Chapter 9

The sun risen up from its slumber, awaking many small birds causing them to chirp. The light breeze rustles the leaves in the trees, releasing such relaxing melody. The neighborhood was a display of peace, no interruptions, nothing…..


"TURN IT OFF" came the screams of the waking teenagers. Pillows were thrown, waving of arms and chaos erupted within the room. The group was groggy from the disruption caused by the simple alarm clock.

"Ino-pig, why is your alarm clock set to 6:30 in the morning?" growl Sakura, covering her face with a blanket to prevent light from reaching her eyes.

"It's not even a school day as well," whine Naruto, burying his head deep into the couch, which resulted in him immediately falling to sleep again.

"This is ridiculous," murmur Sasuke, sitting up and rustling his hair a bit, causing Sakura to blush at his sexy bed hair.

Ino sat up from where she slept and sigh "I'm sorry you guys, the alarm clock is set automatically to the time I normally wake up for school, guess I forgot to turn it off yesterday from all the fun we had,". Hearing her voice, Shikamaru woke up from his slumber but immediately went back to sleep after a few seconds.

"Come on you guys, it's not that bigger deal," yawn Tenten, stretching her arms over her head, unaware that she was sitting on Neji's lap.

"Hn," came Neji

Tenten froze and turn her head around and scream "WHAT THE HECK AM I ON YOUR LAP!" This cause the others to look at her direction, including Naruto and Shikamaru who had woken up from the scream, and let out laughter of the scene in front of them. Tenten was sitting on Neji's lap, looking very comfortable with her hands on his chest, whereas Neji was holding onto her waist, looking at the wall, showing embarrassment.

"Awww, don't you both look cute together" commented Ino, placing the palm of her hand on her cheek, while sitting cross legged on the sot carpet floor. This caused Tenten and Neji to give out a little blush.

"Don't kid yourself Ino, nothing happened," said Tenten calmly, lifting herself off Neji's lap much to everyone's disappointment.

"Don't be so quick to assume things," added Neji, standing up and stretching his muscular arms. Which caught the eye of Tenten but she quickly force herself to turn away before the others saw her.

"How can we not, this is the first time you've been so friendly with a girl," smirk Sasuke, folding his arms across his chest.

Naruto look at him with confusion "What do you mean the first, what about Ti-a..." but was interrupted by Shikamaru and Sasuke, who quickly grab hold of Naruto and slap their hand over his mouth. This causes the girls to look at the boys with curiosity whereas Tenten look on with amusement.

"Neji-niisan likes someone?" ask Hinata with an expression which shows disbelief. She was rubbing the sleeping dust from her eyes but the shock from hearing about her cousin help her awaken from her state.

Neji stop his stretches much to Tenten's relief and stood up straight crossing his arms across his chest. "No, I don't like someone," he answered.

"Oh we're sorry, loves someone," Ino said, rephrasing Hinata's question. This led to Naruto bursting into laughter and Sasuke smirking.

Neji raise a brow "No, I don't. Naruto saw me talking to one of my relatives and quickly assume that I was romantically involved, such an idiot," answered Neji, giving a glare to Naruto. The girls seemed convinced and started taunting Naruto of idiocy. Hinata glanced at Neji, still not entirely convinced.

"Well I don't know about you guys, but I want breakfast, anyone care to join?" ask Tenten, standing up and heading towards the kitchen. The group looked at each other before running after her.

A minute later

"Sooo, any preferences for breakfast?" ask Tenten looking around the kitchen. The group sat around the large table looking at her with blank faces, until Naruto shouted out Ramen which was quickly dismissed by everyone.

"How about sausage, egg and bacon?" ask Ino, who was looking around the fridge, she lifted her head up to see the group nodding their heads. "So anyone knows how to cook here?"

The group look at each other blankly

"Ummm, I can. I'll cook you all breakfast if you want," offered Hinata, twiddling with her fingers.

"Hn, I'll cook as well," offered Neji, not wanting his cousin to have to do all the work herself.

"We three will do the cooking, but in return, you guys will do the cleaning afterwards," state Tenten, happy to see the once relieved and faces turned into the likes of the fallen. The group mumbled at one another, before deciding to an agreement.

