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Kida's POV

The next morning, Kida found himself lying naked on the floor with Orihara lying on top with him, arms around him. He flinched when he heard the older male groan.

"Why are you still here?" Kida asked not bothering to greet him.

"You really expected me to leave right away after doing that?" He said as he hovered over the blonde. Kida attempted to sit up but fell back down. "Hm?" The older male hummed curiously.

"Ngh…" The younger male groaned.

"Was last night to rough for you?" Orihara chuckled a bit.

"Shut up…" Kida said as turned his gaze away and ruffled his hair. "Damn it… How am I going to explain this to anyone." Suddenly, Orihara picked the blonde up bridal style. "H-Hey! What are you doing?" The blonde yelled.

"What does it look like? You can't walk right?" Kida stopped struggling and lowered his head. "Where you headed?" Orihara asked after the blonde had calmed down.

"The bathroom…" Kida muttered. "Really, put me down. Just leave before anyone sees you."

"Let them see me then!" Orihara said as he started walking towards the bathroom. "I'd love to see their reaction." He looked down at the blonde who was glaring at him, "Yeah, yeah, I know." He chuckled. Once they got to their destination, Orihara set Kida down on his feet.

"Thanks…" Kida muttered again. "Can you please just leave?"

"Fine, fine." The blonde shut the bathroom door once Orihara replied. Kida leaned against the door until the sound of footsteps faded. He then sighed and walked over to the mirror. The boy was a mess. Dark circles were under his eyes and he was still a little flushed. Not to mention he could barely stand up straight.

"It might be a good idea to just stay home today." Kida thought as he started the shower and stepped in. As he stood under the running water, he recalled last night's event. "Damn it! Just forget it!" The blonde said to himself as he punched the tiled wall. Kida ruffled his hair as he tried to calm himself down, taking deep breaths. "…As long as he's alright…" After a few moments, he stepped out of the shower paused when he heard footsteps. "I thought I told you to leave!" Kida yelled as he wrapped a towel around his waist and stepping out of the bathroom. He froze when he saw the black haired male holding a mop in his hand.

"You made a mess last night Kida." Orihara chuckled. "Just thought I'd clean it up." Kida stared at the spot he had just mopped up.

"Did he really just clean it up?"

"Surprised?" Orihara asked as he placed the mop gently against the wall. He turned his attention to the blonde and smirked. Kida blushed once he realized why the older male was smirking and stepped back.

"I-I just took a shower." Kida said nervously as Orihara approached him.

"You don't say." He grinned once the blonde jumped up when he felt the wall behind him. The older male placed his hands on either side of the blonde, preventing escape. "You smell good too." He said as he leaned down on the boy's neck. Orihara brought his hands down to Kida's waist, slowly removing the towel.

"Enough already!" Kida yelled as he pushed the older male back. "Leave. Right now." The two males stared at each other for a while until Orihara broke the silence.

"Alright then." Orihara said as he turned away, much to Kida's surprise. "You'll be hearing from me very soon." He grinned as he left the apartment. Kida sighed and slumped back against the wall.

"I can't believe this."

Orihara's POV

The information broker took a seat at an empty park bench in the busy streets of Ikebukuro. He leaned back observing people who walked passed him and dug his hands into his coat pocket.

"Noisy as usual." He said as he leaned back.


The older male turned his head slightly and saw a boy gripping the strap of his bag hanging around him.

"We meet again Ryuugamine." Orihara said as he stood up making the younger male tremble a bit. "Something wrong?"

"Kida…" The younger male whispered.

"Hm? I didn't quite catch that."

"What did you do to Kida!?" Mikado said with a louder voice, drawing some attention from people. The younger male shot a glare at Orihara who just wore a blank expression.

"Follow me." Orihara said as he turned around. Mikado blinked a few times and hesitantly followed the man. He kept his distance from the older male, knowing what he may be capable of. Orihara kept his hands in his pocket and wore a serious expression on his face. Once they turned the corner of an alley, Orihara leaned back against the wall and folded his arms. "I did what now?"

"I-I saw you two that night." Mikado murmured as he stared at the ground, not wanting to meet Orihara's stare. "You were…"

"We were…?" Orihara smirked as a small blush formed on the younger male's face. "So what's your point?"

"Why are you doing this?"

"Why you ask? Well, why not?"

"Why Kida of all people?" Mikado raised his voice slightly finally meeting Orihara's eyes. The older male remained silent for a while until a grin formed across his face.

"Masaomi is special. That's why. Is there a problem with that?" He asked as he stepped closer to boy. Mikado stepped back until his back reached the wall, much to his dismay. "Are you jealous?" He said as he placed a hand against the wall for support.

"N-No! It's just…" Mikado said trying to sink back into the wall.

