Twilight's Stephenie Meyers - This lovely bunch is mine.

And so D-Day has arrived - what could a simple date have in store for Bella?

There is going to be a bit of jumping between pov's. After writing it 4 different ways this suited it best. It was longer but it then got too long so i've broken it into 2 chapters.


L is for Lightning


Shaking leg... wobbling foot... heartbeat racing... sweaty palms... eye starts to twitch... pacing...

I'm not nervous... I'm not nervous... the more I tell myself the less I believe it.

I am straight up - shitting my pants. Simple as that.

Tonight - is the night...

T-minus 3 hours till I see him.

180 minutes...

10,800 seconds...

I'm sitting on my bed, soaking wet hair having just got out the shower, but I'm panicking so much I'm starting to sweat. Maybe I should get back in the shower? This is ridiculous, it's just a date. Just a man and a woman, having a chat over dinner. It sounds easy enough - it should be easy.

But this is me we are talking about. Bella Swan walking disaster. Stay back or fear for your life.

I'm staring into my closet - but I've been staring so long everything's blurred into one. One big mishmash of colours swirling before me- sounds like my life.

I could kill Alice for leaving me on my own to deal with this. She is soo loved up. Know how I know? She turned down the opportunity to dress me this evening; to - hold on brace yourself - spend time with Jasper. A boy - Alice picked a boy over me. It's got to be love, or he's got a massive shlong and he's keeping her in a constant post coital high so she bows to his every whim. To be fair I bet both reasons are true. I'm starting to feel like she's avoiding me - but I don't have time to worry about that right now.

More importantly what the hell am I going to wear? It's quite a posh restaurant - so my outfit needs to be classy and elegant; understated but not plain. So far I've eyed up my floor length silver sparkly gown I wore for a fancy dress party last year - I went as a disco ball. I thought it was genius myself, but perhaps it's a little OTT for this occasion. I've also got a simple green dress with a flattering deep V neckline. Just enough cleavage so my boobs say 'hello handsome' but not enough for them to say 'gimmie $20 and I'm yours for the taking'..

Disco ball or green dress... Green dress it is (can't believe I considered the silver dress it looks like something Shirley Bassey would wear. Make-up this evening will be kept to a minimum or I will look like a drag queen. I never can work out how to get the eye-shadow to stay just on my eyelid. I end up with it on my nose, cheeks - hell I look like I've had 6 rounds in the ring with Mike Tyson.

I'm always prone to being nervous but tonight there seems to be this electrifying air around me. I feel like I'm humming with anticipation. Even I know this isn't normal. I can't help having this foreboding feeling of something bigs about to happen - yet I just don't know what.

Right - I think it's time I wrote a list. Lists always make me feel better...

I'm going to assume I'll be late this evening as something has to go wrong. I'll either end up ruining my outfit or catching my hair in the end of the hairdryer- resulting in a fur ball type bouffant hair-do. If I plan to be ready for 7pm; that leaves me with 2hours and 13minutes till I have to be in the bar awaiting my fate; that leaves me 30minutes to spare for whatever disaster may occur.

Back to my list..

1) Moisturize (Alice would kill me if I wasn't 'silky smooth' for my date)

2) Freak out

3)Blow dry my hair and try to tame the 'beast'

4)Apply make-up

5)Find some shoes to match my green dress

6) Eat something

7)Ignore point 6 - I'm going for a meal. (I'm so glad I'm writing a list)

8)Practice walking in high heels.

9)Order a taxi for 7pm

10)Order another taxi for 7.15pm in case the previous taxi driver gets lost, murdered, forgets about me, would rather stay home and have sex with his wife or it snows.

11)Freak out some more

12)Pull yourself together

13) Have a good time and under no circumstances do ANYTHING stupid.

I feel tense, I can see it in my wrinkled forehead and my hunched shoulders. I wish I could shake this feeling. Should I have a glass of wine or is that going to make me worse? I think it might calm my nerves. Just one glass... it can't hurt?

A short while later...

hiccupp... hicccupppp... HICCCUPPPP...


I have hiccups.

