Author's Note: I just saw Operation: T.R.I.C.Y.C.L.E. and I was inspired by the intense Abby/Nigel moment. This will probably be a multi-chaptered story, and I'll try to keep everyone as in character as I can. Also, Numbuh Seventy-Seven is a character of my own design; I don't know if he'll play a much bigger role in my KND fanfictions or not.

Basic Stuff: Thoughts/Emphasis in italics. Telling them apart is fairly easy.

Disclaimer: Codename: Kids Next Door and all its trademarks, logos, etc., belong to Mr. Warburton and his creative team.

"Numbuh Five. Numbuh Five, can you hear me?"

Slowly, Abby opened her eyes to see a medic standing over her. She quickly noted that she was in an ambulance. "What the heck is Numbuh Five doin' here?" she asked pointedly. The last thing she could remember was Nigel's voice screaming at her to get away from that damned tricycle, and then she was lying on a gurney.

"You got hit by the Tommy Mobile," the medic answered her as he looked at her vitals. "Numbuh Seventy-Seven, Med Lab Transportation Officer."

"Oh... Well Numbuh Five's fine. She needs to be searchin' for that trike with the rest of the Hub Unit!"

Numbuh Seventy-Seven shook his head with a smile. "Look at yourself in the mirror, Numbuh Five."

The ambulance stopped, and a howl of rage echoed throughout the Med Lab entrance as its doors opened.

"What in the world did that thing do to Numbuh Five!?"

Nigel heard her loud and clear as she was wheeled down the hallway to get medical attention. He winced, feeling sorry for the medic transporting her.

"Numbuh Five ain't goin' to no lab. She's goin' to see Numbuh One, and she's gonna do it now," she growled at Numbuh Seventy-Seven. "Also, Numbuh Five can walk. Stop this stretcher and let me up - " she noticed the medic's hesitation - "That was an order!"

Seventy-Seven stopped rolling the gurney and helped Abby to her feet. She ran to the Hub Unit's Central Command Room, barely noticing the pain in her leg as she did so. When she was in Nigel's view, he ran to meet her. "What on Earth do you think you're doing, Abby!?" he screamed, "You're crazy, to be running around like this! Sit down!"

"No!" Abby told him. She knew she was disobeying an order, but this was important. "Tommy wasn't on that trike, Numbuh One! The danged thing moved on its own!" She started pacing, obviously upset and knowing (but uncaring) of the pain in her leg.

"You're limping. Sit down," he told her. "Now."

Sighing, she sat down as Nigel knelt in front of her. "Abby's fine, Nigel," she brought her voice to a whisper. "Calm down. Where are Kuki and Wally?"

The bald boy bowed his head. "They got hit too; their injuries were enough to get them pain medication. They'll be all right, though."

"Good. Numbuh Five - "

"That thing's headed this way!" Numbuh Ten-Speed yelled.

"We've got to evacuate the building now!" Nigel announced. "C'mon, Abby; I'll help you out."

He wrapped an arm around her waist and picked her up bridal-style as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"Thanks, Nigel."

Two weeks later, Hoagie had tamed the Tommy Mobile, the Hub Unit was safe, and everything was going well. One could say that everything was back to normal...

Well, as normal as it ever got with the Kids Next Door, anyway.

Abby found herself on the roof of the Hub Unit tree house, looking out to the ramps that had been made for kids' bicycles. The sun was setting far behind them, and the view was stunning.

"Abby?" Nigel asked her, walking toward her until he stood beside her. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, Boss. Abby's fine. She's just thinkin' bout things, that's all." She inwardly chuckled at the irony, for her thoughts had strayed to him during her alone time. Part of it was caused by the fact that she had grown feelings for him; feelings that she was most acutely aware of.

"Can I ask what you're thinking about?"

The stealth operative tilted her head a bit, smiling as the night's first star came out. "You can, but Abby's not gonna answer."

Nigel turned to face her as he adjusted his sunshades so they wouldn't fall. "Why not?"

As his best friend of almost six years, she could tell he was a little hurt, but she had to answer him. "Abby ain't ready for anyone to know."

"Oh. Well, when you're ready, will you let me know?"

Her eyes met his and her smile turned into a full-blown grin. "I promise you that you'll be the first."

"All right then. I'm heading back to the tree house; want to join me?" He really was concerned, but knew not to press any issues involved with her talking in first person.

Abby shook her head. "Nah. I think I'ma ride my bike."

As Nigel clicked his boots together and flew towards the tree house, she adjusted her hat and went down to the Hub Unit Central Command Room.

She had a party to plan.