The ranch was peaceful. Nothing was out of place in Victoria Field's house. Until she heard the crash of wood on floor followed by the usual "oh man". she shook her head as she walked to the living room. What had Eli broken this time? "I swear one of these days he's going to get seriously injured" she thought to herself. She entered the living room and saw her table flipped on its side and Eli standing over it rubbing his arm. She put her hands on her hips "Eli how did this even happen?" she asked. He shrugged sheepishly "I don't know I just tripped and fell and my arm knocked into it" he winced and held his arm tighter "really hard". Victoria went over to him "is your arm okay?" she asked. He nodded "just a small scrape nothing really" he started towards the door, "I'll go home and look at it and sorry about the table" he waved and left.


Lindsay wrestled the large black lab. "Darcy can you help me with this dog"? Lindsay shouted to the front of the store where Darcy sat filing her nails. She looked up, took one look at the massive dog and said "um I don't think I should go near that thing" Lindsay groaned "just help me get it into it's cage" she yelled. Darcy sighed and went to the back to help with the dog. The bell chimed when Eli walked in. "hey girls what's up?" then he saw them in the back struggling with the dog "oh, that's what's up" he said "need some help"? Lindsay smiled "yes please" she said Eli went over to help them. They had almost subdued the lab when it suddenly broke free of their hold and ran out the door, trampling Eli in the process. "oh my god Eli are you alright?" said Lindsay rushing over to help him up. He was clutching his stomach in pain "no" he said "I don't feel so good" Darcy came over "oh you poor thing, here let me and Lindsay walk you home so you can lie down" she said.


They helped Eli sit on the couch. He looked up at them "thanks guys" he said "I don't know what I would do without you. You'd better go and find that dog" Lindsay blushed and asked "are you sure your going to be okay?" he nodded "I'll just go lie down and brush all this of like a bad hangover" he said. He got up to walk toward the stairs. The girls turned to go. Just as they were out the door they heard a thump. They went back in to make sure Eli was okay and saw him sprawled out on the ground, unconscious with blood leaking out from under his shirt. Lindsay screamed and ran over to him "Eli, Eli wake up, please" she shouted, shaking his shoulder. When he did not move she turned to Darcy and yelled the dogs claws must have ripped his stomach, don't just stand there, get help" Darcy nodded and ran to get her mom. Lindsay knelt next to Eli and tried to lift him up to put him on the couch. Just then Victoria ran in with Darcy and gasped when she saw Eli.

"Don't just stand there help me get him on the couch" said Lindsay. They rushed to help and Eli was soon laying on the couch on his back. Victoria gently eased his shirt off and they all gasped. His stomach was torn up and blood was running out of the wound pretty fast.

"oh my goodness, Lindsay go get the first aid kit" said Victoria. Lindsay ran off to get it. The others waited by Eli.

"will he be okay" asked Darcy. Victoria nodded "of course he will, this is Eli we're talking about he's always falling down". Lindsay soon returned with the first aid kit. Victoria bandaged his wounds and when she was finished she looked at the girls and said "well, he'll be alright now". they sighed in relief. Eli stirred and woke up.

"whoa, what happened" he asked. Darcy smiled "you collapsed because the dog clawed your stomach open" Eli seemed dazed at this. "oh, well I'm gonna live right?" they all laughed, everything was all right.