Alright just a quick AN before the story. This happens just after DotD. So I hope you all enjoy it.

In the blue sky just above the green foliage of large trees, two dragons glided through the air. As they neared the ground the purple dragon couldn't contain himself any longer.

"We did it Cynder, he's gone!" The purple dragon cheered.

"I know we finally did it." Cynder said catching the dragon in a hug.

The two dragons rolled onto the ground laughing. They lay there for a few moments peacefully, before getting to their feet. "I still can't believe it. It was starting to seem like we would never defeat Malefor." Cynder said gleefully.

"Well you will believe it Cynder." Spyro moved over to hug the dragoness. "It's over now."

At that moment Cynder felt completely at ease. When their tender moment ended the dragoness looked around. They were in a small meadow with large oak trees surrounding them. A gentle breeze blew through the leaves leaving the dragons feeling refreshed. "So where do you think we're at?"

Spyro looked around before answering "My guess somewhere near the Valley of Avalar."

"As much as I want to stay here, I think we should get back to Warfang."

"Yeah, they're probably worried about us."

Cynder nodded and the two dragons lifted themselves off the ground, their leathery wings carrying their bodies into the air. The two were soon speeding through the air towards Warfang. They passed over the Valley of Avalar and over even more forest. Soon they could see the wall surrounding the dragon city in the distance. The dragons reached the city quickly and flew easily over the walls towards the temple, which poked out high above the other buildings of the city.

The temple looked like a large circular tower. It had rounded dome roofs that sprung out from the building in various places to cover its many floors and terraces. All along the stone building were statues of historic dragons and carving that left the temple looking very distinct. Before the main entrance were many steps leading up to the elevated tower. Once they reached the immense building they landed near the entrance and stepped through the massive doorway.

In the large main chamber were three elder dragons. Volteer, Cyril, and Terrador stood with their backs to the two dragons, obviously unaware of their return. "We're back." Spyro said loudly catching their attention. The three dragons whirled around to face the two. Their faces lit up when they saw them. Each exclaimed some sort of thanks to their ancestors as they approached the two dragons. A sudden flash blinded Spyro causing his eyes to water. "Spyro, buddy, you're home!"

"Hey Sparx." The purple dragon said feeling the dragonfly try to wrap around his snout. The dragonfly backed away allowing Spyro to see again. "Hey there Cynder I'm happy to see you and that's saying something." The dragonfly said, hurrying over to give the dragoness the same hug.

"It's good to see you too Sparx." Cynder said, accepting the dragonfly's hug.

"I think we are all glad to see you both." Terrodar's thundering voice boomed.

"Yes, a blessing from the ancestors to have you both back." Volteer said, running the words together.

"I take it that Malefor is gone from this world?" Cyril asked bluntly.

"As far as we know yes, he is gone for good." Spyro answered, puffing out his chest proudly.

"Yet, another blessing bestowed upon us this day."

"The dragons around the world will thank both of you for this deed." Terrodar said bowing slightly. The others seeing his gesture followed his lead.

"That only leaves one more question young dragon." Terrodar said raising his head, "Where is Ignitus?"

Spyro suddenly seemed to shrink, his head falling and his wings drooping. Up until that moment he had felt as though nothing bad could happen. His eyes began to water and he turned his gaze Cynder's way silently asking her to tell them what had happened.

Cynder sighed not feeling very comfortable talking about the situation either. "Ignitus fell when he helped us get through the ring of fire, I'm sorry."

The guardians stepped back from the sudden shock of losing their friend. Spyro could only close his eyes and shake his head in sorrow. Cynder extended a wing over the dragon, but he could only look up sadly at her. She nuzzled him before saying, "It'll be okay Spyro."

"You have both had a long day; I think it would be best to retire for the time being." Volteer said being the first to regain his composure.

The dragons only nodded, feeling as if the energy they had left had been drained. As Spyro and Cynder began to walk past the guardians, with Sparx trailing them, Cyril spoke again, "Young dragons." The two of them turned to face the ice guardian. "It's this way." He said pointing a claw out towards the city.

