Summary: The A-Team is free! Now Face just has one thing left to do….

Disclaimer: I don't own the A-Team; I wasn't even alive during the 80's! I'm just addicted to the jazz.


Templeton "Faceman" Peck was ecstatic! He was finally a free man once again! After being a fugitive for over ten years, and scamming everyone just to get by, while being a part of the A-Team, he was finally free. He hated being a fugitive, but he loved what he and the rest of the A-Team did to help others. As soon as Templeton, or Face, found out he was free, he had one thing to do, and only one thing…

I'm not sure if he was on the jazz, in love, or a combination of both. Anyways, Face had found out that newspaper reporter Amy Allen was back in Los Angeles. It was about lunchtime, when he arrived at the place she worked. "Amy!" he yelled through the building as he ran, his excitement most visible. "Amy!" he exclaimed happy to see her.

"Face?!" was her response, clearly surprised to see him there, especially when he was a fugitive.

"It's Templeton Peck of the A-Team!" someone shouted, but Face ignored them. Usually, he would have been gone in a flash, not wanting to spend thirty years in a federal prison.

"Amy," he breathed heavily, a broad smile across his face. "I need you to write another story on the A-Team!"

"How Templeton "Faceman" Peck went to jail because he was recognized when he went to see Amy Allen when she was at work…Then how I contacted Hannibal Smith to get you out of prison…and how he was on the damn jazz?! Face…you're a fugitive, that's not going to make a great story."

"I need you to write a story on how the A-Team is FREE!" he exclaimed.

"What?!" was her very surprised reply.

"I'm a free man!"

"That's wonderful Face!" she exclaimed hugging him.

When they released each other, Face had one more favor to ask of her. "Amy," he said looking her in the eye, "will you please be my girlfriend?"

Amy's smile faded. She wasn't expecting that. "And how long until you find someone else and dump me?" she asked him. "A week? Two?" Now she sighed, "I know you Face." She said. "Face the charmer, Face the womanizer, and Face the scammer…"

"How long will I be with you?" he asked her.


"Forever," he said looking deep into her eyes. "I may be: Face the charmer, Face the womanizer, Face the scammer, but I'm also Face a good friend of Amy Allen, and Face the guy who's probably been in love with Amy Allen since she hired the A-Team to find Al Massey in Mexico."

"You love me?" Amy asked, "Face, whenever one of your one night stands even mentioned the word 'love' or 'relationship' you ran a mile or more," she reminded him.

"You are allowed to say no if you wish," he told her.

"What's weird is that when I left the A-Team, I kind of had a thing for you, and always wished that you had chased after me…"

"So is that a yes?"

"Sure is Face!" she smiled at him, before he passionately kissed her.

"I knew she had something to do with the A-Team!" someone in the background witnessing the exchange said.

"So will you want to go out for lunch, while I give you the details for that story you're going to write?" Face asked her.

"That would be great!" she exclaimed enthusiastically smiling, "I'm starved!" Face smiled as he took her hand and walked out with her to his Vette. Amy looked at her free boyfriend, who was once a fugitive, as they walked, and saw his smile. "You're not going to give the details on the story, are you?" she asked him.

Face looked at her now, and his smile grew wider, "you're a fast learner kid." He said.


-The End-

This is my first fanfiction for the A-Team ever! I don't think it's the greatest…but I do want to improve my writing and stuff…….could you please tell me what you thought? Besides, I'm just a fan of Face and Amy!