"No? Are you curious then?" Orihara said as he brought his face closer to the boy's. "Kida sure is stubborn." He whispered huskily. "Once he's in the mood, he's actually-"

"Stop! I don't care!" Mikado yelled, silencing both of them. "L-Leave him alone." He said breaking the silent. Orihara backed away and leaned against the opposite side of the wall.

"Like I would. Besides, I've already had him. Shouldn't be long until he finally submits to me."

"Is that what you think?" Orihara looked back at the boy who wore a serious expression. "Kida won't fall for it. Whatever you're trying to pull." Orihara's eyes widened slightly and his hands turned into fists. He gritted his teeth and stomped out of the alley angrily, leaving the boy alone.

"We'll see about that Ryuugamine."

Kida's POV

"I-Izaya! Ngh!"

Kida sat up from the couch, eyes wide and wiped the cold sweat running down his forehead. He panted heavily and held his hand close to his chest.

"W-What was that?" Kida asked himself as he tried to regain himself. He lied back down, covering his face with his arm. "…I can't keep doing this…" He sighed and slipped his eyes shut once again. Suddenly, his phone began to vibrate in his pocket. Kida sighed once again, and checked it. It was a text message from Mikado:

[Want some company?]

Kida stared at the text, deciding whether he wanted to see his friend or not. Honestly, he didn't really plan on getting out today… unless he had to. And if he decided not to, he might worry his friend even more. "What the heck, I could use some fresh air." Kida said to himself, texting a response.

[Yeah! Let's walk around or something]

Kida placed his phone down next to him as he waited for a response, until it vibrated.

[Cool. We'll meet up at the usual spot]

[Sounds good. See ya!]

Kida stood up from where he was sitting and stretched a bit. He was still a bit sore, but he couldn't stand being inside all day. He grabbed his cell phone, placed it in his jean pocket and made his way towards the door.

"Oi! Mikado!" The black haired male turned around and saw his blonde friend walking towards him. "What's up?"

"Kida! Nothing much really." Mikado replied, scratching the back of his head. "Feeling better?"

"Better." Kida grinned. "Let's walk around a bit." He suggested.

"Sure." Mikado said as he followed his friend.

Orihara's POV

"Got something on your mind Orihara?" Orihara turned his attention to Namie, who was staring at him uninterested.

"Heh. What's it to you?" Orihara responded facing the other way on his computer chair.

"It's just so obvious."

"That so?" Orihara said still not meeting the woman's stare.

"Yeah, not that I care anyway." Namie responded coldly, earning a glare from the male, which made her giggled.

"Then why bother to ask." The information broker pulled out his cell phone from his pocket and skimmed through his contacts, stopping at Kida's name.

"What you got there?" Orihara flinched and shut his phone immediately when he noticed Namie was watching him.

"None of your business. Besides, didn't you just say you didn't care?" Orihara asked in an annoyed tone.

"I don't." Namie said as she folded her arms. "It's just strange to see you fidgety like this."

"Heh. Who are you calling fidgety?" Orihara pouted as he folded his arms as well.

"You of course." She snickered. "You're not as hard to read as everyone says you are."

"I wouldn't get ahead of myself." Orihara said as he pulled out his phone checking the time. "Five o' clock already."

"Guess I should get going. Seiji might get worried." Namie said as she picked up her bag and left the apartment.

"I wouldn't count on that." Orihara muttered. The black haired male sat alone in silence for a few moments, thinking about our blonde friend.


Orihara shuddered at the image of a naked Kida panting heavily under him. He stood up from his chair and began to pace the room. "What's he up to right now?" Orihara wondered, pulling out his cell phone from his jean pocket. He scrolled down to Kida's name in his contacts.

[Kida-chan :D]

He texted as he took a seat on the empty couch.


The older male chuckled at the lack of enthusiasm. He probably thought he knew what was coming. Suddenly, he received a text before he could send a reply.

[Can this wait? I'm out right now.]

Orihara stared at the text for a moment and gripped his cell phone. "Not likely Kida." The older male grinned as he put on his furry jacket and left the apartment.

Mikado's POV

Mikado watched as Kida texted swiftly on his cell phone. "Him again huh?" Mikado sighed, catching his friend's attention.

"You okay?" Kida asked placing his cell phone back in his pocket.

"Yeah. I just kinda zoned out a bit." Mikado laughed nervously.

"You're a weird one, you know that?" Kida laughed along as they both continued walking through the bustling streets of the city. "We've been out here for a while huh?" Kida said noticing the lit streetlights.

"Seems like it. Want to call it a day?" Mikado asked as he checked the time on his cell phone.

"Yeah, my legs are killing me." Kida said as he stretched out his arms.

"I'll bet." Mikado said to himself as he glanced towards an alley, where he noticed the information broker was standing at. "Kida, let me walk you home again." The boy said, returning his attention to the blonde.

"Huh? Again? I'm alright, really." Kida assured his friend.

