Chapter 01 – The Accident

"Well, my folks said live in it or sell it and now that schools out for summer vacation, I guess I'll see what kind of condition it's in." Eric Forman looked out the window as they just passed the Welcome to Point Place sign.

"Of course you know, I wouldn't be kicking you out except Nancy is moving in and well, it wouldn't look too good if my roommate and fiancee were in the same apartment."

"Hey Greg, it's no problem. I already forwarded my mail and the moving company will be there tomorrow to ship everything to my folk's house. I'm just fortunate Nancy said she's marrying you after school ended."

"Well, Eric you know you can always come over for dinner and we'll see each other in September when classes start again."

Eric smiled at his friend. "It's okay. I'm 33 years old; I think can take care of a house and….." Suddenly there was a loud horn and a screech of metal with the accompanying smell of hot tires scraping the pavement. Eric had seen the truck out of the corner of his eye before it plowed into the passenger door pushing Greg's Thunderbird off the highway and into the ditch. Eric remembered covering his face with his right arm as he turned away from glitter of the exploding windshield. There was an acute pain in his leg and pressure on his chest as the car rolled over to a stop upside down. Eric passed out.

"Mr. Forman, can you hear me?" Eric could hear someone speaking but it sounded like they were talking underwater. Something was around his neck and he felt pinned down. With great difficulty he tried to open his eyes and there was an extreme pain on the left side of his face. He groaned and the underwater voice said, "Mr. Forman, you've been in a car accident, if you can hear me squeeze your right hand."

Eric felt fingers and he squeezed the hand. The pain in his right leg was horrendous – someone was taping his left eye shut and he tried to lift his head but the neck brace held him to the backboard. Eric's throat was raspy. "Greg…"

The paramedic leaned down, "Your friend is going to be okay. We're taking you to the hospital-lie still while we lift you to a stretcher." Eric felt weightless for a moment and then he was slid into the back of an ambulance where he passed out again.