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After Tangled was over, everyone was tired, so the girls set up their sleeping bags in the living room while the boys went to Wally's bedroom. Kuki sighed happily, hugging a Rainbow Monkey to her chest. "Thank you so muchfor doing this, guys!"

"It was Abby's idea," Rachel grinned at the Oriental girl, "thank – hey, where is Abby?"

Fanny and Rachel looked around the room Kuki giggled. "She probably went to talk to Nigel; they talk every night before they go to sleep."

Rachel gave a glance toward the hallway and sighed. "That's sweet..." Yes, she had a crush on Davie now, but her first serious crush had been Nigel – it was hard for her to let him go.

"Ah, don' worry 'bout it, Rachel," Fanny smiled at her friend, "Abby'll make 'im 'appy – an' you should worry 'bout this pillow!"

"Wait, what!"

A giant body pillow knocked Rachel over, starting a pillow fight of massive proportions.

Abby Lincoln was more nervous than she'd ever been in her life; she was about to tell Nigel Uno of her feelings for him. They were best friends, and they would remain best friends if he didn't feel the same, but... Something made her hesitate.

"Are you all right, Abby?"

The African-American girl started with a gasp. "Uh... Yeah, Nigel. I'm fine," she traced the rim of her mug with a finger. "I'm fine."

A pale hand grabbed her free dark one. "Abby, you know I know you better than that. Please tell me what's wrong."

She lifted her head and sighed. "Nigel..."

He turned her face toward him and took off his sunglasses so their eyes met. "Are worried about what happened earlier?"

"What do you mean by 'what happened earlier'?"

Nigel gave her a slightly annoyed look. "What happened on the Twister board – you know, when Hoagie landed on everyone and you - "

"Oh, that... What about it?" she asked while rolling her eyes.

"I just thought that maybe you were upset about it or something."

Abby smiled. "Nah, baby. Abby's fine... I just wanted to tell you that I - "

Yells from down the hall interrupted them; apparently the girls had started a pillow fight. As Abby tried to turn away, Nigel grabbed her hand. "Please tell me."

"Numbuh One – Nigel, I... I... I li - "

"Nigel! Abby!" Kuki's voice shouted over the intercom. "Come play Truth or Dare with us!"

The two friends started. "Well," said Nigel with a sigh, "I guess we better go before she starts shrieking."

Abby sighed. "Yeah. Let's go."

By the time Sector V's leaders had arrived, the others had gathered in a boy-girl-boy patterned circle, leaving two extra spots. Abby sat beside Wally, and Nigel sat beside Fanny. Since Kuki had been the one to make everyone participate, it was decided that she would go first.

"Davie! Truth or dare?"


"Do you have a crush on Rachel?"

A fierce blush covered his face, but eventually he closed his eyes and nodded. "Yeah, I do."

Rachel was struck shy, and she couldn't find a way to reply. Davie knew better than to jump to conclusions about girls, however, and so he waited patiently. "Fanny, truth or dare?"

"Give me a dare, boy," the Irish girl answered, "I'll do anyt'ing ya tell me to do!"

"Kiss Hoagie..."

Fanny stood and confidently strutted toward the pilot.

"...On the lips."