This is not the first fanfiction I have written, however it is the first one I have had the guts to post on any site or let anyone else read. I hope you like it!

Also this story is set in multiple points of view since I am always trying to imagine what Dimitri and Adrian are thinking. I am a huge Dimitri fan, but I love love love Adrian so who knows?

Also, I am not so good at quotation marks, but I think it flows.

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They Took Her


"Rose!!!" I screamed as I watched a blonde strigoi drag away the love of my life. Just seconds before we had all been coming out of the caves after the rescue mission and Rose was right behind me. All of the sudden 8 strigoi jumped out of nowhere. Almost everyone was out and it was just Rose and I and Janine and Stan. The odds were not good that all of us would make it out alive. As the strigoi rushed forward with super speed I had only one thought. Get Rose out of here alive. There were too many and even after I'd staked a few there seemed to be more coming. The fight raged on and we were exhausted. The sun would be setting soon and we needed to make a break for it. I glanced around Rose was holding her own as were Janine and Stan. We continued to wage war on the never ending line of strigoi.

After a while there were only a few left Janine was fighting a female and Stan was wresting with a male. I at the moment was alone. I looked around apprehensively for Rose. I had tried to keep her in my peripheral vision during the fight but had been distracted more than once. It was then I heard a blood curdling scream. I recognized instantly that it was the voice of the one I loved. I turned quickly and ran further back into the cave towards the scream. A blonde male strigoi had Rose by the throat. She was bloody and bruised and her eyes were full of terror. "Rose." I cried lunging forward, I didn't get very far before two stronger strigoi had me in their grasps. I tried to escape , but they were too strong. I looked into her terrified eyes as I struggled for release from my captors. The blonde strigoi grinned at me widely and then grabbed Rose by the neck and bit hard. She screamed again and thrashed violently crying out in pain. "Dimitri." She cried weakly. I couldn't move. She had stopped struggling and passed out or worse she was dead. My poor sweet Roza. How could I have let this happen. How could I have let those monsters get their hands on her. In an instant rage flew through my body and I threw one of the strigoi off of me and he landed hard with a crash on the other side of the cave. I reeled around and staked the other. I tried running to where the other strigoi was feeding off Rose, but all too quickly he picked up her lifeless body and ran. I followed running as fast as I could, but I couldn't keep up and I lost the trail. I watched as they faded into the dusk. Would that be the last time I saw my beloved Roza. I put my head in my hands "Nooooooooooo!" I cried out. Anyone but her. I looked around for something to punch. There was nothing. Tears began to stream down my face. I don't remember the last time I cried, but I didn't care. Rose was everything to me and I had lost her. It was all my fault. I never should have allowed her to come on this mission. I was her mentor I was supposed to protect her. I was starting to lose it when the strigoi I'd thrown against the wall caught up with me. I was done playing around.

I began to beat him. How dare they take her. She was so young and innocent. She didn't deserve to die like that. I kept hitting him harder and harder cursing loudly in Russian until I felt someone's hand on my shoulders. I wheeled around and looked at the person standing in front of me. It was Janine Hathaway Rose's mother.
"Guardian Belikov! Enough stake him already." She said. "What's gotten into you?" She reached for her stake and quickly ended the strigoi I'd pummeled to a bloody pulp.

She looked into my now tear stained face curiously.

"Where's Rose?" she asked almost quivering.

I didn't answer right away. I couldn't find the words. Less than twenty-four hours ago Rose and I had made passionate love and decided not to be apart from each other anymore. We were so happy and now she was gone. My heart had been shattered into millions of pieces.

"Where is she Belikov?" She demanded angrily her eyes begging me to tell her anything but what I was about to say.

I looked in the direction the strigoi had taken her. "They took her." I managed.

"They took her? Oh Rose. No not my Rose."

And with that the bad ass guardian Janine broke down into sobs. She was so out of control she could barely stand. She cared so much for Rose even though their relationship had been strained. The loss of a child was not something any parent wants to go through. I could barely keep myself together, but I was the stronger of the two of us. I pulled her into my arms and let her cry.

I sought to give her words of comfort, but they never came. All I felt was emptiness inside. Yesterday my heart had been light and full of love and life. Today the life had been extinguished in a few short seconds and my soul mate had drawn what was probably her last breath.

As we walked back to the Academy the mood was solemn. It was dark and we moved quickly but it was difficult with the injured. Janine hadn't been able to put her guardian mask back on and when we joined the others who were waiting. There were no words spoken but everyone knew what had been lost. Alberta nodded her head at me as I supported Janine as she was barely able to walk she was sobbing so hard. I knew I didn't look much better than she did, but I couldn't let my feelings show. I would not dishonor Rose's name by coming out with the truth after she was gone. The look of sorrow on Alberta's face told me that she knew what I felt for Rose. I also knew she wouldn't say anything to the others.

When we arrived at the front gates to the Academy we could see the massive damage that was done the night of the attack . Small fires still burned. Buildings had been damaged. There were still strigoi remains lying everywhere. The bodies of the guardians and moroi that had been lost had been cleaned up and prepared for burial first out of respect. The med clinic was full and the injured were lined up outside the door. I was pretty banged up, but I didn't care. I didn't care whether I lived or died at this point, but I needed to hold it together long enough to do what I knew Rose would want me to. I had to go and tell the princess of her death.

I left Janine with Stan and Alberta and told them to get her some medical attention. They nodded and I set off to find the Princess. I knew she had been helping out at the clinic, but I didn't see her there. It was possible that she already knew that something had happened to Rose because of their bond. I trudged slowly over to the moroi dorms. My heart ached for what I was about to do. The pain I was feeling was indescribable and I had only known Rose for six months. But in those six months she had managed to capture my heart and soul. I remembered the first time I saw her through the window in Portland. I was trying to blend in with the scenery, but she had captivated me so much so that I let myself be seen. She had looked in my direction and I got lost in the depths of her beautiful brown eyes. I pushed back the tears that threatened to spill from my eyes. The princess had known Rose her whole life. The grief I was going to deliver was not going to be easy on anyone. I knew that dealing with the effects of spirit had taken a toll on the princess's mental state and now with her bondmate gone I didn't know what would happen. I just knew that I would take care of her for Rose. That is what she would want.