2 and half glasses of wine later, I finally feel mellow.. calm...tranquil...laidback mannnn... no worries... be happy...hakuna matata..

"It means no worries for the rest of your's our problem free.. philosophy... hakkunnnaaa matattaaaa." Yeah the wines definately kicked in. I've got my arms raised above my head as I'm wandering around singing in my underwear.

But I'm not laid back - I've got a big worry...I've got these awful hiccups that I just can't get rid of.

Hold your breath count to 10 that always works.

I put my fingers in my ears and stretch my babyfingers to hold my nose and breathe in deep.

1...hippopotamus 2...hippopotamus 3...hippopotamus 4...hippopotamus 5...hippopotamus hiccupp...(the world's starting to spin - I'm feeling woozy) 6...hippopotamus 7...hippopotamus 8...hippopotamus... hiccuppp 9...hippopotamus 10...

I ( inhale sharply)

feel like (panting)

I'm going to (panting some more)

hy-per-ventil-ate(long deep breath)


Counting hippopotamusly clearly doesn't work.

erghhhh nothing. NOTHING is working.

Vinegar - vinegar on the tongue, Alice uses this method and it always works for her.

I lunge for the stairs and leg it to the kitchen. My feet hitting every step as I pound my way down. I've got to get rid of them.

Erghhh - the smell is vile. I HATE vinegar. I put a tiny amount on my tongue - and wait - and wait some more- hiccuppp.

Desperation is setting in. I can feel myself start to panic, I'm going to be stuck with these hiccups all frigging night.

I can't scare myself, and everytime I hold my breath I feel like I'm about to collapse. What the FUCK am I meant to do now?

Drinking backwards is meant to work.

I pour myself a glass of water and position the rim onto my lips. This is a strategic operation. One I must succeed in - I roll my head down towards my knees and start to slurp. I keep slurping - I look absolutely ridiculous; bent at the waist with my face concealed with horrendous slupring noises coming from my mouth, if someone walked in and saw me now I dread to think what it looks like I'm doing.

I keep slurping...I'm basically sucking the water towards my lips, when I start to lose my footing... what with the deep breathing before and the sudden rush of oxygen to my head and now being bent over feeling like I'm hanging upside down I was teetering on the edge of flat footed and tiptoes... the water's sloshing backwards and forwards as I try to regain my balance. Everytime it sloshes forward it's going up my nose... I'm coughing and spluttering all over the place as I attempt to straighten myself back up. There's water fizzing inside my nose and a continual drip coming from my chin. Smooth Bella... real smooooth.

Another shower - who needs one when you can just tip a glass of water over yourself - backwards... This should be my new party trick, along with successfully being able to drown. I am simply the best guest to invite to a party.




Black or white... black or white... hmmm... black... no... white.

"Jas, black or white boxers?"

"You are not seriously ringing me to ask what color boxers to wear?"

"Uhh, yeah?"

"Black." Alice chimes in from the background.

Since the party; I've seen Alice and Jasper a few times and everyone knows what's going on now. Well everyone except Bella. When Alice first found out that I was both Edwards' she went psycho. I mean... abso-flipping-lutely insane. But once Jasper had kissed her into a coma she was a bit more.. understanding. She's actually helped me quite alot, telling me what Bella does and doesn't like. But from speaking to Bella online this week; I know she feels that her friend has been ignoring her. I asked Alice about it and she says she doesn't know what to say to her. Apparently she's terrible at keeping secrets and knows she'll tell Bella everything if she see's her. I feel bad. This is all because I can't suck it up and find some balls and tell Bella everything.

"Edward?" Jasper quizzed.

"Oh, Ugh, yeah sorry man.. just nervous. Thanks"

I hang up. My minds all over the place. I'm nervous. Like really fucking nervous.

Black boxers it is then. Tonight has to go well... I've planned this down to a T.

If anything goes wrong well I'm going to be a laughing stock.

I reach down and grab my balls - I have got a pair - now I need to man up and use them.



1 step.. 2 step.. 3 steps.. 4 steps.. 5 steps

I raise my arms to steady myself. I pivet on the spot and walk back towards my room.

