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"OMG, your a angle?" I ask to Bella because I couldn't belief it.

No wonder I love her so much because she is a beautiul angle. Wow, when I thought of her all naked and hot with her feather wings and tits and nipples all over, it makes me really hard and I grab my cock and start stroking on it. My cock is really big.

Yes Im can have wings and stuff but I hide them because I like to fitting in with humans." She look sad when she say that and it made me sad a whole lot that she sad because of me.

But then she look at my humungus rock hard sexy cock and she lick her lips. Oh yeah baby come and get it, I think in my head.

"Isabelle please do not be made with me. I love you after only a day and its crazy but its True and what you seen back thefre was nothing at all. it was only a man sex Orgy lemon I do not love them. Please be happy to me Because im happy to you.""

She groans when she saw me jacking my steel hard cock and then she got down on her hot angle knees and opens her mouth wide. "i'm am not mad any more. I just want to be suck your Cock in my hot wet mouth."

"Oh yeah baby, Suck my cock a lot." I say to her and I look down at her and hefr eyes are hooded with lust and I smell her heavenly arousal because her arousal is really heavenly because she a angl and my eyes turn black with pure needful lust.

She groan again and shoves me cock down her throat.


Out the corner from my speedy vampir Eyes I see carlyl shove his cock in Japser Cullens ass and Japser cried out and they were watching me And Bella and they were licking there lips at me because they are so horny and turned on. Bella was on her angl knees and she looks so sexy and Carly is fucking Jazz ass hard and fast. I grab bella hair hard and hump her face until my huge cock is almost in her stomach, its that deep inside her throat. I keep watching everthin around me because everyhing is hot. Jasper Hale strated jacking off his cock and he cums all over the table in front of him and he screams and Carlils slaps his ass so hard and he cums in Jass butthole and yells. And seeing that made me cum down Bella Swans throat. I cum so hard and scream! " BELLA SWAN I'M CUMING! SWALLOW ALL OF MY VAMPIRE SEED DOWN YOUR THROAT! Oh yea baby!"

Right when I cumming all in her body, Esmy walk in the door and her eyes are all wide and venom is pooling in her eyes when she sees Karlylse Cullins dick still cumming hard in Jasper butt. She didn't know they had the man slash lemons.

"Oh em gee! She yells out.

Bella swan doesn't know Esmy was their and she got scarred and jumped away from my super really big cock and feel down and cut her arm on a peace of glass on the floor.

She strated shaking really bad and I got scared!

"Bella my love what it wrong? Was my super big cock two much for you?" I say to her and kneel down on the floor next to her convulseing body.

Every one forgets about Esmy and the man slash and everey one gos to where Bella is and every1 is worried for her safety.

"She havein a seisure!" sais Caisle because he a doctor at Fork hospital and he really smart. And he sucks my cock real good. I get hard Again thinking about how Caslise sucks my cock and makes his tongue Swirl around my cock so good and hot.

In the blink of my super fast vampire eyes. Jasper is running for belle. She is bleeding, He is wants her blood! Noooo!

He tried to get to her and drained her. I know this because I see that stuff in his brain but I stop him and try to think of something to distract his from draining my betuful anjel.

"Suck my big cock Jasper Brandon" I tell him.

"What" he look to me really confused.

I say. "you hear me. Suck my cock and be hot and sexy right now."

So he got on his hot and sexy knees and I shove my cock in his throat. "oh yeah. Fuck yeah jasper Hale." I say.

Bella was still shaking On the floor and I watch her and I was very worry because she was shaking pretty bad and blood is coming out from her mouth bbut I was distracted because jAsper was sucking my big huge cock in his hot vampir mouth and it was so delishus.

All of the sudden instead of blood, some black smoke start came out of Bellas cut and time slows down because we dont knew What is going on here.

"Can't...let...out..." beLla whispered.

Just then Rosealie comes in the door and she doesn't know what is going on but neither do we. We are at a Loss. And then emytt and Alice Culln comes in the door To and no one know what is going on and Black smoke came from Bell mouth and she shook worse and worse and then alice Yell "NO!"

Just then the Volturren bust through the door!


OMG what do them want! Why are the voltera there! Why does bella haveing black smoke come from her!

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