And this is what I consider the 'bad ending.' Personally, I like the other ending better than this but I thought this was more in character.

Kida woke up dimmed room. He sat up and flinched at his treated shoulder. He was shirtless and his shoulder was bandaged. Then he remembered. He looked around for the informant, hoping to get the truth from him. Then he turned his head to the window that viewed the bright city lights. The room was familiar to him. It was Orihara's room. The blonde gripped the sheets under him angrily and then sprinted to the door. He slammed the door open, searching for the informant, who was sitting at his desk.


Suddenly, a vase was thrown at him and shattered. Orihara turned towards Kida who only glared at him.

"Did you really think…" Kida began as he walked towards the informant. "That I would thank you for saving me?"

Orihara didn't reply and continued staring into Kida's hate filled eyes.

"Don't you think that'd be more fitting?" Orihara ducked and avoided a punch that was thrown at him. "Easy now Masaomi. You haven't fully recovered you know."

"Shut up." Kida silenced the man. "I wouldn't be like this if it weren't for you." Kida began to approach the man again.

"Masaomi, stop this already." Orihara backed away and held his hands in front of him. "Look, if you want, I'll go over to Ryugamine personally myself."

"Forget it! There's no way I'm letting you go near him again!"

Orihara's face grimaced at Kida's words and finally started to laugh.

"I don't understand." Orihara began, making the blonde stop in his tracks. "I've done everything I could to make you love me in return and none of it worked."

"This is what it was all about?" Kida's anger grew. "You did all of this just make me love you? What kind of person are you! You don't know anything about love!" The blonde continued. "You're a sick person. This has got to be the worst thing you have ever came up with."

"I just did what I thought was necessary." Orihara replied.

"Hurting Mikado was necessary!" Kida's voice roared. "I'll never forgive you. I've had enough of you."

"You don't really expect me to just let you leave, right Masaomi?" Orihara spoke.

"I'm not staying here." Kida said defiantly. "I'll take care of you once I've recovered." Kida turned to the door but suddenly pulled back by his wrist.

"Masaomi…" Orihara gripped Kida's wrist tighter. "Don't run away again. Can't you see that you were made for me?" Orihara said with a sorrowful expression. Kida stared back at him for a moment but suddenly flared again.

"No." Kida replied coldly and pulled his hand back. He stood where he was as he waited for the informant's answer.

"I see then." Orihara looked up at the blonde's eyes with a dangerous look. "Well then Masaomi." The informant began to walk towards the teen, who backed away until his back hit the wall. "If I can't have you…" Orihara's hand met Kida's neck.

Kida began to squirm as the hand tightened and he began gasp desperately. He looked into Orihara's cold gaze and shivered.

"Can't… Breathe…!" Kida gasped as he was pushed up against the wall to meet Orihara's gaze. He grabbed the informant's hand in an attempt to loosen the grip. His toes barely reached the floor under him and shortly after, his vision began to blur.


The blonde fell to the ground, struggling to regain his breath. He kept his head down to avoid the informant looming over him. The said informant crouched down and brought his hand behind the teen's neck and knocked him out unconscious.

"I didn't want it to come down to this Masaomi. But it looks like you leave me with no choice."

"You received a letter in the mail today." Namie said as she tossed the envelope onto the informant's desk. "Strange thing is, it has no name or address. Orihara paused from typing on the keyboard and picked up the envelope. He opened it up and read it to himself.


Was all of this part of your plan as well? I haven't seen him around lately. Is he with you? Please don't hurt him anymore.

Til then,


'She must've left the hospital by now,' Orihara thought as he stored the note into his drawer.

"Did you figure out the sender?" Namie asked.

"More or less." The raven stood up. "I'm taking a break for a while. Don't bother me."

"Whatever you sick pervert." Namie hissed so the man couldn't hear. She sighed when she heard the door close.

Izaya entered the dark room and approached his bed. He climbed on and straddled the figure that was lying there.

"Seems like Saki is worried about you." Orihara ran his fingers through blonde locks.

"Izaya…" Kida whispered. "Please let me go." His hands were tied behind his back and a yellow blindfold prevented his vision. The raven hummed as he ran his fingers through the blonde's hair once again.

"Masaomi." Orihara paused. "Please understand that I'm doing this because I love you." The same last 3 words repeated in Kida's head like a horrific chant. His thoughts were suddenly interrupted when he felt pressure fall onto him.


The informant didn't respond and instead, he wrapped his arms around the teen securely and said no more.

Like the other ending, this could have a separate sequel. I came up with some ideas already for this one as well. In the future, I'll see what I can do with this ending since it'll be a different story than the other one. Thanks everyone !