First Time

We're both looking for something
We've been afraid to find
It's easier to be broken
It's easier to hide

-First time by Lifehouse

I was just sitting in class listening to the Biology lesson. Okay… maybe that's a lie. I could, possibly, be sneaking quick glances at my biology partner, Edward. But you couldn't really expect any better from me. With his tasseled bronze hair, dazzling emerald green eyes, and fit build, I was a goner the first moment I saw him.

Apparently I'm not very stealthy though, because every time I look over he would catch me. Wait. Didn't that mean that mean he was looking at me too then? No, of course not. He probably is getting paranoid about the creepy brunette that's staring at him. A.k.a. me.

The bell finally rings, signaling the end of class. I quickly shoot out of my chair to escape. But, being me, I tripped over the leg of my table in my haste to retreat. I, routinely, tense up awaiting the familiar impact of the ground. But it never came. Instead a pair of strong cold (A/N/: no vampires in this story.) arms wrapped themselves around me, causing a spark. I blush a light pink and lift my head to see who my savior was.

Oh crap.

Edward Freakin Cullen.

Why is this happening to me?

I'm pretty sure my blush is as red as it has ever been, I'm absolutely positive of it. I then make the stupid mistake of looking into his eyes. He store right back. We said nothing, we just held an intense gaze searching each other of answers unknown to the other.

"Excuse me." Someone coughed getting us out of our stare off.

I tore my gaze from Edward's capturing green, to the dull grey eyes of our teacher, Mr. Banner.

"I believe you both have class." He scolded, before giving us one last look and leaving.

"Yes, of course, thank you." Edward responded cordially in a smooth velvet-like voice.

Edward then elevated me horizontally, letting me go, and I suddenly got a feeling of loss.

We connected eye contact again and I blush even harder.

"Are you alright Bella?" He asked sincerely.

I ducked my head in embarrassment, and mumbled a yes.

He then lifted my chin with his finger and told me with blazing eyes, "You shouldn't hide your eyes Bella, they're beautiful."

Edward took one last longing glance and quickly walked out the door. I just stood there like idiot.

What just happened?!?

The second bells ring filled my ears.

Opps! I'm late to gym!

I shook my head, and stumbled out of the room.

~After gym class~

I quickly got changed and slipped out of the locker room doors. Well, that was disastrous…

As I was making my way to my car, I hear someone call my name.


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