And again...

1 step.. 2 step.. 3 steps.. 4 steps.. 5 steps.. heels.. pshhhh... don't know what all the fuss is about.

I have this walking in heels malarky down to a T.

I make for the stairs and slowly inch my way down.

I decide to be daring and don't hold the rail. I am a skilled professional. Heels do not faze me. As I go to take the next step I loose my footing. Maybe the rail is a good idea.

I make it down the stairs successfully and it's only 18.55pm. Well check me out - I'm on time.

I don't think I look that bad. I haven't killed anyone or injured myself. This could be the start of a whole new me.

My make up is minimal. I have a subtle glow to my cheeks, a dash of mascara on my lashes and a light tint to my lips. I look good? My face looks refreshed and I feel happy with the way I've turned out. Lets just hope Edward likes it. (At least he's called Edward - I can't get his name wrong. After everything that's happened recently it's a wonder I still have a brain.)

My hair looks smooth and sleek with a slight wave to it as it falls over my shoulder. I think Alice would say I'm channeling an earthy essence. My dress clings to me in all the right places. My hips look womanly where the fabric drapes gently across my hip bones. The dress is loose over my stomach and ruches flattering my shape further. The straps sit lightly on my shoulders, the green making my pale skin look attractive for once. The contrast between the green of the dress and my brown eyes and hair works in my favor. Look at me being knowledgeable about fashion - who needs Alice anyway?

I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the toaster - wooooahhh - my breasts are definately eye catching.

(beeeep beeep)

The taxi drivers here - oh no - oh no - I can't do this. It's not 7pm is it already. Fuck where did the time go?

I barely feel my legs move. They must have dragged me to the front door of their own accord. I take a step onto the garden path and for some reason feel like this meal is going to change my life.

I step into the cab.

"Eclipse please."



"Caius, is everything set out like I asked?" I was on a tight schedule and everything needed to be perfect.

"Yes Sir. I set the table up next to the grand piano as you requested. The piano has been moved to allow you to sit with your back to the table."

"Thank you Caius. What about the food I requested?"

"Yes Sir, the Cheerios are in the kitchen." Caius gave me a quizzical look.

"A story for another time my friend." I simply stated.

"Fine, Sir." Caius replied

"Now, as directed earlier. When she arrives she'll be waiting in the bar area. You'll know who she is from the description I gave you." I stated matter of factly.

"Brown hair, brown eyes- will fidget alot. More than likely be the most beautiful woman in the bar area. Has long legs and a pale complexion." Caius confirmed.

"Perfect, and from the bar area you are to take her to the table, offer her a drink and tell her I will be along shortly." I explained.

"Perfect Sir. It is 7.15pm now what time shall I be expecting her arrival?"

"Anytime now. Be ready."

With that Caius turned and walked towards the main reception. He was one of my best employee's and believe it or not outside of work I would call him a friend. He addressed me always in that way during work, although I have told him numerous times it is not necessary.

I walked off towards the kitchen to check that everything was in place. I was hoping she would guess that the two Edwards' she has come to know are actually one and the same.

It could back fire on me, but from Alice's advice if she pieces it together herself, she'll be less likely to freak out.

I checked my watch for the nthteen time. It was 7.20pm she should be arriving soon. I walked towards the foyer and hid from view. I had to see her before she saw me. I had to prepare myself for what was to come.

This could be the last time I ever saw her again if this all goes wrong, or this could be the start of something beautiful. Either way alot was riding on tonight. It was a big fucking deal.

I saw Garret the concierge approach the door and held my breath as he pulled it open. But it was a false alarm, just a blonde woman with a dress slashed up to the thigh, on closer inspection it was Tanya. Many would use the term a socialite. I would use the term Grade A hooker, after any man's money. She was in here most nights; on the prowl for the next victim. She had a type- any man with more money than sense. She'd unsuccessfully tried to get her hands on me.

Garret greeted her politely with a somewhat forced smile and moved her on. I had warned Garret to move all guests on quickly so he could pay the utmost attention to Bella.

He moved towards the door once again and smiled.

