Moonlight Dark Knight

By: Sandreline

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Chapter 11: Happily Ever After

Sailor Cosmos' high heels make a clicking sound as her wings let her slowly float down to the concrete. It was one o clock in the morning; the lights from the city were sparkling in the distance from her view at the Hikawa Shrine.

"There you are!" Sailor Mars stepped out from the shadows.

"We were getting antsy." Sailor Jupiter added with a wink as she, too, revealed herself from her hiding spot.

"What did you need us all here for, Koneko?" Sailor Uranus asked with her arm around Sailor Neptune and Sailor Saturn beside them.

"I must admit I am rather curious myself." Sailor Mercury added. She still held the buzzing computer in her hand; she was always at work, that one.

"Let her talk, everyone." Sailor Venus added as she appeared beside her cousin.

"Thank, Venus, but it's not me that will be doing the talking." Sailor Cosmos stated with a very pleased smile.

"Then who is?" Sailor Mars asked as her temper began to rise.

"I am." Each pair of eyes moved to the shadows that hid the deep, smooth voice of the stranger. Most of the warriors tensed when the shadows seemed to move towards them and just barely allow the famous Batman to be seen.

"Batman?" Sailor Uranus spoke.

The white eyes of the hero's mask lowered slightly before he turned his attention to the winged woman. Said silver haired woman was beaming with pleasure as she wore a smile that was most definitely not innocent in any form. The black Kevlar covered man gave a small nod. "We have business to discuss."

"Bye!" Sailor Cosmos parted just before her wings gave a powerful beat. She was instantly in the air and off to do her rounds of the city.

"Get back here, Meatball Head!" Sailor Mars called out.

"What's going on?" Sailor Jupiter asked, still wary about Gotham's vigilante in their presence.

Batman was grumbling for a moment, before making sure to look around one last time. Sailor Venus was shifting from foot to foot, a bright smile on her face as she resisted the urge to hum. In a movement that was so fast they hardly could see, Batman pulled back his face mask.

The Senshi that did not faint from shock gave out a loud yell of, "WHAT?"


Serenity was still laughing as she sipped her chocolate milkshake the next day, even after the promise of revenge that Bruce had made to her. From what he told her after he left her friends, it would seem that Ami, Makoto, and Rei all fainted from shock. Haruka went off into a rant, and Michiru actually gave a scolding to Hotaru because the smallest Senshi began to curse. Bruce had placed his mask back on a moment later and left, having slipped back into the comfort of the shadows before he went to reunite with her. She had then spent the next two hours explaining everything to her friends and despite a few protests and a lot of questions, the group was actually rather happy with the new arrangement.

Though Makoto did make her promise to introduce her to Wonder Woman soon…

A shadow fell over the counter of her place, and she looked up to find the blue eyes of her true love. Bruce stood at her side and placed an arm around her waist. "I shall allow you to believe you can get away with your sudden disappearance on me last night… for now." He told her in that deep voice of him.

Serenity smiled as shivers traveled down her spine. "If by 'now' you mean 'forever', than there isn't a problem." She told him.

Bruce leaned in to place a soft kiss on her lips. "You will not do such a thing in the future." He told her.

She held up her right hand. "Scouts honor." It was followed by a laugh and a playful wink. She stood up from her stool and waved goodbye to Motoki, who had been frozen still at the sight of the world's richest bachelor kissing his friend, before she was led outside to the waiting limo.

"I am sure you remember Alfred." He told her as they settled in.

Serenity smiled brightly, moving quickly to the divider that was left open. "Alfred, it really is you!" She told him. "I've missed you so! I do hope that Bruce has not been a trouble to you."

"Not at all, Mistress Serenity." He answered with a small smile. "In fact, this old man is rather glad to see Master Bruce finally happy. It makes my old bones feel young again."

Serenity gave him a warm smile before reaching through to kiss his cheek, before she moved to return to Bruce's side. "So," She asked, "Where are you taking me for our date?"

"I was thinking of introducing you to some friends of mine." He told her.

"Oh? I didn't know you knew anyone in Tokyo that was not a business associate." Her blue eyes were sparkling with curiosity as she tilted her head slightly to the side.

"Lois Lane and Clark Kent are a special case; they are the only reporters that I allow to interview me." Bruce told her in his usual manner.

