Chapter 1

I had chose Haven over Damen and even though he said he understood, I knew better. He was upset. I took a deep breath, "Damen, baby, it's over between us. You shouldn't waste your time on someone who can't even touch you. Good-bye."

I rushed in the room late, but at least I showed up. Mr. Robins looked at me briefly and then continued with roll call.

"Excuse my tardy." I said as I heard Stacia giggle at how crappy I looked. My hair was tied in a piggy-tailed fashion held by green lace. My hair was soaked and my clothes were too. I signed and trudged to my seat next to Damen. So suddenly, it could've scared me, the door swung open. There stood a teacher grasping a boy's elbow as well as a girl's. The three of them looked pissed the students even more than the teacher who caught them cutting Mr. Robin's class.

"I believe they're your students." said the teacher. He then let the girl go. "You will have detention the next time you cut! And you! You will be expelled for breaking all the rules on your first day!" The teacher let him go. The boy's voice was beautifully pieced together.

"Well if you ever touch my sister again I will sue your ass off! You won't have a penny to your name! Do you understand me?!" He obviously didn't like people to touch his sister. When the teacher left he turned to his sister; his face full of concern.

"Are you all right? He didn't hurt you, did he?" he asked sweetly.

"I'm fine. Next time, don't be so rough; he nearly peed himself when you got angry. Actually, it was really funny! But, don't threaten him." Her voice was almost as sweet as his. They continued as if they weren't in a class full of students.

"Anyways Blake, don't lie. Everyone will think you're really my brother! Ugh, that would be weird."

"Yeah, but it's the only way these teachers don't yell at you." He kissed her on the lips; it was a sweet and passionate kiss. He pulled away only to cradle her face in his hands. "You know I could do this all day if I had a choice. April, please I don't like it here. This stupid school has too many rules. And you're not wearing that really cute outfit Lana bought you." He said.

"That's because it doesn't go with the school dress code. We have t follow the rules, you idiot! It's the only way to keep you out of the principles office," she giggled at a memory, "besides, I can stand up for myself." She pulled his lips back to hers and he moaned with pleasure, she broke the kiss to laugh. "Wow, you really do want to stand here and kiss all day!"

"Of course, I don't want to share you! And you're never leaving me."

"Now why would I do something as stupid as that?"

"Because, that's just the kind of thing you would do!" He laughed.

He pulled her back against him and it seemed like he would never let go, but he did. Mr. Robins didn't seem pleased.

"So, you must be the new transfer students. Well, why don't you introduce yourselves? I'm sure the class would like to know all about your disruptions at all your other high schools." He said. Blake looked up confused.

"You mean us? Um…. Well… sorry but, no thank you!" Blake didn't look as confident as before.

"Yes, I mean you! Mr. Defonte', quit stalling and get over here to give a speech of all your other poor, poor schools you lit aflame!" Mr. Robins was completely outraged. And just when he was about to yell again, the door opened to reveal a young girl leaning into a boy.