He stepped aside whilst the most gorgeous creature I had ever seen stepped into the reception area. Her legs went on for miles, her delicate feet framed my sophisticated black heels. I let my eyes wander up further. Her dress a deep green clung to her in the most alluring way, her hips looked womanly. She looked curvaceous and appetizing. Her breasts were standing to attention, her cleavage drawing me in. I was getting heady just looking at her, how could one woman make it feel like the whole world had come to a stand still?

As if she couldn't be anymore perfect and tantalizing as she tried to steady her breathing her breasts would bounce ever so subtly.

I gulped. She was going to be the death of me.

I allowed my eyes to wander up further once again.

I was dumbfounded. Awestruck. Lost for words.

Her beauty was monumental. Something that should be preserved throughout history. The green dress only complimented her mahogany brown hair, that framed her face in luscious waves. Her eyes deep pools of chocolate brown that called to my soul.

Her skin shimmered in the light. She was beautiful.

I had been staring for at least 4 minutes when I realised that Garret seemed as enraptured by her as I was. He shook his head, as if breaking himself from a trance.

"I'm to meet someone at the bar." She whispered in the most mesmerizing way. In one sense she seemed so sure of herself - although I knew she wasn't overly confident she still carried herself with such poise, but in the other sense she was shy and quiet. This only teased me more. she was the most perfect balance of sexy and confident as well as shy and cute.

I gulped once again. I wasn't ready for this.

Garret couldn't find his voice so he just nodded and directed her towards the bar.

I'm glad I'd seen her, because if I had walked in to greet her. I would have been rendered silent, too lost in her beauty and that would have ruined everything.

Right on cue 5 minutes later; Caius walked up to greet Bella.

"Good evening Madame." He politely said with a knowing smile.

"Oh, it's you... from last time Ca..Cai.." She puzzled.

"Caius Madame." He stated, although I could tell he was pleased to have been remembered.

My Bella is so perfect.

"Ohh Yeah, I remember Caius. I'm here to meet erm.. Ed..Edward." He face lit up as she said my name.

She's here to meet Edward... Oh Edward.. That's me.. That's my cue to get in place.

I quickly got up and made my way over towards the stage and went behind the curtain.

I gave her 5minutes to get to the table and for Caius to take her drinks order. I knew she would feel uncomfortable ordering a drink without me so I ordered Caius to take a bottle of red to the table as-well.

I took a quick peek out of the curtain and saw Bella. I was once again struck by her beauty . It was incredible the way my body called to hers. The way my heart called to hers.

As if it was timed her head spun towards the curtain, it's like she felt I was there. Knew it was me. We were so in-tune it scared me.

I ducked back and tried to catch my breath.

I ran to the other side of the stage and peeked round the curtain once again. I couldn't get enough of her. She was back to fidgeting in her seat. I wondered what was going through her head.

Was she wondering if I was going to show?

Maybe she was doubting why she came?

She looked scared, but quizzical.

I was procrastinating and the longer I looked at her the longer this was being dragged out.

Caius whistled me from the side of the stage and bought me back to planet earth.

"I'm ready to introduce you to the piano Sir."

"Ughh, right... Caius? - I am doing the right thing, aren't I?"

"Most definately Sir, she is as beautiful as you stated, and she remembered me." He flashed me a grin.

I forget that she'd already been here with my Dad. I couldn't dwell on it otherwise it would ruin my mood. He'd ruined it by bringing her here first. But I was going to be the one who won her heart this evening, not him. She was mine.

"I'm ready as I'll ever be."

I took the passage to the back of the restaurant and stood waiting to be called to the piano.

"Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Please put your hands together for tonight's pianist.

I took a deep breath and started to walk towards the piano.

I knew Bella couldn't see my face. The tables had been positioned so every other person in the room would block the view of me as I ascended towards the piano. The plan was for her to only see my back.

I wanted so badly to sneek a peek at her but I controlled myself and focused on the task in hand. Getting to the piano.

I had made it and sat down. I could hear her breathing behind me. She was within touching distance.