1 hour later

"Wow, I'm stuff," sigh Naruto in satisfaction, rubbing his stomach. The group is currently sitting in the living room; their cleaning process has already been completed therefore they are within boredom.

"So, what are we going to do for the rest of the day?" Ask Sakura, ignoring Naruto. The group look at Ino as she was the one who had arranged the sleepover and as well as the one who always knows what to do to prevent from boredom. Before Ino had the chance to open her mouth, Neji's phone rang. Neji quickly answered it while the group stayed quiet, not wanting to interrupt.

'Neji, I know you are with your friends today but I need you and Hinata to look after Hanabi, I have an important meeting to attend and would not be back till late this evening'

"Alright uncle, I'll tell Hinata". And with that he closed his phone. "Hinata, uncle needs us to head back home and look after Hanabi while he's at a meeting,"

Hinata look up from what she was doing and sigh. "Alright, I'm sorry guys but we have to go,"

"That's such a shame, and I was about to suggest that we'll go shopping," said Ino pouting, crossing her arms across her chest. By hearing this, the boys' eyes widen in panic.

"I suggest that we go with Neji and Hinata, they might be bored without us there," inform Sasuke. The group raise their eyebrow at Sasuke's behaviour but Shikamaru caught on.

"Yeah, let's go over to the Hyuga mansion, I haven't been over there in a while, if that's Okay with you guys" claim Shikamaru, looking at Neji and Hinata, not wanting to join Ino in her shopping spree.

"Of course, it would be fun, besides Tenten you haven't been there in ages," claim Hinata happily. This led to Neji to raise a brow in suspicion, 'has this girl been to the mansion in the past, how is it possible, we didn't know her till last week'. The group rushed to get ready, not wanting Neji and Hinata to get in trouble for being late due to them.

1 hour later

Tenten's Pov

WOW, even though I had been at the mansion several times, I still can to get over the fact on how magnificent it was. The mansion looks very old and traditional which cause it to look beautiful. (Look in my profile, the image of their mansion is there, I don't really know how to describe it) We enter the mansion with several butlers and maids greeting us, I didn't seem to notice this as I was too busy gazing at the interior design, the place has definitely changed since the last time I was here, I remembered that the mansion used to be so old fashion, now the place looks modern with the latest technology; however there was still a few old fashion areas to make the mansion seem very homey.


Hyuga Hanabi came barrelling towards the group and it looks like she wasn't about to stop. She jumps onto Neji's leg, not willing to let go which annoyed Neji. I watch with amusing eyes at Neji trying to get his younger cousin off.

"Ah, Hinata and Neji, good to see you both back, good to see you kids too," smiled Hiashi, he was already dressed smartly ready to go to his meeting.

"It's very nice to see you too," the group and I smiled.

"I'm very sorry to ruin your plans for this weekend, this meeting was unexpected, please feel free to eat whatever you like in the fridge, but no alcohol," Hiashi inform us, he had on a sincere yet strict look which give him a sense of power. The others didn't seem to want to answer; I'm guessing that they was quite intimidated by him, I didn't blame them, when I met him the first few times I was intimidated too but I got over it seeing that he was pretty nice.

"Its fine really, we didn't plan anything to do today, and for that we were relieved that you called. Don't worry, we won't have a drop of alcohol, you can trust us," I inform with a warm smile.

Hiashi gave a little nod and began staring at me "You look rather familiar, I don't recall my daughter bringing you home with her previously yet it seems that we had met before,"

I laughed at this, and reply "I was childhood friends with Hinata; I use to come here a lot when I was younger, I'm Tenten, Tenten Hitsugaya,"

Hiashi eyes widen a bit "Tenten, that's right I remember you, you were the one who saved my daughter from the bullies she had," I nodded in reply to what he said. "When did you moved back to Konoha?"

"Just a little over a week," I answered, laughing inwardly of the faces my friends had on, surprise.

"I should arrange to have dinner with your parent's; it has been a while since we met," just by that comment, my mood fell. I took in a deep breath, calming myself down.