"What? What do you mean out there?" Cynder asked confused.

"Yeah, you guys are the guardians, so you live, you know in the temple." Sparx said pointing his fingers towards the floor.

Terrodar sighed. "Spyro, Cynder, Sparx we are all well beyond our prime, you must know that." The three stood perfectly still waiting for the dragon to continue.

"Our time is up; it is time for the world to embrace new guardians."

"What, when did this happen?" Spyro growled, his voice echoing off the ornate stone walls.

"Just recently, come now Spyro you know in the back of your mind that we are no longer fit to be guardians. We can hardly fight anymore." Cyril said.

Spyro didn't know what to do. Only five minutes ago he had been celebrating defeating the Dark Master. The sharp contrast that had ensued was so different it had nearly left him in a state of shock.

"Come on Spyro lets just follow them." Cynder said quietly shaking the dragon from his thoughts.

Spyro looked to her with pleading eyes. When he saw no answers within her turquoise orbs he only nodded reluctantly, and followed the elder dragons out of the temple. The five dragons walked slowly down the many steps that lead to the streets below. Sparx now sat on Spyro's horn having lost the will to move his wings.

As the dragons walked along silently many dragons and moles noticed them. Before long many gathered to see the two dragons that had defeated Malefor. They all cheered but Spyro and Cynder could hardly take notice of the crowds. From the sides of the street many female dragons looked at Spyro with almost hungry eyes. Some would say things to him but the dragon didn't even hear it. One dragoness was so bold as to run up the purple dragon and give him a lick on the cheek before running back to her friends, giggling. The dragon didn't even notice, and lucky for the young female neither did Cynder. The reminder of Ignitus' death and the guardians being replaced weighed too heavily on all their minds to really consider anything else. The dragons continued their walk through the cobblestone streets of Warfang silently.

"Hey." Spyro heard a voice say over the rest of the crowd. For reasons he didn't quite know he decided to lift his head and look at the dragon who faced him. The dragon was about Spyro's age and he had dark red scales and his crest was stark white.

"You're Spyro right." At this point Cynder had stopped to see who was talking to her friend. "And you must be Cynder, Terror of the Skies." His addition of the title caused Spyro's head to perk up almost knocking Sparx from his horn.

"What did you say?" Spyro growled showing his teeth and lowering his body ready to jump on the dragon if need be.

"I guess so; well I just wanted to see what all the commotion was about, turns out its just two dragons." The fire dragon said, shifting a yellow eye over to Cynder who had heard her old name and taken sudden interest.

"Who are you?" Spyro growled, this dragon was getting on his nerves, and he was in no mood for it.

"Whoa, easy there." The dragon said nonchalantly. "My name's Blaze and you had better watch your tone with me you may be a purple dragon, but I'm your new fire guardian." The dragon said opening his wings to try to make himself seem bigger than Spyro.

Spyro reared his head back in shock. All the things that had been flitting through his mind suddenly left him. He could hardly believe that this pompous dragon had been given the title of guardian. "You're the one who is replacing Ignitus?" Spyro growled on the verge of losing his temper.

"Yeah, I am replacing him I just thought I should let you know. Seeing as you're so important." The fire dragon looked around at the crowds who were still raging, although a few had stopped to try and listen in on their conversation. "It looks like you have your hands full already so I won't take anymore of your precious time." The dragon added sarcastically before turning to fly off.

Spyro snorted shooting flames out of his nostrils. "Can you believe that guy?"

Cynder shrugged, "Spyro the way this day is going I could believe that the Dark Master is alive again."

"Hey." The two jumped slightly when they heard Sparx's voice. "Don't joke about that, I don't know about you two but I don't want to jinx it."

The two smiled at each other, the dragonfly's comment lifting their spirits slightly.

"You didn't even have to fight him Sparx." Spyro said.

