Harry was called into Dumbledore's office. He opened the door and was surprised to see a tearful dobby standing at the foot of Dumbledore's desk, his head cast down.

"Harry, please come in." Dumbledore gestured to a nearby chair. "Dobby has something to tell you."

"Harry Potter, Dobby has been bad." Dobby spoke sadly.

"What do you mean Dobby?" Harry was sure the house elf couldn't have done anything that terrible. Dobby was one of his closest friends.

"In the time before, with master Lucius, he made Dobby do terrible things." Dobby shuffled his hands together. Still looking downward.

"Well then it's not your fault Dobby." Harry said Reasonably. "What happened?"

"Harry Potter, Dobby is a Whorecrux."

"What!" Harry looked at the house elf shocked. Wanting to back up. "How is that even possible?"

Dumbledore spoke up. "Harry, look into the pensive and see Dobby's memories. It will help you understand better."

Harry pressed his face into the pensive. Colors swirled and soon he found himself looking at a kitchen. Dobby was sweeping the floor with a little broom. Suddenly Lucius entered, looking angry. "Hey little hemorrhoid," Lucius called, referring to Dobby." Dobby cowered. "Lord Voldemort is on his way over here and has a use for you. I command you to obey his every word."

"Yes, sir." Dobby spoke meekly. He shook with fear. The dark lord was coming here to the manor. What could he possibly want with a worthless houself like Dobby?

Lucius left and didn't return for thirty minutes. Dobby stayed in the kitchen to afraid to move. When the door finally creaked open Lucius stood next to Voldemort, his head slightly lowered to the dark lord, who was adorned in billowing black clothes.

"Get me a drink." Voldemort hissed.

Dobby apparated a glass of pumpkin juice on a tray. It shook clumsily as he brought it to the dark lord. The dark lord grabbed the cup and downed it in one shot, licking his mouth with his scaly tongue.

"You should be honored Dobby." Lucius informed the house elf. "Voldemort has chosen you to make one of his Whorecruxes."

Dobby's eyes grew wide. "No!"

Voldemort shot a blast of green energy from his wand knocking Dobby on his back and causing him intense pain. "You need to controlll your houssee elf's better than thiss Luccius."

Lucius's eyes were red with anger. "I'm deeply sorry my lord, it won't happen again. Dobby was just surprised by your graciousness I'm sure."

Voldemort stopped his spell. Dobby stood defiantly. "Yess, you're probably right Lucciuss." He eyed Dobby. "Come here." He ordered the elf who had no choice but to obey. "Lucciuss, why don't you and the housse elf get things going so I'll get in the mood."

Lucius's eyes widened in horror but he quickly turned his face back to an impassive mask. He knelt down on his knees and undid his pants. Pulling out his limp member. "Dobby come here and lick my penis." He choked out.

Dobby did as he was commanded and moved his gray tongue along Lucius's shaft. He used both of his small hands and stroked him up and down. Lucius against his will was beginning to feel a response. He looked down at the house elf enjoying going at his wand and felt repulsed. Dobby put his mouth over Lucius mushroom head and Voldemort murmured his approval. He roved his tongue over Lucius, and moved his little hands downward to bounce his balls around. Then finally removed his mouth. Lucius felt sickened yet turned on at the expertise of the houself. The house elf knelt down and put one of Lucius's balls in his mouth and began to hum. "MMMMMMmmmmmmmm." Lucius felt himself beginning to burst. Dobby quickly stopped his ministrations and opened his mouth wide. Lucius shot a wad of sticky liquid into his mouth. Dobby could feel the salty sweat of his master and licked his lips.

Voldemort stepped forward and disrobed, "Now it's my turn." Voldemort pulled down his whitey tighteys and his little penis popped up and spoke. "Thank god, I can breathe, I was suffocating in there." Voldemort had regenerated and split his soul so many times that as a side effect his penis had it's own face and mouth. The penis began his dancing show singing, "I can show you the world, open you up wonder by wonder, tell me Dobby when did you last, let your penis decide?" Voldemort and his penis sang in sync, "A whole new world, a new fantastic point inside you."

Dobby started humming along. House elves were naturally drawn to music. When Voldemort stopped, he ordered Dobby forward. "Master, how will we have sex? Dobby is to small."

"Bend over and you'll find out!" Voldemort said sharply.

Dobby did as he was told. His ass looked like two prunes. Voldemort's penis began grunting. "Uhhhnn, Uhhhnn." Suddenly a smaller penis popped out from the larger penis. He said in a squeaky voice, "Hidey Ho! Off to pound your ass I go." Voldemort grabbed dobby and put him on the penis's little penis. His balls smacking against Dobby's wrinkly ass. Voldemort would ensure his Whorecrux was made."

Harry pulled his face from the pensive. He had seen enough. "I'm so sorry Dobby."

"It's ok Harry Potter, I'm free now because of you." Dobby smiled.

"We know what has to happen now though Dobby." Dumbledore said, bored.

"It's ok, I trust Harry Potter."

"I'll be gently with you Dobby." Harry promised.

"No, need to be shy Harry." Dumbledore smacked his old lips. "We need to destroy the Whorecrux as soon as possible."