"Well you see ummmm well" I babbled, having trouble finding the correct words to say, this caused Hiashi and my friends to look at me worriedly. "My late parents….." Hiashi caught the use of the word 'late' and put a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry, please feel free to come live with us," offer Hiashi. Everyone besides Naruto seem to notice the use of the word 'late' and gave me a worriedly look. I gave a little sigh before changing it into a smile.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. I'm not alone; I have other family who cares really deep about me and close friends. I believed that my parent's would want me to move on with my life, move to the future and leave the past behind. I'm not saying that I should forget about them, I would never be able to do that, but I know that I should overcome this and face reality. They wouldn't want to see their daughter in despair but rather have her smile. They had always said that they feel happiest when I'm the happiest, therefore I have a duty to continue that," I said calmly, gazing up into the sky, where heaven is at. I looked back down from the sky to see my friends and Hiashi speechless. I didn't realize what I really said; all I knew is that I needed to say the things that I said for quite a while now.

"That was very brave of you to say, but do not hesitate to give the Hyugas' a call if you are in need of something," smile Hiashi. I gave a small nod to thank him for his generosity.

Hours later

We are all sitting in Hinata's massive living room, bored. Hanabi was reading the book that her father assign her to read to boost her intellect, Hiashi has gone to his meeting and the rest of us sat on the expensive white leather couch.

"Ummm, Tenten-chan" Hinata whispered. I turn my head towards her to meet a worrying gaze.

"Yeah," I answered, knowing what he is about to ask.

"ummm, why didn't you tell us about you know" Hinata mumble prodding her fingers together. "ummm, you don't have to answer if you do not want to,"

I gave Hinata a smile "you don't have to be so scared of me Hinata; we have been friends since childhood. Hinata nodded and smile back at me; I knew she still wanted to know. "I tell you guys" I gave a little nod; the others seem shock, maybe because they did not expect me to open up this easily. "I didn't tell you guys earlier because I knew that you guys would worry about me and I don't want that," I look at everyone; they all seem to be in silent, they understood me and I was glad. The girls and Naruto came up to me and gave me a big hug which I gladly accepted. Once they release me, I can't help but look over at the three geniuses. The three of them gave me a short nod which I really appreciated.

"Nee-chan, I've finish my book, can I watch a movie now?" ask Hanabi childishly, placing her book on the living room table.

"Yes, alright, what do you want to watch?" ask Hinata looking through their DVD collection.

While Hinata was doing this, I notice Hanabi staring at me. I look at her weirdly. To my surprise she suddenly jumps onto the seat next to me which was initially Hinata's.

"You're really pretty, you know" Hanabi gleam at me, placing her face close to mine.

The comment caused the group to look at me and Hanabi.

I gave a little smile and thanked her, though she may be a devil, she can be incredibly sweet sometimes.

No One 's Pov

"How come you have never complimented us like that?" whine Ino, crossing her arms and pouting. Hanabi pulled her face away from mine and looked at Ino, almost like she is scanning her. "I only tell the truth," She innocently replied. This caused the group to laugh out loud, Ino's face was hilarious, and it shared a similar resemblance to a fish due to her slightly opened mouth. However the laughter soon ended as Ino began to have angry rants.

"Why you little …" Hinata quickly covered Ino's mouth with her palm while Sakura and Tenten tackled Ino to the ground not wanting any unnecessary language to slip out of her mouth.

Hanabi tilted her head side ways and ask "Nee-chan, what was your blond friend trying to say?" Hinata in return looked at Hanabi and nervously poked her fingers together "It's really nothing you should know," she replied with her nervous tone which indicates the need for help. "Ha-Ha, yeah, it's really nothing Hanabi, she's was just going to say something really STUPID," Sakura sheepishly says, emphasizing the significant term while glaring and straddling Ino. The group watch as Tenten slowly releases Ino mouth from the tight hold she had held onto her, she in return gave a feel small coughs as Sakura got off her. There was a slight silent before Naruto interrupted with a loud burst.

"WOW THAT WAS HOT!" Naruto closing his jaws as Sakura and Tenten help Ino stand up. All three girls give Naruto a glare while Sasuke slapped him across the head. "OW TEME, THAT HURT!" he whined while in return punching Sasuke on the back. His frowned face suddenly turned into a perverted grin, giving Sasuke, Neji and Shikamaru a nudge on the side "Don't tell me you guys haven't been thinking the same thing, girl on top of girl, another on the floor,". Shikamaru looked on with boredom whereas Neji and Sasuke gave a scowl before punching Naruto on the side of his head.

