Mikado's POV

"Well then, I'll see you tomorrow Mikado!" Kida waved to his friend as he strolled away into the city.

"Yeah! I'll see you!" Mikado yelled after him as he turned to the opposite direction. Kida was such a good friend. Tonight he treated them both at the Russian Sushi restaurant.

"Oi! Mikado!" Mikado turned around and saw Simon walking towards him.

"Oh Simon! What's up?"

"One of you two left your phone on the table. Thought I'd give it to you while you were still nearby." Simon said as he handed the cell to Mikado.

"Thanks. It's Kida's actually. I'll make sure he gets it right away." Mikado said as he started walking towards the same direction Kida took. He couldn't have gotten very far at this point. After walking a few blocks down, Mikado saw Kida with... is that Orihara??

Kida's POV

Kida kept his head down avoiding that smirk Orihara always does.

"What's wrong Kida? You look troubled." Orihara put his arm around Kida's shoulder. Kida flinched at the contact. "You can tell me." Orihara whispered in his ear. Kida moved his hand away and was about to walk away until He felt his arm being pulled back. "Hey, I asked you something."

"I'm fine. I gotta go. I have school in the morning." Kida replied still not looking at Orihara.

"Aw. Busy? What a shame." Orihara gripped Kida's arm tighter. "But that's too bad." At that moment, Orihara dragged Kida forcibly to a dark alley and shoved his back against the wall. "I suggest you skip out tomorrow." Orihara smirked.

Mikado's POV

"What in the world!?" Mikado said in his head as he rushed into the alley and hid behind a nearby trashcan. "What are they?" Mikado slowly peeked over the trashcan and saw Orihara holding Kida's shoulders against the wall.

"Let go..." Kida said as his hands gripped his captor's arms.

"Nah ah ah. We had a deal. Remember?" You couldn't see his face but Mikado could tell Orihara was smirking.

Kida's POV

"Why haven't you answered me? I've been trying to reach you all day." Orihara asked still holding Kida in place.

"I have a life you know." Kida replied.

"Oh is that so. Were you with him all day." Kida nodded. "Haha! Maybe I should get to know him as well." Kida threw a glare at Orihara. "What's wrong? Hm?"

"Don't go near him." Kida said as he gripped Orihara's arms.

"Relax. I was just messing. I won't go near him as long as keep your end of the bargain." Orihara reassured.

"I will." Kida said hesitantly and lowered his head.

"That's great!" A devilish grin spread on Orihara's face. "Let's get started then.

Orihara dug his knee onto Kida's private area, earning a low whimper. Orihara messed with everyone. He especially loved to mess with Kida and see his reactions. Kida was probably his favorite.

"My, my, still as resistant as ever Kida~" Orihara teased as his hand slipped under Kida's shirt. "I hope you're ready, because tonight is gonna be a long night for you." Orihara said as he sucked on Kida's neck. Suddenly, Kida was forced onto the ground with Orihara on top. Kida's eyes showed fear much to Orihara's pleasure.

"I've always loved that look on you." Orihara said as he lightly touched the buckle on Kida's belt. Kida shot a glare at his captor. "Heh. I can settle for that as well." Orihara unbuckled Kida's belt excitedly and threw his pants to some random area.

Kida averted his gaze to the side, not wanting to see any of this.

"Heheh. I can't hold on any longer. I just wanna fuck you senseless right now." Orihara began to stroke Kida's length, receiving stifled moans. "I'll make him scream. Oh I will." Orihara said to himself.

Kida squirmed under Orihara's touch, trying hard to contain his moans. He couldn't let anyone know about this. No one. Kida jolted as he felt his private throbbing. Orihara noticed Kida's reaction and stopped what he was doing.

"Oh? Is something wrong?" Orihara smirked.

Kida brought his arm to his face while his other hand scratched the ground. Orihara, annoyed by this, grabbed Kida's arms and slammed it onto the sides of his head. He viewed the boy's face. Teary eyes, shaky breath, and all flushed.

"Want something Kida?" Orihara said as he teased the boy under him. "Beg for it. Just like I showed you." He chuckled.

He didn't know how long he could last for. Kida shut his eyes and whimpered.


"Yes Kida?" Orihara replied enjoying every second of this event. He gripped at Kida's wrists wanting to hear him. Just wanting to hear him.
"Look at me and say it."

The blonde squirmed. He needs this. He turned his gaze to Orihara.

"F-Fuck me." He whispered hesitantly.

"I can't hear you Kida." Orihara said as he lowered his face closer to the blonde.

"Fuck me. Please." Kida said with a slightly louder voice.

"Good enough I suppose." Orihara said as he released his wrists. "But since you asked so kindly." He spread the boy's legs.

"Here it comes."
Kida said in his thoughts.

"Relax. You're trembling." Orihara said as he placed his length in front of Kida's opening.

"You sick fuck." Kida retorted.

"Hmph." Was Orihara's replied and he shoved into Kida without any preparation. Kida yelped and clawed the ground under him. He finally came and tried to regain his breath. He knew they were just getting started.

"That wasn't a very nice comment you know. Maybe I should change my mind and go after your friend." Kida's eyes went wide and he stared desperately at Orihara.

"No.. aah!" Kida panted. "Please! Leave him out of this."

Orihara chuckled and placed his hands on Kida's hips.

"My, that's some friendship you got there. Humans are so interesting." Kida flinched as Orihara gripped his hips. He still had bruises from the other nights.

"I'll do anything."

"Oh I know you will." Orihara continued thrusting in and out of the blonde. For a kid, he can hold out for a while. His reactions were just splendid. Kida finally came again for the second time and looked like he was gonna pass out at any second.

"How do you feel Kida?" Orihara said as he pulled out.

"Tch..." Kida replied as he covered his face with his arm.

"Haha. Kida, I love you." Orihara grabbed his blonde hair and forced him to look at his eyes. "Let's have some fun again soon. Hm?" Orihara said and kissed Kida's trembling lips. Kida didn't have the strength to turn his head away and just let Orihara have his way with him.

The dominating male dropped Kida's head to the ground and zipped his jeans. Looking over the broken boy on the ground as he walked away.

Mikado's POV

"What the hell... Just happened?" Mikado said to himself. Why did Kida let Orihara have his way with him? Why didn't Kida say anything? What deal? Mikado froze when he heard Orihara walk past the trashcan he was hid behind and out into the noisy streets of Ikebukuro. He looked over to his blonde friend who was still on the ground.

"K-Kida!" Mikado rushed over to his unconscious friend and put his pants back on. He took the blonde's arm and put it over his shoulder for support.
"I'm sorry Kida." Mikado whispered. "I'll be by your side through all of this."

AN- Well, this was my first fanfiction ever. I hope it was good. I'm in love with Durarara! Izaya is such a sexy bastard :3