Hiii!!! Okay, my names Ella and I'm writing a story. Its about my favrite book Maximom Ryde and 1 of my fave shows AVatar! (NOT THE 1 W/ THE BLUE PEOPLE!) pLZ ddis is my first fic i hope ur nice reviewing!


My name is Rainbow Tracey Midnite Patterson Cullen. (a/n NO RELATION 2 EDWARD!!!! i just liked the name LOL!) i live w/ my parents and evil little brother. My parents are teh worst! They always let my bro torment me and i cry every night.

At school, I'm very populer. She has great curves, on the cheerleading team, light blonde hair, everyone loves her. Except the geeks and the goths, but they're weird so w/e lol. I wear Hollistar tanktops and miniskirts all the guys love me. You may think that this life is perfect, but its hard. A lot of the guys that love me are ugly and nerdyy!!! I wish that the guys at my school were hot like Edward Cullen or Taylor Laughtner or Zac Eforn or Zuko from Avatar or Sokka from Avatar or Fang from Maximum ryde. Then I would find my true love!!!!!1

My best friend is a girl names Claire. She's not that pretty and guys don't like her. I think its dumb to judge people by there looks. There plenty of great girls out there who are ugly and fat and GUYS SHOULD GO OUT WITH THEM! (a/n Claire is based on my bff Cindy LOVE U CIDY)

One day, Iwoke up to the sound of laughing. WHen i Got up, i found out Riley (a/n thats her brother) had put worms all over my bed.

"WTH RILEY!" I yelled as he laughed. I chased him into the kitchen were mom was making bacon. "Mom not bacon again! I'm a veegin!"

My dad shook his head. "Ain't gonna get any meat on u without muscle."

"BUT I WANT 2 SAVE THE ENVORMENT!" Rainbow screamed. "AND RILEY (a/n thats her bro in case u forgot) PUT WORMS IN MY BED!"

"LOL!" My dad said

"YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND ME!" I ran to my room and cried. Why couldn't I escape from here? My parents were so abyoosive they wouldn't let me go out to any parties and 1 time I wanted a cell phone and they made me stay w/ her old one! They also made me stay in my room 4 a week for practically nothing!

I went to sleep that night. I had a dream where I was flying above everyone with some other flying kids. My family was being dragged away to jail and I was happy.

Rainbow then saw him. A dark-haired boy named Fang was flying next to her. He noticed that she was very pretty and hot with her bod and stuff. He blushed and winked at me. I flew in to kiss him but then woke up. I cried.

The next day i was going down the street. I saw a man who looked like a genuis and had a feeling I can't explain that told me to go to him.

"Hi my name is Jeb Batchholder!" the man said. "You have been guided to me w/ your powers."

"Powers." I asked.

"Yeah try to use them."

I stood there for a moment then realized....


Sorry it was so long I tried to use my best spelling cuz my cousin told me that you had to spell good or it can't get posted. So anyway the Macsimom Ryde part starts soon but Avatar (NOT THE BLUE ONES!) comes in later when they get 2 a portal.