Well, folks, in the words of Miachel Jackson, "This is it." This is the final chapter to Buzz saves Obama, and boy did I have a great time writing this. As a fun fact, I was on Martha's Vineyard this Summer, when the Commander-in-Chief himself was there was well. Coincidence, huh? Anyway, I own neitherToy Story, nor Obama. This is for amusement purposes only, so please don't sue!

Jessie was getting really teary eyed now. She and Woody had come this far, only to see their hopes go (literally,) up in smoke.

"Rest in pieces, Space Ranger!" Prospector exclaimed, jumping out from under the rubble.

"PROSPECTOR!" Jessie screamed, perparing to lunge at him, but something stopped them.

There was a rumble from bellow Prospector, and in a few seconds, he was pushed over by Obama, who was holding Buzz in his arm. Buzz, as far as Jessie and Woody could tell, was fine. He didn't even get scratched!

"BUZZ!" Woody and Jessie exclaimed, before Jo took them and Bullseye behind the corner of an adjacent building before Obama could notice them.

"You again?" Prospector exclaimed, not caring if Obama knew his secret now or not, "Don't you just quit?"

"Not till my term's up, you deficient toy!" Obama declared, not realizing the bigger picture.

"At least he doesn't know our secret." Woody sighed.

"You do realize he's still gonna get his butt kicked." Jo reminded them.

"So what can we do to help?" Woody asked.

"I got it!" Jessie exclaimed as the other three toys realized the store they were next to.

Meanwhile, Obama had dropped Buzz, and was unfortunately indeed getting his butt kicked, every time he had tried to reach down for Prospector, he was hit with the toy's pick-axe, and couldn't reach him. Luckily, unlike his predecessor, he had actually taken sports activities, and was more durable.

Unfortunately, he wasn't invincible either, as Prospector then managed to trip Obama with his pick-axe, and walked onto his chest so he could see him.

"Give it up, Chief," Prospector laughed, "I won."

"Aheam!" A booming female voice called, "You forgot something, Stinky Pete; Evil never wins. Can good win?"

Just then, the doors to the nearby toy store were opened, and millions of Obama toys came out and exclaimed: "Yes we Can!"

"More deficient toys?" Obama asked, confused, as they tackled Prospector, "Well, they're on my side, and they were approved by me, so who am I to complain?"

Meanwhile, Buzz spotted the other Star Command toys, signaling him to move to the Toy Store. He followed them, and saw Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye there, with another toy, whom Buzz did not recognize.

"Guys!" Buzz exclaimed, "You found me!"

"That's all great, Buzz!" Woody said, "Not to spoil the moment, but these toys won't hold Prospector for long."

"What do we do then?" Buzz asked.

"I already figured out the plan." Jessie smiled.

Outside, the Obama toys tried to hold Stinkey Pete down, long enough for the actual Obama to get him, and turn him off, but Stinky Pete then kicked the toys away, and hit Obama good in the knee with his pick-axe.

Obama once again fell and Prospector went onto his chest so he could look the President right in the eye.

"Now..." He grinned wickedly, "Any last words?"

Just then, a mechanical voice rang out.

"To infinity...AND BEYOND!"

Prospector turned just in time to see Buzz, immobile, but sure as sunlight, sailing right at him. His arms were stretched out so that when he collided with Prospector at that second, he instantly tackled Stinky Pete. Obama quickly used this moment to get back to his feet and finish this.

He quickly ran over to when Buzz and Prospector had landed, and quickly picking up Prospector and scanning him, he found the battery switch. Prospector then began to slowly regain conscious, but before he could say or do anything, Obama removed the batteries from inside shutting him off.

"Well," He smiled, "That takes care of that."

"Sir!" He heard a voice cry.

He turned to see a crowd of secret service agents along with Vicky and Gerri who were now running up to him. He noted that Vicky was holding a shopping bag that must've had something in it.

"How the heck did you two survive?" He asked.

"There was a trap door where we were when the explosion happened, sir." Vicky said.

"Okay then," Obama said, taking the Buzz toy, and bringing it over to the bag, "Just one thing; How does a toy spring through the air out of nowhere on it's own?"

"That's what the bag is also for, sir." She explained.

Obama looked inside there and saw a Woody, Jessie, and Bullseye doll, along with a toy girl who looked like a complete comic fan, and the Buzz Lightyear of Star Command toys that were at the Toy Factory.

"We found these in the toy store by a toy bow-and-arrow," Gerri explained, "My guess is that they were there and got knocked over, sending the toy there."

"Well...Okay then." Obama said.

"But that's not all, sir." Vicky said, reaching into the bag.

She pulled out each of the toys, and showed Obama the foot of each one, and he saw that like Buzz, each had the same 'Andy' mark on there. Obama smiled and put Buzz in there.

"Make sure that gets home to the David's house." He said, taking out a pen and paper and writing something on it, before handing it to Vicky, "Oh and make sure they get this."

Later that Night...

"All right, guys!" Jo exclaimed, finishing typing on Andy's keyboard.

"You're sure this is going to work?" Buzz asked.

"Yup!" She smiled, "Now that I falsely gave info that the Prospector toys are more collectible than any thing on the planet, even if they are new, fans will bag them faster than you can say 'Tycandaroga!'"

"And they'll never be opened!" Jessie added, smiling, "Clever."

"Jessie?" Buzz asked, "Have you been reading comics?"

"Well," Jessie giggled, "I guess I was wrong. I guess I really am a fan girl after all. So: hail to us!"

"And..." Buzz started to say before he was interrupted.

"Places everyone!" Hamm cried, "Andy's coming!"

Everyone went into their assigned positions. Just then, Andy came in and looked and looked surprised at his toys, which were arranged specially on his bed, added by toys from both The Adventures of Buzz Lightyear of Star Command, and a new one that looked like a Comic Con girl. He then noticed they were all arranged so that they were holding a letter. Andy took it, and saw it was adressed to him. Opening it, he took out the paper and was shocked when he read it.

Dear Andy Davids,

There was a mix-up where some of your toys somehow ended up where I was at this weekend. Don't worry. I had my staff make sure that they were in top condition, so they're all working perfectly.

But there is something special that happened this weekend. A deficient toy tried to remove me and my dreams of peace from the world forever. Fortunately, though, I was saved by your Buzz Lightyear toy who allowed me to shut down the deficient toy.

I want to thank you and your toys, because if not for them, I might not have lived to write this.


President Barrack Obama

"WOW!" And exclaimed, "Cool, guys!"

As he hugged his Toys, Buzz managed to whisper something to Jessie without Andy hearing him.

"Hail to the Chief." He said softly, "Hail to the Chief."