"Really now…" She hummed. "Why is that?"

Bruce gave her a classic smirk. "Because Lois is Clark's girlfriend, and Clark is Superman."

It took Serenity a minute to get over the shock. Once she did, she huffed and crossed her arms over her chest before falling back against the seat. "That's so cheap, Bruce." She muttered.


"Ah, here they are." A tall, overly built man with glasses spoke as he and the black-haired woman sitting beside him rose. The two reporters had come to Japan at Bruce's request, having been told the information and getting there as quickly as they could.

"Lois, Clark." Bruce stated casually while shaking their hands. They had a private room in a very exclusive restaurant, which was dimly lit and had several candle sticks on the table with rose centerpieces. Both reporters were letting their eyes roam over Serenity as they tried to get a reading on her. The reason for the double date was not only to talk about allowing the Sailor Senshi to join the league, but to do press control in regards to informing the media about Bruce Wayne's new and final love interest.

"Who is the beautiful woman beside you?" Lois asked with a warm smile. She offered her hand. "Lois Lane of the Daily Planet. You must be the infamous Sailor Cosmos."

Serenity blushed slightly as she shook the woman's hand. "Please, call me Serenity."

"It's nice to meet you, Serenity." The man spoke as he offered a hand. "Clark Kent of the Daily Planet, but most call me Superman." He watched the silver-haired woman's face as he gave a small squeeze. It would have easily broken the bones of a human, but instead he found his own eyes widened as she returned it with just as much force without as much as a bat of an eyelash.

"It is an honor to meet you." She told him, and for just a brief moment she let them both see the crescent moon mark upon her forehead.

Bruce pulled out a seat for the Lunarian, which earned him a smile before he sat down himself. "What would everyone like to order?" Bruce asked as the waiter entered the private room.

Once the waiter left, Clark turned to Serenity. "I must admit that I am rather surprised we had not heard of you before. Until the news coverage that came up of you and Two Face, we were only faintly aware of your presence."

"My Senshi do a wonderful job of keeping me safe, and that includes our identities." She told him after taking a sip from her wine glass. "You are not of this planet, same as me. However I am of this solar system, and you are not. It is the job of the Outer Senshi to protect this system from outside threats." She gave a teasing smile. "I know that they wish to speak to you and a few others of your team in regards to your presence. It's only because you aided in defeating the Thanagarian invasion that they have not removed you from this planet."

"Japan was not invaded at all, if my sources are correct." (And they always are.) Lois Lane thought. "Was that because of you and the other Sailors?"

"Yes." Serenity answered with a smile. "When they first made an appearance, we quickly evicted them from the country. They came back in larger forces, and I was forced to use the Silver Crystal. We were about to remove their entire race from the planet when they began to pull away by themselves." She gave a pause to take another sip. "That was due to your League, I believe."

Clark nodded and Lois continued. "Wonder Woman has told us that she is aware of who you are, but has not told us anything other than that. Are you two acquainted?"

Serenity frowned slightly. "I have not met a Wonder Woman, but if you are allowed to express to me her identity, I could tell you."

Lois looked at Clark. The muscular man nodded. "Diana is an Amazon from Themyscira."

Serenity placed her wine glass down. "Is she the only child of the Queen? Or is she a regular Amazon?"

Clark leaned forward slightly in interest as he rested his chin in his hand. "She is the daughter of Hippolyta."

Serenity smiled brightly. "She was my child hood friend from before those of the Silver Millennium were banned from coming to Earth."

Her comment launched a deep conversation that held the two reporters enraptured with her words. Bruce simply sat in his chair and continued to drink wine. He had to remind them when the food was served.


It was a frenzy. A shark frenzy of chaos and blood shed.

These news reporters were crazy!

Serenity was tucked to Bruce's side as they made their way down the cleared aisle to the newsstand that was in the front of the conference room, where Bruce was going to make the public announcement himself. Lois and Clark had done a wonderful job with this morning's edition of the newspaper, and the news of their relationship had spread like wild fire. Wayne Enterprises announce that Bruce himself would be making an announcement about the company's new merger as well as his new status. The reporters were making comments to one another ranging from her looks, to the smile on Bruce Wayne's face and to the previous secrecy of the relationship.