Dobby bent over and Harry dropped his pants. He knelt over to the house elf and gave him a gentle kiss to relax him. Harry stroked himself roughly before trying to enter the house elf. He was having trouble fitting in his small asshole. Dumbledore frowned. After many attempts Harry gave up.

"What can I do professor?" Even my four inch penis is to big. I don't want to hurt Dobby." Harry turned to Dumbledore.

"It will be difficult to find someone who has a penis smaller than you Harry." Dumbledore paused deep in thought. Suddenly his eyes lit up. "Ron Weasley! He'd be perfect for the job."

"He'll never agree to it headmaster." Harry frowned.

"He's your friend Harry, you'll have to convince him." Dumbledore spoke with conviction.

"I'll see what I can do." Harry sighed, defeated.

"No way in bloody F'in hell!" Ron yelled.

"Ron," Hermione looked at Ron with annoyance. "Harry needs your help. Haven't you been saying all along how you wanted to help him."

"You're out of your buggin mind. The whole lot of you." Ron folded his arms across his chest. "I'm not buggering a houseelf and that's that."

"We could all die Ron. Voldemort could kill all of us, Hermione, me, and even your family. He could enslave the wizarding world." Harry tried to reason with him.

"You think I care?" Ron huffed. "I'd rather take my chances."

"You're so selfish Ron!" Hermione screeched.

"It's just a few minutes of your life Ron. Think about it, you'll be a hero to the wizarding world." Harry tried again.

"I don't want to be known as the houseelf bagger. No thanks." Ron narrowed his eyes. This was going as well as Harry expected.

"Dumbledore said if you do this you'll graduate with all O's." Hermione added.

'I don't care about grades I'm only hanging around here to shag women." Ron said.

Hermione threw up her hands in frustration and stormed off. Harry was running out of ideas. He shoved his hands in his pockets and felt something solid. He pulled out a chocolate frog. Ron's eyes brightened.

"Blimey Harry, where did you get that?" Ron asked. "They're all sold out at the school store."

"Oh this was the last one and I bought it." Harry started opening the top of the frog.

"How much do you want for it Harry?" Ron pulled out a few bits of galleons from his pocket and some lint. I haven't had one in weeks."

"Well, I'll give it to you Ron if…" Harry trailed off.

"I'll do anything!." Ron promised.

"You have to bugger Dobby then." Harry waved the frog in front of him.

"Bloody hell." Ron paused for several long seconds. "Alright, I'll do it."

Dumbledore, the golden trio and Dobby all sat in Dumbledore's office.

"Dumbledore, if Ron pleasures Dobby then how can I use my power to destroy the Whorecrux?" Harry asked.

"You have to do something towards the end in a final pleasuring act. You've taken so many enlarging potions it's dangerous for you to take one to make your penis small enough for Dobby. Ron can get things going and as long as you are involved in some way the Whorecrux will still be destroyed." Dumbledore eyed Harry through his spectacles.

"Just don't tell anyone about this." Ron gulped. He pulled down his trousers and his one and a half inch penis sprung out.

Dobby walked over and began stroking it. Damn the little rat was good at this Ron thought surprised. Maybe even better than Hermione. Oh! Dobby took Ron in his mouth and was bobbing in and out. He hoped no one would find out about this, he'd never live it down. Ron was soon hard and dobby raised his butt in the air. Using a magic spell to lube himself up. Ron got down on his knees and entered. Damn, dobby was tight. He paused a little, feeling nauseous. What was he doing?

"Come on Ron, you can do it." Harry cheered. He pulled out the chocolate frog from his pocket.

Ron started moving.

"Oh master Weasley. You're so big." Dobby moaned.

Ron had never heard that before in his life and couldn't help but be puffed up with pride. He never knew why Hermione complained so much. Dobby seemed to like him just fine. He increased his pace and Dobby wailed in pleasure.

"Yes, yes stick your large wand in me." Dobby cried. Ron would give the little bugger what he was asking for. He banged away harder than he ever had in his life. To soon Ron felt close to coming. Dumbledore was watching them hungrily. Harry knew the time was nearing for him to act, but wasn't sure what to do to finish things off.

Ron's eyes were glazed with lust. He felt like he was in another world so didn't hear when Dobby called out to Harry.

"Harry Potter, pee on Dobby."

Harry undid his pants and aimed his penis, shooting Dobby in the face with a yellow stream of pee. The house else moved his face back and forth in glee, using his hands to rub some on his face.

"What the hell?" Ron said furious. Some of Harry's pee was getting on him but he was to close to back off. "Unnnnn" Ron came inside the little house elf. Who also orgasmed, his seed spilling on the ground, his face filled with bliss. A groan was heard from Dumbledore as he finished, he had been secretly jacking off behind his desk."

You f'n wanker Harry! You troll %&*! You peed all over me!" Ron didn't stop swearing for thirty minutes. Harry pulled out the loadstone and saw that the Whorecrux indeed had been destroyed. He gave Ron his chocolate frog after his tirade and he seemed to calm down some. Harry, Dumbledore and Hermione praised him for his sacrifice the order and this also seemed to cheer him up.

Dumbledore turned to Harry, "Well Harry we're getting closer to the dark lord. Only a few more and the final battle will await."