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So intense you can't put it down;
so horrific you can't turn away.
By the time you work up a frown,
it seems like things might be okay.

And there's passion and gore and blood and there's love,
there's questions without answers and so many more things.
Some characters are as gentle and kind as a dove
and some are ruthless; as only this story brings.

And maybe it's Rue, who's just like your friend,
or perhaps, it might even be Cato.
You can't help but visualize your loved one's end,
imagine yourself in the audience, throwing a tomato.

Thoughts and feelings swirl in your heart,
break their way through; leached from your eyes.
From the moment this book was at it's very start,
you've found characters you love, and one's you despise.

You find yourself bawling and beaming on cue,
you can't break away from its ominous pull.
The Games are wonderful, and horrible, too,
and though they should break you, they make you feel whole.

So what will you decide, when you read the last page?
Will you choose for yourself what is right
Your heart beats quickly, like you're up on stage,
your tongue thickens; this answer may take all night.

Perhaps it's okay; it's only a story,
only the cruel workings of a mastermind.
And, yes, the book has parts that are gory;
well it also has parts that are incredibly kind.

But you can't get around the underlying plot
will our world one day be as theirs?
You think of all the things you've been taught,
and you wonder if anyone else really cares.

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