A/N: It's been a terribly long time since I did this challenge, but I hate having incompleted stories, even if this is a challenge, so I decided to get back into it, and do them whenever I can. This is in Sam's POV, and it's a little OOC. Enjoy : )

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Super Seddie 100 Word Challenge


I've been friends with Carly ever since I tried to steal her sandwich in elementary school. Don't get me wrong, I love the girl to death, but there are some things she does that make me want to smack her.

The thing about Carly is that she's a total girly girl. All soft and weak and fluffy. Usually I can handle it, but being a girly girl, she's obsessed with chick flicks. That would be bad enough, but no, it gets worse. She loves nothing more than forcing the dork and I to watch them with her. I for one would rather stick pins in my eyes than sit through another story about true love, and happily ever after's. Freddork feels the same way, but he'd do anything to make his precious Carly happy.

As much as I hate them, Carly is my best friend, so I pretend to watch them, but usually I end up falling asleep, or daydreaming.

Daydreaming can be almost as bad as chick flicks, sometimes. Usually I manage to think about ham, or other tasty meats, but sometimes things get dangerous, and my thoughts drift to a certain brown haired tech boy that I've unfortunately had a thing for ever since his voice got deeper. It makes me sick.

Every week after iCarly, we take turns picking a movie to watch. I always choose something bloody, something that makes Carly bury her head in her beanbag, but she's a good sport, and stays in the studio with us. That's one of the only reasons I deal with the chick flicks. For a nerd, Fredwad's had some pretty decent movie choices, except for the time he made us watch Galaxy Wars. He got an extra special wedgie for that one the next day.

Tonight's Carly's night to pick, much to our dismay, and it's a winner, alright. Just like the rest of them. In tonight's movie, which I'm sure won't be snagging any Oscars, there's a boy who's in love with the girl next door. Sounds familiar.

"Is this your biography, Fredweird?" I nudge him, and look over. He rolls his eyes at me, shakes his head.

"You know I don't like Carly, anymore."

This is news to me, and I have to try hard not to let the shock show on my face. Carly clearly either knows this information, or is already too wrapped up in the movie, because she doesn't have any comment. All she does is wave her hand and shush us. She hates it when we talk during her chick flicks.

I'm not sure why, but for some reason, I find myself watching tonight's movie. I try to tell myself that it's just because I want to see how it ends, but a part of me knows that's not the truth. There's another character in the movie, a girl, and for some reason, I feel a connection with her. Sure, she doesn't eat massive amounts of meat, but there's something about her.

About halfway through the movie, I realize what it is. She's in love with the boy, and he doesn't know it. Now I'm starting to get freaked out, because it's beginning to sound like the story of my life, too.

It's then that I drift off into dreamland, my thoughts going straight to everyone's favorite tech producer, and how he's as blind as the guy in the movie. I'm not sure how long I'm wrapped up in my thoughts, but Freddie shifts in his beanbag, and I'm back in the studio.

Looking up at the screen, I see the girl sitting on a bench in the park. She's not crying, but you can see on her face that she's upset. Enter the clueless boy, who sits on the bench next to her. They start talking, and all of a sudden, something changes. I'm not sure if he realizes what she's feeling, or he realizes that he has feelings for her, but he grabs her and kisses her. He really kisses her, I'm not talking some little peck.

Everything's all happy music, and birds chirping, and there's a voiceover about how some things are right in front of you, and sometimes all you need to do is see them in a different light. Sounds like a load of chiz to me, and I can't help but groan at the sheer amount of ridiculous in this movie.

Carly is sobbing next to me, which is normal for her, but I'm shocked when I look over at the nub, and he's looking at me. I'm so surprised that I can't even think of something insulting to say to him.

We keep up the little staring contest for a few more seconds, and he finally throws his head back on the bean bag, leaving me wondering what just happened.

Stupid movies.

Not sure how I feel about this, but oh well.

I feel like a first class idiot. I was in such a rush to post my last chapter of BTTB that I forgot to mention the lovely people of The Cabal, whose stories you should definitely read, because they're all wonderful. : )






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