I sat down and started off with my favorite - Claire De Lune by Debussy. As the climax drew near I felt this overwhelming need to see her. But I had to do this. I had to get through this to play the one song I needed her to hear.

The song finished and everyone started clapping. Someone behind me turned to Bella and said wasn't that wonderful. She turned and said; "It was beautiful. It was Claire De Lune."

I felt so proud of her for knowing my favorite. She really was the girl for me.

I took my final deep breath, dug deep and finally found my balls and started to play the one song she had to hear. She just had to know how I felt.

I started to play and turned the microphone towards my lips...

"I'll be your man

And I'll understand

And I'll do my best

To take good care of you

You'll be my queen

I'll be your king

And I'll be your lover too

As I paused I heard her inhale sharply. I was hoping it was her realizing. Realizing it was me.

Yeah yeah

Yes I will

Derry down green

Color of my dream

A dream that's daily coming true.

And ohhh when the day is through

I will come to you and tell you of

Your many charms

I could hear this quiet whimpering behind me, was she crying?

And when you look at me

With eyes that see

And we'll melt into each others arms

All I wanted was to melt into eachothers arm. I wondered how this would end, would tonight end with us together or apart. I couldn't bear to think what apart would mean.

You'll be my queen

And I'll be your king

And I'll be your lover too."

As I played out the last few notes I felt someone move next to me. I turned my head ever so slightly and saw she had gone. Where had she gone? Had she left?

I turned my head the other way and looked for Caius. He nodded his head in approval and mouthed to stay calm and not to worry.

Well Bella leaving had ruined the plan I was meant to go to the kitchen and get the Cheerios. I was going to pretend to be the waiter and take them to the table and suprise her. But she'd upped and left now what was I meant to do?

As Bella's song ended the audience erupted into a loud debacle of claps and cheers.

But I couldn't focus on the praise my mind was solely focused on Bella. I had to keep playing, give her a chance to come back.

I automatically started to play the new lullaby I had started to tinker around with at home. The same notes came out whenever I thought of Bella.

I felt someone approach the bench. Lightning bolts seemed to reverberate around my body - but - they suddenly came to a stop. The presence was gone and I felt alone once again.

I continued to play until I nodded at Caius for him to say to the audience I was going to take a short break.

Once I had heard him announce it. I immediately got up and headed towards the kitchen. I made a swift hand movement to Caius that informed him he needed to follow me.

"What the fuck happened?" I asked panicked.

"She was crying Sir, and left for the bathroom."


"Yes Sir, crying. It seems you touched a nerve."

"Is she back at the table now?"

Caius popped his head out of the kitchen and confirmed she was sat back down.

"Yes, and I think it would be a good idea that you hurry up and get to the table, she asked Garret at the door if her date had arrived yet."

Oh this was all going tits up, I hadn't thought it through enough. She'd been sat at the table on her own for a good 15minutes. She must be thinking I'd stood her up.

I grabbed the bowls of Cheerios and handed them to Caius.

"Sir, the origional plan?"

"Gone out the window Caius - I can't just walk over with the bowls in my hand pretending to be the waiter - she's clearly going to be angry with my late arrival."

"So I am in one sense the cannon fodder Sir?"

"To put it bluntly - Yes. I'm hoping she shouts at you and not me."

"Well your the boss."

His face seemed to completely disagree with his last statement. He left the kitchen and I followed. We slowly made our way to the table. I was shitting my pants.

This was it. The grand unveiling. This is where everything changes either for better or for worse.

I metaphorically grabbed my balls - "This is it."



Where in the hell is he? He told me to be here at 7.30pm and he isn't even here. I'm sat at this table on my own and he's no-where to be seen. Maybe I've been set up. Maybe I'm being punked?

Over the microphone a man announces the musician is coming to the stage. He strolls towards the piano which is placed right next to our table. Ohhh how nice. Candle lit dinner avec piano player- very swish.

I can't see his face as he approaches but as he takes a seat at the bench I see his broad shoulders covered in a fitted dinner jacket. Well if Edward doesn't show I 'll just order that gooey chocolate pudding I like and admire the pianist.

