loyalty to the order he would have walked away long ago. Finally a plan formulated in his mind.

"Harry, I have a surprise for you." Snape intoned darkly.

"I've been trying really hard professor. I've been jacking off before our sessions like you said and..." Harry said nervously.

Snape waved his hand dismissively. "I think I have finally found something that will help your ejaculation problems."

Snape moved him inside the doorway. Harry's eyes grew wide. There naked on the bed was McGonagall.

"You can't be serious professor!"

"Oh but I am." Snape's voice held no compassion. "You need to learn to control yourself. I won't be... participating this time. You must do it on your own Harry."

Harry knew Snape meant business. He gulped and got into bed with McGonagall. He began to fondle her breasts. They were wrinkled and sagging like two large raisins. Harry felt bile rise in his throat and tried to keep it down. He leaned down to McGonagall's wrinkled lips and kissed them. "Oh Harry" McGonagall croaked and opened her small tongue to taste him. She smelled like old perfume and another strange odor only found on the elderly. Harry moved down and stuck a raisin breast in his mouth. McGonagall began panting. Harry was only half hard and trying to get more aroused. He moved his penis to McGonagall's dry lips. She began blowing him rather expertly and Harry tried to imagine he was somewhere else.

"Stay in the moment Harry." Snape corrected. Harry opened his eyes and looked down at McGonagall. He supposed she was alright for an old bird. Her skinny frame stuck out at sharp edges and some of her flesh hung loosely from her bones. Harry retracted his last thought.

Finally it was time. Harry positioned himself and entered Mcgonagall's almost dry hole. He rode away feeling slightly ill. Try as he might he could not ejaculate. He grew tired, he felt close at times but then he would look down at McGonagall's tits bouncing from side to side and would lose his excitement. It seemed like an eternity. He finally closed his eyes and finished, creaming almost painfully into McGonagall who also orgasmed, a small bit of liquid coming out.

Harry moved away in exhaustion. Snape strode over to him. He looked the closest to approving as Harry had ever seen him. "You lasted five hours Harry, I'm impressed. I think you're ready to search for the Whorecrux's."