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Where were you

When everything was falling apart?

All my days

Were spent by the telephone

It never rang

And all I needed was a call

It never came

To the corner of First and Amistad

~You Found Me By: The Fray

Navigating the docks was easier than Georgiana Dietrich had thought. She stared up at the ship before her reading the name again for what seemed like the thousandth time and it still read the same thing, Venture. She had been standing in the same spot for around a half hour now, trying to convince herself to move. Just a few feet away from her was the gang plank that led to the adventure she had always dreamed of and her childhood best friend. He had been there for her through thick and thin until one day he up and left promising his return; that had been about 15 years prior. She felt her feet dragging towards the gangplank and before she realized what she was doing she was halfway up.

"Well no turning back now," she mumbled in a thick German accent before continuing up.

At the top of the small trans-steamer's deck she turned toward the bow of the ship and the wheelhouse but before Georgiana made it there she was stopped by a young boy who looked to be about eighteen.

"Excuse me Miss but what are you doing on here? This ship is a private vessel and the Captain might get a little peeved that the public is just wandering aboard." He said it in a soft voice trying to show that he only cared for her welfare and wasn't trying to be stern.

Georgiana thought over her word choice carefully before speaking. "Actually I am looking for someone…" Her voice trailed off but she found more strength as she realized it was far too late to turn back. "Your captain, Thomas Englehorn is an old friend of mine and I was wondering if he was about?" She looked at the ground before glancing up at the boy who seemed to be slightly surprised.

Nodding his head the boy spoke "Follow me this way Miss…" he trailed off trying to get her to say her name.

"Georgiana Dietrich but my friends call me Georgie."

"Nice to meet you Miss Dietrich, my name is Jimmy." There was a small silence as she walked a step behind him. "So how do you know the Captain?"

Georgiana stopped as memories flooded in of her childhood. She remembered running through fields being the only girl who was able to beat the boys in races, well the only girl willing to race the boys. She had always chosen to wear pants over skirts or dresses as a child, much to her mother's protest. She was the only girl who had been willing to get dirty while playing with the boys and her closest friend had been Thomas Englehorn. They had both been raised relatively well-off so therefore ran in the same social circle. Even though he had been two years older than her they had always been close. Bonding over their common dream of living a life of adventure instead of being stuck in a snobby society where your every move was judged. Georgiana sighed as she remembered the last time she saw him.

"When will I see you again?" she asked him.

"I am not sure but I promise you that I will come back for you," he replied.

"But when? You promised me that we would explore the world together! Now you are leaving me here all alone with no chance of getting out any time soon!" She was on the verge of tears as her voice began to rise.

He walked towards her. "Georgie…" He put his arms around her pulling her close.

"Don't." She pushed him away from her. "You are not going to come back are you?" Tears were now streaming down her face.

Reaching up to her face he wiped the tears away letting his hands stay there on her pale cheeks. "I plan to but I am not sure when though. I have been given an opportunity to get out here and go out to sea. It is what I have always wanted; I thought that you would be happy for me. You will get a chance to get out of here too but in your own time."

"I do not want to go without you though. I want to be with you. I know my way around ships; you have taught me so much."

"I'm sorry Georgie." With that he gave her a soft kiss on the lips and he was gone.

She had been 16 years old when 18 year old Thomas had left to start a life on the ship Venture. She had since learned that he had worked his way up the ranks of the ship and when the previous captain died he had become the next captain.

She was shaken from her thoughts by Jimmy who had spoken to her.

"Oh. Well we were friends when we were kids our families were in the same social circle." She explained. "I heard his name one day when I was down at the docks for a stroll and I discovered that he was still on this ship so I decided to come and see him. It's been years."

Jimmy looked at her and took her in. She was standing there with long curled honey colored hair in a green dress that was definitely upper-class. He couldn't help but notice that the dress brought out her green eyes and the small amount of freckles that littered her face. She definitely wasn't the most horrific thing to look at but she never considered herself pretty, just plain.

Georgiana noticed the boy was staring at her. "Is there something on my face?"

This caught Jimmy by surprise, "What? Oh no. I was just noticing that you look to be upper class and you said that you and the captain were friends when you were kids. That would make the captain upper class as well…"

"Yes it does. He got out whereas I couldn't. That life is fake. I couldn't stand it nor could Thomas. Well are we going to continue on then?" She has just noticed that they had stopped.