"Mr. Wayne," spoke a female who was clearly intent on being the first to speak. It was Gossip Gerty, who was Gotham City's top gossip columnist, and famous for always having the latest scoop on the billionaire. She must have flown in on the first flight to Japan that she could get! "Is it true that you are taking yourself off the market, or was it a fake story?"

Serenity tried not to laugh as she observed Clark attempt to hold Lois back by placing his arm around her waist. Her face was contorted in rage. Lois was clawing at the air in an attempt to get to Gerty, and she actually appeared to be giving her boyfriend a hard time in keeping her away. Bruce gave a smile as he spoke into the microphone. "First and foremost, I would like to say that we at Wayne Enterprises are very happy to have worked out with Yusen Shin Yokohama, the taking over of his company, Yokohama Incorporated. We fully believe they this union of our businesses will give us many advantages in the future of microchipping." Several light bulb flashes from camera were going off at once, the photographers clearly taking every shot they could to get a best for the front papers. "Secondly, I would like to state that I am, indeed, in an exclusive relationship with Serenity Tsukino." The blue eyes man offered the silver-haired female his hand before pulling her to the stand.

The reporters went crazy at the news, and Serenity fought down her nerves as they began to scream questions at her. Of course, it was Gossip Gerty that was the loudest. "Tell us, how did you manage to snag the playboy bachelor?" She asked. "Did you use your uniquely beautiful looks, or a female ploy?"

"Is that your real hair color, or do you dye it?" Another reporter called out.

Serenity realized that this was her to be her future either with Bruce or as future Queen: the paparazzi swarming her and blinding her with their cameras. She made a mental note to find an eye doctor and send them the bill. "Actually, I think what attracted Bruce the most was the fact that I went out of my way to avoid him."

The reports ate at it like lions over a kill. "Why did you avoid him?" One called out.

"I had a pre-conceived notion, mostly from the media, that he was an arrogant, womanizing, spoiled brat." Her playful smile that accompanied her teasing words caused the reporters to laugh. "I was jogging one day when he passed my favorite store, the Crown Arcade." She might as well throw in some propaganda for Motoki. "He noticed that I ignored him by jogging right passed him, and he followed me."

"Not as a stalker, of course." Bruce added from beside her.

"No, of course not." She replied as she looked at him with a teasing smile. The camera continued to flash, and many made comments about their teasing flirtations. The press conference ended soon after, the couple answering several more questions before they took their leave. Once Alfred pulled the limo away from the curb, Serenity broke out into laughter.

"What is so funny?" Bruce asked in his calm, deep voice.

"It's no wonder that no one can figure out that you are Batman." She told him as she continued to laugh. "Bruce is a wild, slightly perverted rich boy. Batman is dark, stern, and determined. You could pull a Tony Stark, and people would only laugh in your face."

"I fail to see the humor. I specifically portray myself as such." He told her with a straight face.

"I feel like I should make you an Emmy for your wonderful performance." She told him, leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek. Her laughter had stopped but her eyes were still shining with happiness. "My Dark Knight." Her voice was softer, laced with her love for him. It had been so long since they had been together and yet they had easily fallen back into their old routines.

"My Moonlight." He replied as he placed a kiss on her forehead.

Serenity's eyes closed as his lips touched her skin, her forehead glowing for just a moment as she let out a small hum of bliss.

"Where to, sir?" Alfred asked from the front.

"Gotham." Bruce replied.

"Gotham?" Serenity asked, her eyes now open wide in surprise.

"It would seem that even I cannot go up against every member of your Court." He told her, vividly remembering Saturn's cold glare as she leveled her glaive at him. "I have been ordered to take you and the Senshi to Gotham, so they may inspect the future residence of their Queen."

Serenity blinked. "You realized that they have every intention of helping to clear out Gotham of the bad guys for my safety, and the Haruka plans on going after Two Face?"

The Bat Glare was her reply. "Gotham is my city."

Serenity belted out another round of laughter, barely able to get out a "Good luck!" before Bruce pushed her to the floor of the limo.

Alfred smiled as his young Master sank down to the floor over the Moon Princess, ceasing her laughter with his lips. The family butler continued his smile as he pressed the button that allowed the dividing glass wall to rise up. After all, they deserved a little privacy before young Master Bruce realized that the entire Senshi team was already waiting at the airport in the private jet to join them in Gotham. Life, from this point forward, was going to be very wonderful indeed.


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