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Chapter 1 The Hollywood actress

"Now a toast to out favourite actress Tian" the Director said raising his glass.

"Toast to Tian" everybody exclaim raising their glass

The actress smiled and stood up holding her glass.

"Tomorrow I will be leaving the states to Japan. Since this is the last time I probably going to see you all, I want to have the chance to say how much fun I have making the film"

Everyone clapped and praised the seventeen year old actress as she took a short bow.

" You have done a truly amazing job as an actress and I had have an magnificent time working with someone as talented as the lovely Tian, you will be incredibly missed" the director praised while clapping.

"Thank you, I will miss all of you as well as working in this film" Tian said giving them a small smile, then sitting down on her seat.

Tenten otherwise known as the famous actress Tian is leaving the states to live in Japan where she is planning to have a normal school life. She is the main star in her new film 'Weapon Mistress' and she has fans worldwide. Not also is she an amazing actress, she is also very beautiful.

Time skip to after the goodbye party

Tenten step out of her shiny black limo and walked towards her house or mansion, she went to her massive room and plop herself onto her bed.

"God, I'm going to miss this room" Tenten signed

She lifted herself off her king size bed and grabbed her pale green silk pyjamas then going to her bathroom. Few minuets later she came out and crawled onto her bed before settling herself between the warm sheets. She switch the lights, located on the head board before going to sleep.

"Tomorrow my life is going to change a hell of a lot" Tenten signed before slowly drifting to sleep.

The next morning

The sun shines through the white lace curtains, stirring the sleeping brunette. Tenten groan and slowly sat up on her bed, stretching her arms above her head.

"Ugh, got to head to the airport today" she groan, rubbing her eyes to get rid of her sleepiness. She slowly lifted herself of her bed and switched the lights on.

She got of her bed and went over to her massive walk in closet; next to the closet is a silver remote in a silver metal remote pocket. She grabbed the remote and presses a button which opens up the closet. The closet slowly opened up revealing a lot of empty space, the only clothes that was there is an turtleneck white sweater, greyish silver zigzag pattern long sleeve jacket with black fake fur on the collar and greyish silver buttons, black tight jeans and heel boots. She walk in, took the clothes and got changed, moments later she step out of her closet and gazed at herself in the mirror.

"Perfect, warm and not too girlish" smiled Tenten.

The door bell rang, indicating that someone was at the door.

"Perfect timing" Tenten thought, she quickly grab her silver shoulder bag and sprinted downstairs, she opened the door letting her limo driver and her manager in.

"Tenten, you all set to go?" Katsumi, Tenten's manager asked.

"Yep, I'm all set" answered Tenten

"Miss, all your luggages have been transferred into the limo" informed the limo driver

"Good, thank you" Tenten replied, she turns around and look at her mansion "I'm going to miss this place"

"It's alright Tian you can come and visit" Katsumi said, putting her hand on Tenten's shoulder, comforting her.

"I guess so, my new home is probably going to be the same or better anyway" exclaim Tenten, suddenly wearing a big grin which resulted in Katsumi falling down anime style.

"How can she change her mood so quickly" Katsumi thought as she watched Tenten talk to the limo driver, "well I guess that is why she is such an amazing actress"

Time skip

The driver went to let Tenten and Katsumi out. They both step out of the limo and look at the private jet that is awaiting the actress. Tenten stared at it with awe before turning herself to face Katsumi with a disappointed expression, "I'm going to miss you Katsumi"

"Don't worry Tian, I will be there in a week or two, right now just worry about the fact that how you are going to hide your identity at school" Katsumi said whispering the last part before hugging her

"your right how am I" Tenten replied

"You will figure something out, Now hurry up if you want to get there on schedule time " Katsumi said interrupting her

"But" Tenten said not wanting to leave just yet

"I've just received these letters this morning, here; now hurry up" Katsumi interrupted again and pushing her towards the jet.

"Alright" Tenten said smiling at her which was return to her.

"Driver, has the luggage been transferred to the plane" questioned Katsumi

"Yes mam" the driver answers immediately, before letting a small bow.

"Good, now Tian, how about one last hug before you go" Katsumi smiled

Tenten giggled

"Sure" Tenten said before hugging her

"thanks for everything Lucas I'm going to miss you" Tenten said giving the driver a hug

"I will miss you too miss" he replied sadly returning the hug

Katsumi cough, interrupting the moment

"Now once you reach Japan airport, a limo will be waiting for you" Katsumi said

"Right" Tenten replied approaching the stairs of her private jet

"See ya kido" Katsumi shouted

"Bye" Tenten giggled

Moments later the door to private jet closed and soon after the jet took off.