"This way to the bridge Miss Dietrich" He led her down the deck towards the bow and up a set of stairs. He stopped in front of a door that was partially open. Pushing it open the rest of the way Jimmy stepped in followed by Georgiana. Inside there was a black man who was looking over a few maps who glanced up upon their arrival. "Mr. Hayes this is Miss Georgiana Dietrich. She is a friend of the captain. She was hoping to speak with him."

The man, now known as Mr. Hayes nodded and spoke. "Nice to meet you Miss Dietrich. Do you mind me asking how you know the captain? He doesn't appreciate people just wandering aboard the ship." He gave her a sincere smile.

"No. I do not mind. He was a childhood friend of mine and I heard his name when I was down on the docks so I decided to pay him a visit." She explained again with her German accent as almost sure proof.

"Excuse me a moment," Mr. Hayes said before disappearing into a small door in the back of the wheelhouse.

She looked around the room taking in her surroundings also noting that Jimmy was leaving and pulling a book out of his coat pocket. Georgiana stood there for what felt like ages before she heard voices. She strained her ears to hear what they were saying but she could only make out muffled voices. Then she saw the door handle turn and suddenly she wasn't feeling too good. She couldn't believe she had actually gone through with it. It was too late for her to go back now. The door opened and there he stood, Thomas Englehorn. He was almost exactly as she remembered except obviously older, by now he was 32. Her breath caught in her chest when their eyes met.

"Georgie?" He had a look of realization.

"Hello Thomas," she said trying to keep breathing.

He looked over at Mr. Hayes who was still standing there. Mr. Hayes took that as his chance to leave. "I think I'll go find Jimmy and see what the boy is up to." With that he left the room glancing over his shoulder as he closed the door.

The pair stood in silence for a few minutes before Thomas spoke. "What are you doing here?"

Georgiana sighed realizing she would have to explain the same thing again for the third time. "Well a few weeks ago I was down walking on the docks and I heard a few sailors mention your name so I decided to find out if you were still on the Venture, which to my luck you were."

"But what are you doing here?" He asked again, his voice soft.

Georgiana looked at the floor again and made up her mind to tell him the truth. She stared him straight in the eye and spoke with pure confidence. "I needed to see you and I needed to know something. Were you ever going to come back? You promised me!"

He looked slightly taken aback. "Georgie I thought we settled this 15 years ago!"

She stood there just staring at him unsure of what to say next. This was going all wrong and she felt tears starting to well up in her eyes again. She couldn't believe she was about to cry over him again! She had already spent too many tears on him.

"Don't cry." He said stepping close to wipe the tears of like he had done so many years before. "It's just that…" His voice trailed off as he tried to think of the right words. "My life has been so erratic and unstable. It's been impossible to get away, even for you." His hands softly caressed her face. "Hey. Smile. You have such a beautiful smile."

She felt herself blushing as well as smiling. Georgiana turned her head to the side shaking it. "You always could make me smile…" She trailed off and turned away from him. "Be honest. If your life ever stabilized, would you have looked for me?"

Thomas grabbed her hand to keep her from facing away from him. "I would have but you found me first and that is all that matters."

A grin broke out across her face as he pulled her closer and into a long embrace. He held on to her as tightly as he could without hurting her and she rested her head on his chest she spoke. "When do you leave New York next?"

He frowned. "Well there is a man by the name of Carl Denham who is paying me a decent sum of money to take his film crew to the Far East. He wants to leave as soon as possible. He has got all of his men and mine scrambling about to leave this evening."

Georgiana looked up into his blue eyes and began to speak, "So soon," she said in hardly a whisper. "This might seem like a far out there question but a long time ago a little boy and a little girl made a promise to each other. They promised that they would have the adventure of a lifetime together and that they would always be there for each other. Thomas, I want to go with you. I want you to keep our promise."

He swallowed hard and looked uneasy but he nodded his head. "On one condition, whatever happens on this voyage you will stay safe and never put yourself in danger."

"Then what is the point of having an adventure if there is no danger." Georgiana had a huge grin plastered on her face.

"Not all adventures involve being in danger," he said.