"Y-Yeah, but it's dark out and-"

"Don't worry Mikado!" Kida said as he wrapped an arm around his friend. "I'll text you the second I get home."

"You sure…?" Mikado asked hesistantly.

"Yeah. I promise alright!"

Orihara's POV

"Get away from him…!" Orihara said to himself as he gritted his teeth and tightened his fists. There he was, watching from an alley, Kida's arm around Mikado. The sight of the two laughing made the older male uneasy. Finally, he regained himself once the boys parted ways. He watched as the blonde walked away, hands in his pockets and smirked. Orihara stepped out of the alley, and followed the blonde at a normal pace. He stopped in his tracks when the boy did.

"What…?" The blonde asked, not bothering to look at the black haired male. Orihara walked up to the boy and placed a hand on his shoulder, which made him flinch.

"Follow me." Orihara said as he walked ahead. He stopped and turned around when he noticed the unmoving blonde. "Well?"

"I'm done." Kida said firmly, keeping his stare at the ground. "I've had enough. I'll keep you away from him myself." Kida said and turned away. Orihara gritted his teeth as he watched the blonde walk away. Suddenly, something came over him and he grabbed Kida's arm forcibly and dragged him to a nearby alley, slamming the poor blonde to the brick wall. "What are you-!" Kida was cut off when he felt a fist contacted his stomach, sending him to the ground. The boy panted as he held onto his stomach tightly. Orihara stood over the boy and picked him up under his arm, walking deeper into the alley. Walking on the streets with a weak boy under his arm would draw too much attention.

Once they finally got into Orihara's apartment, Orihara locked the door behind him and made his way to the bedroom, still carrying the blonde. He locked the door once they got to his bedroom and threw the boy onto the bed. The older male hopped onto the bed, hovering over his prey.

"W-What's gotten into you?" Kida asked trying move away from his captor. His attempts were futile since Orihara pinned his wrists down and kissed him forcibly. Kida muffled a surprised sound as Orihara explored him. Once he pulled away, Orihara removed his jacket and threw it to some random area.

"O-Orihara…" The black haired male looked down at the boy under him, who was trembling. "I… I don't…" Orihara ignored him and began to unbuckle the boy's jeans. "Wait! Stop!" The man grabbed Kida by his shoulders and slammed him back onto the bed, silencing the boy.

"Don't fight me Kida." He warned. Kida stared into Orihara's lust filled eyes. He blinked once he felt his jeans and boxers being removed. Kida grabbed the older male's hands and stared desperately into his eyes.

"Please…" Orihara's eyes widened slightly at the younger male. After a few moments, the older male swatted Kida hands away and gripped the blonde's hips, making the boy flinch. He brought his face down to Kida's length and engulfed it. "Ngh! O-Orihara…!" The boy squirmed and let out shaky breaths. Orihara sucked at a fast pace, tasting him hungrily. Kida's head began to sway back and forth at the oncoming orgasm. "Ori-Izaya…" The blonde gasped as one of hands gripped the older male's hair and the other gripping the sheets under him.

"Izaya! I'm gonna…!" Kida came before his got to finish his sentence. The older male swallowed his release hungrily and finally pulled away. The blonde sunk back onto the bed, panting heavily. He shivered when the man before him unbuckled his jeans and removed them. To make matters worse, the older male grabbed the blonde's legs and pressed his hardening length onto the boy's entrance.

"Ah!" Kida yelped as Orihara forced his way in. "I-It hurts…" The boy whimpered as the black haired male thrust in and out. Orihara moved his hands to the boy's hips and thrust in deeper, making him cry out in pain. "Izaya! What's wrong?" Orihara stopped for a moment and looked down at Kida, who had tears streaming down his face. "S-Say something…"

"M-Masaomi." Orihara let out with a shaky breath and lowered his face onto the boy's neck. "Masaomi!" He repeated again, making the boy tremble.

"Izaya, I don't understand." The boy responded pushing Orihara back gently by the shoulders.

"I'll make you understand then." Orihara said mentally as he lowered his head again and bit the boy's shoulder blade, making Kida wince.

"S-Stop, you'll leave marks." Kida said but was ignored as Orihara sucked the wound. He pulled back and hovered over the boy, pinning his wrists down. "W-What?" Orihara didn't respond and thrust in deeper, making the boy arch his back. "Izaya… I can't…."

"What am I doing?" Orihara said to himself as he watched to boy tremble beneath him. He froze when he notice blood slide out of the boy's entrance and pulled out immediately. "What did I do?"

"I-It hurts…" Kida gasped. He turned his gaze away from the older male, not wanting to meet his eyes. Orihara stared down at the boy for a moment, until he lowered himself and wrapped his arms around him. The blonde reached for his cell phone in his jean pocket, which was hanging on the side of the bed. He opened it and scrolled down his contacts.

[I'm home.]