Good luck Tenten, I'll see you soonKatsumi smiled as she watched the jet moved further away before turning into nothing

Many many hours later

The aeroplane door opens revealing the tired actress Tenten. She stood there gazing into the night until her thoughts have been interrupted by a sound of wheels. There in front of her is a black shiny limo. She gave a little smile and walks down the stairs of the plane. The driver came out of the limo and quickly carries her luggage into the limo while she climb into the limo and closed the door waiting patiently waiting for the driver. Once the driver was done he enters the limo.

"Tiansan, how was your flight" the driver ask

"It was fine" she answer with barely any emotion

"Good" the driver replied

Time skip to half an hour later

She step out of her limo and gazed at her house or mansion

It is big, white and pretty. The house has a balcony, large garden with a pavement road for the car to drive in, a large silver fountain on the middle of the car pavement so that the car will have to drive around it to get to the mansion. There is vines with roses form to make an arch so that the car pavement is like a tunnel, there is a large, tall silver gate, there is an outdoor and indoor swimming pool, Chinese spa and hot tub, crystal blue lake with coil fish and lily pads in it and a bridge across the lake. To put it short the place is beautiful.

Tenten sign how she wish her parents could be here now to see her. Her parent has sadly died in a tragic road accident when she was twelve a couple months she became an international star. With the help of a close friend of her parents who soon later became her manager. Tenten enter the mansion follow by the driver who is carrying her luggage, she looked around please with the design of the mansion

"Shou, you can leave my luggage just there, I will be able to handle it from here, thank you" Tenten said smiling

"Yes mam" Shou replied setting down the luggage on the floor and heading towards the exit "if you need anything, don't hesitate to give me call miss"

"I am pretty sure I will not need anything Shou thank you anyway though" Tenten said smiling

"Very well" Shou said walking out and closing the door behind him.

When the door shut Tenten proceed to walk upstairs to find her perfect room, eventually she found her room.

The room is coloured beige and white, there is an large tall window on the left side of the bed , a tall plant next to the window, glass door which leads to the balcony with beige curtains, a king size bed with creamy colour covers and pillow, shiny wooden floor, white fluffy rug, wooden desk, metal chair with white colour seat, silver flat screen computer and metal pen pot with pens on the desk, a silver printer on a small metal desk next to the original desk, a white and silver walk in closet, a silver flat screen TV with silver speakers on the corners of the room and a door leading to her own bathroom. It was perfect.

Most of her luggage have already have been put away ( all her clothes etc. have already been put away by workers who Katsumi my manager hired, the only luggage she brought with her are her Tenten stuff such as make up, hair ties, school stuff etc.) so she just put away her Tenten stuff, took a quick shower, blow dry her hair, change into her night clothes which consist of a simple white night gown, she went to grab her shoulder bag and dig down to find the letters Katsumi have given her, once she have found it she plop down on her bed and began to open the letters.

Dear Tenten,

I just wanted to say good luck in Japan and at your new school.

Sorry that I couldn't be there to say goodbye to you in person, filming my new film is taking up my whole schedule. I am so proud of you dear and I am sure your parents are very proud of you too.

Dear I know you are thinking about your parents before you began reading this letter, just remember this, they may not be in this world any more but they will always be in your heart and in heaven looking proudly down at you.

Love you dear, take care and be careful. Remember what I have told you in this letter and you will always be fine.

Love from

Anzu your loving godmother

Tenten smiled at the letter feeling tears welled up in her eyes, she quickly wipe her tears off using the back of her hand and proceed to open up the next letter.

Dear Tenten,

You may be wondering why I wasn't there to say goodbye to you at the airport. The filming is filling up my schedule. I know that family is more important then filming but I also know that you wouldn't be happy if I get fired just to see you heading to Japan.

Since I didn't get the chance to say good bye to you, good bye Tenten and remember this I am so proud of what you do and your parent will be as well. Take care

Love from

Takashi your godfather

Again she felt tears welling up again but decided to ignore it and proceed to the final letter

Dear Tens,

Good luck in Japan and school I will miss my fun, adorable, annoying little cousin really badly LOL. Well any way filming is taking up my schedule so I couldn't say my goodbyes to you. God, I wish I was there then I could hug you death and beg for you not to go, haha.

Miss you and I will come to Japan in couple weeks time. Phone me after your school is over and tell me about it.

Love Howl your amazing cousin

This time she let out a full sob.

God I haven't been here for a day yet and I already miss them, god get it together Tenten, I'll see them soon.

She put her letters on her desk and snuggles into her bed thinking about what her new school is like.

How am I supposed to hide the fact that I am Tian, everyone must have seen at least one of my filmsand my face has appeared in all the magazines. 'Yawn' I think about my problem tomorrow, right now I need some sleep

"Lights off" Tenten yawn out, immediately the lights went out and Tenten quickly drifted of to sleep.

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