I could smell his cologne from here and he smelt - familiar.

Familiar? Where did that come from?

He smelt wonderful - but it did smell familiar... he smelt like - like Edward did the morning I woke up from the drowning escapade.

He starts to play a song I instantly recognize. It's Claire De Lune, it sounds beautiful. The notes fill the whole room... bouncing off the walls creating the most wonderful echo. It feels like the music consumes you. It's the same song that was playing when I was last here with Carlisle. He said it was his sons favorite song.

His son...the pianist... played last time I was here... His son... Edward.. Carlisle's Son.. Edward...

Edward... Edward was the pianist last time we were here?

I look up quickly to the pianists head and check his hair.


It's... rugid... rough... it's...brown, it's copper... it's...

Nooooooooo... it couldn't be... could it?

I'm too gobsmacked to think it through and realise I must have been inhaling sharply as I can no longer hear anything but my breathing.

The pianist starts to play again, this time a beautiful tune I recognize but can't place.

He starts to sing in the most heavenly of voices. It feels like he's lulling me into a trance.

He sings so softly and sweetly "You'll be my queen, I'll be your king, And I'll be your lover too."

I start to cry, tears keep falling from my eyes but I can't work out why. The song sounds so familiar. Like I know it from a dream but I just can't place it. The voice is smooth and sensual. Soothing and comforting. I feel my body wanting, edging me closer to this man. It can't be...

I have heard this song in a dream before. It was Edward, My Edward Cheerio man who had sung it to me in my dream.

I'm crying so much the tears start to spill onto my dress, I get up and leave for the bathroom. I feel like I need a moment, some air... just something that will enable me to think straight.

I remember where the bathroom is and head straight for the mirror. My make up hasn't run. Thank God.

What is going on? This is all so confusing. Being out of the room is helping. I don't feel so lightheaded. I can think straight.

I need to know who the pianist is. What if it's Edward, My Edward?

I fix the lines the tears have created on my face and vow to look the pianist in the eye. I don't believe it can be my Edward.

And if it is this date has just got even more awkward. I'm meeting one Edward whilst being sat next to my other Edward whose the piano player. This could only happen to me.

I exit the bathroom and quickly ask the door concierge if my date has arrived yet. To which he replies "He's running late Madame, he said take your seat and he'll be here shortly." I decide that's it if he's definately coming I need to double check who the pianist really is.

I walk straight up to the pianist, I feel confident - almost as if I don't believe it's going to be him. I go to touch his shoulder to unveil him, but I can't. The feeling of electricity that was humming around me earlier. Its bouncing back off of him. It's like an electric shock as my hand goes to touch his shoulder.

I have to sit down.

What does this all mean?

I don't know what's going on. I try to think rationally and calmly. This can't be Edward. This can't be happening. I look back to the piano and realize the pianist has left. Where's he gone?

Did I just imagine that all happened?

I turn my head searching left and right.. but he's no-where to be seen. Vanished.

I wish someone would tell me what in the blazes was going on.

I feel like putting my head into my hands and sobbing. My life is never simple. I put my head down and stair at the table cloth.

"Your dinner is served Madame." A smooth voice re-awakens me as someone place's a bowl of cheerios infront of me.

I raise my head ever so slowly. What the FUCK is going on?

"You... You..." I can hear my voice getting louder and louder...

"YOU can't be serious what the fuck is going on" I'm shouting; I'm full on shouting. I have no control over my voice box... it's acting of it's own accord. Why am I shouting? ... I don't even know.

People are muffling all around me, "crazy woman on a date on her own, ordering cereal at this time of night"... "swearing in a place like this."

My face is burning bright red, I'm embarrassed, confused, angry and upset all at the same time.

"You.. what are you... cheerios?" I'm not even making sense.. I hadn't even realised I was standing up.

Then a dawning realisation hits me...

"Edward." I utter ever so quietly as I fall back down into my seat.

Cheerio's.. the pianist... Carlisle... Son...

Edward and Edward are one and the same?

I don't understand.

I feel the table shift as someone takes a seat.

I raise my head.

"Edward?" I whisper.



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