While I was thinking about what to do next, a thought acquired to me: what if Ed, Edd, and Eddy went to the Happy Tree Friends universe? The answer: this story. It will not have death in it, though. But it will have lots of comedy, so please read!

Disclaimer: I do not own H.T.F. or Ed, Edd, n Eddy.

Sniffles was working on a large machine this mourning. He just had to tighten one more screw and…

Finally, letting out a breath of exhaustion, he stood to see his machine. It looked like a teleporter with a computer attached to it. Sniffles smiled at his work. He decided to call it…the Tele-Tron 2000! While thinking of all the Noble Prizes he would receive for his invention, his doorbell rang. Sighing, Sniffles raced down his stairs and peeked in the window to see who it was.

It was no other than Lumpy holding a blowtorch. Opening the door, Lumpy immediately greeted him with a smile.

"Hi, Sniffles," said Lumpy, "just wanted to return your blowtorch."

"Oh, thanks Lumpy," said Sniffles, taking the blowtorch from Lumpy. "Hey, why did you even need by blowtorch to begin with?"

Lumpy scratched his head for a few moments. "I dunno," he said with a shrug.

Sniffles sighed. Knowing Lumpy, something bad happened. Better not ask who died.

"Er, were you working on somethin'," said Lumpy, "because I heard noises from your window."

"Why, yes I have," said Sniffles, "Let me show you."

So Sniffles lead Lumpy up to is laboratory and gestured his arms to the Tele-Tron 200.

"Uh," said Lumpy, "what's that?"

"That, my friend Lumpy, is the Tele-Tron 2000!" said Sniffles with a proud grin on his trunk. "With it, you can bring anyone to you!"

"Er," said Lumpy, scratching his head, "why would someone what to do that?"

Wow, he actually said something intelligent for once in his life, thought Sniffles, but instead he said "Why, with it, you could bring criminals and thefts right to jail! No more cop chases, no more undercover work, and no more shoot-outs!"

Lumpy's eyes suddenly shoot open with an idea. "Can it bring family members too?"

"Yes," said Sniffles, "it can bring anyone here, even if they were from a different universe."

Lumpy suddenly ran towards the machine. "I want to tele-port Aunt Martha here!"

Sniffles ran up in front of him right when Lumpy reached the computer. "Now hold it right there! This is a highly advanced piece of equipment! You can't just push a few buttons and make them be here!"

"But I wanna!" said Lumpy. Sniffles held him back as Lumpy tried to type in something on the computer. Lumpy actually got three letters in and pressed enter. Suddenly, the machine lighted up blue and started humming. Lumpy and Sniffles both backed up from the machine, not knowing what would happen. Sniffles looked at the screen to see who Lumpy had began to summon.


Ed, Edd, and Eddy were running across the Cul-Di-Sac. Eddy had a scam in mind and Ed and Double D was going to help it.

"Come on, slowpokes!" Eddy yelled behind him. "Time is money!"

"Coming Eddy!" said Double D, running as fast as his little legs would allow him.

Suddenly Ed stopped. He looked up at the sky, mouth hang open.

Double D turned around to face Ed. "Ed, is something wrong?" Ed, however, remained in his trance. Eddy walked back to Ed, angry expression on his face.

"Hey, Mono-brow, what's taking so long?!"

Ed just pointed up at the sky. There, hanging above them, was a blue rip in the sky. Suddenly, the tear began sucking the Eds up. All of them flew in the tear in realty, not knowing what was going to happen to them…

So, please tell me how I did. I want to see how popular this is with all of you. So, what will happen to the Eds? Stay tune to find out. Reviews will help me continue this.