The girls besides Hinata have the look of annoyance and were twitching slightly. "DAMMIT NARUTO, WE WENT THROUGH ALL THAT TROUBLE TO PREVENT HANABI FROM HEARING SOMETHING F**CKIN INAPPROPRIATE BUT YOU JUST HAVE TO HAVE A DIRTY SH*TTY MIND AND RUIN IT ALL, YOU JUST HAVE TO ******" screamed Sakura, shaking Naruto back and forth.

Neji quickly covered his young cousin's ears while Sasuke and Shikamaru shake their head and sighed, Hinata fainted, while Ino and Tenten gasped in Horror. "SAKURA!"

She turned to look at the girls and replied with a "WHAT?" She was close to holding Naruto into the air, his head dropped as he looked like he was about to faint from all the shaking he had to withstand.

"STOP SHOUTING AND CUSSING AT THE SAME TIME, NARUTO'S AT THE BRINK OF FAINTING WHILE HINATA IS THERE UNCONCIOUS ON THE GROUND!" Screamed Ino and Tenten, clamping their ears using their hands in order to block out the loud volume of Sakura's voice. Unfortunately because of the blockage of their ears, they were unaware that they were shouting themselves causing the others to flinch.

Sakura blinked several times; face unreadable before apologizing and letting Naruto down from her grip. Naruto collapse onto the ground, lying on the soft carpet floor almost lifelessly, moaning from the throbbing pain he has from his head. "Stupid idiot...I'll go get the aspirin." Sighed Neji walking towards the Hyuga's grand kitchen.

"I'll go too," volunteered Tenten, readying herself to run after Neji.

"Can you grab me a snack while you're at it, Tennie?" ask Ino, giving her the puppy dog look, Tenten laughed, "you know that won't work on me, I'm the queen of puppy dogs, but because I'm nice, I'll get you something."

In the Kitchen

Tenten's Pov

"Hey," I smiled, walking up to Neji from behind. The kitchen was large blue and gray floor tiles, wooden counters with black marble counter tops and the floors was covered with clean light wooden cabinets and shelves. At the corner of the kitchen stood a well furnished oak wood table and matching chairs, it stands next to a large window where sunlight would pour through, feeding the flowers stood there. (Picture is on my profile if people want to see it)

"HN, Hey," he answered, not even giving me a small glance. Instead he walked towards one of the cabinets where the medications and first aid were. He grabbed the bottle of aspirin before walking to the sink to fill a cup of water to help aid the swallowing in the tablet. I watched all of this from the entrance of the kitchen before walking towards Neji.

"You got any snacks I can pinch for Ino?" I asked looking around the very clean kitchen, assuming all the snacks are in one of the many cabinets on the walls. My eyes aimlessly looked around the kitchen before I stopped at Neji's beautiful back, scanning over the muscles on his well tone arms and back. I didn't notice myself staring before I was broke out of the trance by Neji's deep velvet voice.

"There's a bag of pretzels on the top far left cabinet,"

Why do I suddenly just find his voice attractive? Why am I staring at his gorgeous back? Why is there a warm feeling within me? Why are all these emotions appearing now? All these questions are buzzing through my head. I know he was a cute kid from the times I spent with him and Hinata in our childhood, but I never knew that he would grow to be this gorgeous and handsome.

I broke away from my trance and walked over to the location of the cabinet. I reached out towards the cabinet but it was too far out of my reach. I know I am tall, standing at 5' 7" but even at my height, I still cannot reach it. Neji must have noticed my struggle as I heard him chuckled from behind me.

"You're alright there?"

God his voice, STOP IT TENTEN. I turned around, facing him and gave a small laugh. I was caught looking like this, I must look like child trying to reach for her favorite lollipop but failing completely. "Not really," I answered.

Neji's Pov

I just let myself chuckle, not only have this girl made me show emotion, yet alone laugh, she has also interest me enough for me to talk to her. There's just something about her, I don't know what but she has a mysterious aura around her, there's just something that tells me there's more to this girl than meets the eye. I gave a smirk.

