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Canon is post-Journey's End. It's an A/U where 10.5 and Rose stayed on the TARDIS with the Doctor at the end of series four. Don is 10.5, and incase you find yourself wondering, Don is short for Donald, which is sort of like Donna :D I imagine Rose calls him Donny to annoy him... :P

Posting two stories at the same time with fundamentally the same characters may confuse some people! But have no fear, this is probably going to be quite short and not updated as frequently. So meh.

Chapter 1 – Death Of The Doctor

Yin-Yang, definition:

The two great opposite but complementary forces at work in the cosmos.
While "yin" would be dark, passive, downward, cold, contracting, and weak, "yang" would be bright, active, upward, hot, expanding, and strong.
Their balance is essential to harmony and health. Together they express the interdependence of opposites.
They cannot exist without each other.

Don and Rose tore down the corridor of the Scientist's base towards the Experimentation Room, arms flailing and hearts hammering in their chest with complete and total fear at the horror that was unfolding before them…

Suddenly someone screamed. They both knew that voice. And it was a scream of pain.

"DOCTOR!" Rose shrieked as she burst into the Experimentation Room just in time to find the Doctor strapped down to a chair in the middle of machinery, rigid in his bonds, electricity coursing through his body with his eyes wide.

"Shut it off!" Don yelled, running to the control panel, hammering buttons in a frenzy. In seconds the electricity stopped and the Doctor fell still, hanging limply in his restraints with his eyes closed.

"Doctor!" Rose yelled again, leaping forward towards him. He didn't move.

"Doctor," Don said quickly, moving forward. "Rose, get him out!"

Obediently she pulled open the clamps holding him down, catching him in her arms as he slid down.

Don helped her lay him down on the floor, Rose lightly slapping his face.

"Doctor, wake up!" Rose urged him as Don quickly checked his vitals. "Wake up!"

Don was resting his fingers on the Doctor's neck, his other hand on his chest, checking for a heartbeat and a pulse. "Rose," he said quietly.

"You'll be okay, Doctor…"


Rose stopped, looking up at Don anxiously. Her face fell at his expression "No… Please… No, Don."

"… He's dead."

"No," she gasped, hand over her mouth as she continued to shake the Doctor, tears coursing down her face. "This isn't happening! No, no, it can't, it can't..." she trailed off, sobbing quietly as she held his unmoving hand to her face.

In a last desperate attempt to deny what was happening, Don slowly reached up to the Doctor's face, resting his fingers on his temples to try and find any hint of telepathic energy. He waited for a minute. But there was nothing. He moved his hand down the Doctor's face, and drew down his eyelids with a finger and thumb.

"We need to get out of here," he said quietly, not moving his gaze from the Doctor. "The whole place is going to crash down around our heads soon."

Rose nodded, sniffing. She placed the Doctor's hand by his side, kissing his forehead gently before she pushed herself to her feet. Don gathered the Doctor up in his arms, lifting him up to carry him back to the TARDIS.

Rain hammered down on the collective group of friends in the moody atmosphere of a stormy Sunday night, a fitting scene for a funeral. Rose had phoned everyone of their friends; Jack, Mickey, Martha, Sarah Jane... Sarah Jane had in turn phoned the Brigadier, who had greeted Don warmly after a small explanation of why and how Don existed, though still not really understanding it.

None of them had believed her at first and Rose understood perfectly why that was. She somehow hoped that this was all some sick, crazy dream, and that she'd wake up in a moment and the Doctor would be alive, complaining about how much humans slept and would she like some scrambled eggs on toast. But now the reality of the situation was sinking in as they stood around a grave in the pouring rain with the Priest speaking, his voice barely audible above the howling winds and rain.

"We now commit his body to the ground; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust; in the sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life," the Priest said as the coffin containing the Time Lord was slowly lowered into the ground, and hit the bottom. Rose sobbed into Don who held her tightly in comfort, shielding them both from the unrelenting rain with an umbrella.

Soon the funeral was over and everyone gathered under a nearby tree, sharing tears and stories of the Doctor together; the adventures they'd had, the laughter they had shared.

Hours passed without them even noticing and as the rain finally stopped, soon it was time to leave. The Brigadier stepped up to Rose, smiling reassuringly.

"Rather splendid chap, he was," the Brigadier said, firmly shaking her hand. "He will never be forgotten, that I can assure you."

"We'll keep defending the Earth, for him," Mickey added.

"In his name," Jack added, Martha nodding beside him.

"Be strong," Sarah said gently to Rose, hugging her tightly. "He's alive as long as we keep his memories alive."

Rose nodded, sniffing. "I don't know what to do now. I wasn't ready for this. All those years, we knew this might happen, but I never..." She sniffed again, struggling to speak, "... This is all I have. I chose him over my Mum. And now he's dead."

"You have Don," Sarah said. "And he has you. You both still have the TARDIS. You can do whatever you want to do. And if you ever need me, you know where to find me."

Rose nodded again as Sarah pulled away, and Don quickly took his place by her side, holding her again.

Everyone made their farewells and left, leaving Don and Rose alone next to the Doctor's grave.

And that was that. They went back to the TARDIS, bidding good night to each other as though nothing were wrong before they went their separate ways to bed.

Unbeknown to each other they both laid in their beds, staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. Rose held a giant teddy bear close to her, sobbing into his fabric quietly so Don wouldn't hear.

The TARDIS felt so empty and cold without him. There was no reassuring periodic clunk of hammer-on-metal to signify the Doctor working on the TARDIS, or the soft sounds of a type of alien music she didn't recognise coming through the walls to lull her to sleep. There was only silence. A silence that was deafening.

"Rose are you awake?" suddenly came a whispered voice from the doorway, and Rose fell silent. It was Don. "Rose?"

She didn't answer. After a moment the door closed, and he was gone.

She turned over to face the wall, tears still staining her cheeks.

She really didn't know what to do now.

Maybe Don would know how to reopen the gap between the Universes. Maybe she could go back to her Mum, Pete and Tony.

Comforted by the thought, she closed her eyes. As she drifted off to sleep she swore she could hear the familiar melodic alien music in the distance, a gentle hand cupping her face, the feeling of cold lips pressing against her forehead, the tender voice echoed and distant...

"I'm here, Rose."

But when she opened her eyes moments later, there was no one there.