"You're alright there?" I asked, looking at her struggle is highly entertaining I must admit. She turned around, facing me and looking at me with those beautiful amber eyes.

Wait, hold on. Beautiful amber eyes where did that come from.

"Not really," I heard the voice of Tenten; she must have answered by question. I walked towards Tenten and reach towards the cabinet and grabbed the bag of pretzels, handing it to her. She thanked me before turning around to begin to walk back to the living room. I don't know why, but I suddenly had the urge to stop her, I did so by grabbing her wrist. She turned around and stared at me with wide eyes. ... The awkward atmosphere between us was suffocating. I looked at her and recall the conversation she had with Hinata and uncle.

"Of course, it would be fun, besides Tenten you haven't been there in ages,"

"That's right I remember you, you were the one who saved my daughter from the bullies she had,"

These comments have bothered me throughout the day, why do my cousin and even my uncle know her but I don't. There is something about her that reminds me of Hinata's childhood friend, the one where we would meet up together in our hideaway. I can't exactly remember her name but she does share a slight resemblance. Is it possible, is it really her? 7

"I need to ask you something," I said breaking the silence between us. She looked at me with confusion before giving me a slight nod. With the approval I began to ask my question "how do you know the Hyugas?" I looked at her and raise a brow at the expression on her face. She was at brink of laughter and I wanted to know why, what is so funny about my questions? After a few second, she broke into laughter and step closer to me. We were just a few inches apart and I was threatening to blush. Me, Hyuga Neji. Before I have the urge to touch her soft shiny locks, she said something that stopped me in doing so.

"You seriously don't remember me, do you?" she asked with a cute grin on her face. She crossed her arms across her chest, raising one of her perfectly plucked eyebrows. I can't help but admit that she looks adorable with that expression on her face. If it wasn't for the confusion and curiosity of her question, I may do something that is not me.

"I have an idea, but this is only based on the observation of the conversation you have my uncle and Hinata" I answered, crossing my own arms across my chest.

"Well, if childhood friend of Hinata's does not ring a bell to you, then you are not the genius I thought you were." She gave a smart reply, testing my status. This comment alone causes me to smirk at her. No girl has ever had enough guts to tell me that, there's only one person I know who would give me these witty remarks.

"Panda-Chan, right?" I smirked at her as she distance herself between us two. She gave a pretty smile before showing more of her witty side.

"And I was hoping your observations was incorrect, gives me the opportunity to strike at your pride." Says Tenten uncrossing her arms and putting her fingers on her akimbo. "To think I thought you completely forgot about me after it has taken you all this time to recognise me, maybe I can use this a my advantage," she suddenly put a finger on cheek, giving a cheeky and close seductive look. "Looks like Neji Hyuga is not as observant as people thought he is,"

A girl insulted me twice within the pass 5 minutes, many would find this a turn off but I can't help but feel drawn to her more. "You haven't changed at all..., have you Tenten?" I said in a slow seductive voice that would normally drive girl crazy. I began walking closer to her, closing the distance between us, causing her to back into the marble counter. She raised a brow and crossed her arms across her chest, creating a little distance between us but I didn't let that stop me from placing an arm around her waist while the other was placed on the counter behind, giving me support as I lean towards her. If someone were to see us like this, they will mostly likely think that we are going to perform some sinful act. This was not the case; however a small kiss is an exception. Our face was inches apart and before anything could happen





We both gave a sigh as I released her from the counter. So close. The moment's already been ruined; I looked towards the entrance of the kitchen before turning my head back to Tenten. She looked slightly flushed which pleased me greatly.

"We should get going before Ino, Sakura and Naruto question what we have been doing here," she mumbled, slipping passed me and grabbing the bag of pretzels before walking back towards the living room.

"I think that's a bit too late now," I smirked running my fingers through the top of my hair. I grabbed the bottle of aspirin and water before following Tenten back towards the living room. I can tell that she's going to pretend that nothing has happened between us. Not that I am complaining though, if people like Ino and Naruto were to know what has happened, they would most likely tell everyone we know. It's not like we kissed or anything though, we were close. Even so, they would not let this slide. We walked back, waiting for the burst of questions regarding the matter.

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