"Hey, I did my part." Sparx said his voice rising slightly.

"We know Sparx, we wouldn't have made it without you." Cynder said as she continued to walk.

"That's right and don't you forget it." Sparx said waving a finger at her.

Spyro and Cynder only shook their heads still smiling and continued after Terrodar. After another five minutes of walking they reached the elder's house. It was big. The building had two floors and three towers sprouting out of three of the corners of the house. A few terraces accented the towers. There wasn't very much that was impressive about the building besides its stature, but that was enough to gain the dragon's interest.

The friend's mouths dropped in awe. They had never expected the house to be this extravagant. The three elder dragons looked back and chuckled slightly when they saw the dragon's faces.

"You didn't think that the city would drop us guardians in the gutter after so much service did you?" Volteer asked sarcastically. The two dragons could hardly tear their eyes from the building long enough to give the lightning guardian a smirk.

"Well let's not dawdle; I imagine it's just as nice on the inside." Cyril chided.

As the dragons walked in they were surprised again to see a very intricate interior. As they entered they were in a large family sized area. There were a few large plush looking pillows scattered around the room for dragons of any size to lie on. On the walls around the room were carvings of interweaving ivy. A couple windows went around the room, thin red curtains covering them, bathing the room in an orange glow. A few potted plants sat in the corners giving the room even more color. Off to one side of the room was a stairway that the dragons knew lead up to the second level of the house. On the other side of the room they could see a hall that lead to other bedrooms.

"Not to bad, eh?" Terrodar asked tapping Spyro with a claw.

"Ya, this place is amazing." Spyro said coming out of his trance.

"You three can stay upstairs." Cryil said. "I suggest you all get some rest."

"No one's arguing with you there." Sparx said as he lazily floated off Spyro's horn and towards the stairs before disappearing.

Spyro sighed at his brother's impoliteness. "Thank you for letting us stay here with you." He said after a moment.

"It is our pleasure young dragons." Volteer added, as the two dragons walked up the stairs.

The dragons went up the stairs and quickly came onto the second floor. For the most part it looked the same as the first floor, although it seemed to b only one room. Pillows were placed on the floor for them to sleep on, Spyro noticed his brother already asleep on one of them, the large pillow making him look even smaller. They noticed though that on two sides of the room were the terraces they had seen from outside.

"Wow, I almost think this is better than the temple." Cynder said walking over to a pillow and testing its softness with her paw, before turning her eyes towards the terrace closest to her. She nodded her head towards the balcony; Spyro catching on followed her out onto the veranda. The two dragons walked out to see that they were higher than most of the buildings around them. Over the low roofs of the city they could make out the wall that was around the city. Off to their left was the temple that seemed to shoot into the sky.

"It sure is nice." Cynder said, looking around at the view of the city. Spyro followed her eyes looking at the things she looked to. After a moment he got caught up looking at the dragoness. Her thin sleek body cured seductively. Her scales were shining in the evening light giving her a glow. Despite the appearance of her body Spyro soon found himself focused in on her turquoise eyes. It didn't take the dragoness long to feel his eyes on her and she turned to look at him. "What is it?"

"Nothing, just taking in the greatest sight in the city." Spyro said and almost didn't believe he had said the words.

Cynder blushed, counting herself lucky that her black scales covered up the sudden flare of color. She averted her eyes from his, slightly embarrassed. Her previously calm mind was now overrun with thoughts. The first thought that crossed her mind was when she and Spyro were piecing the world back together. She remembered the words she had said there, the subtle 'I love you' just before everything flashed white. She could only assume that the dragon had heard her and that was why he was acting like this. Suddenly, the thoughts were silenced as she felt Spyro's lips press against hers. The sudden action caught her off-guard but she did not shy away, only a second or two after, they heard many cries from below them. The two pulled away and looked down below to see more than a few dragons looking up and watching them.

"Right, maybe we should go someplace more private." Spyro said half-smiling.

Cynder just nodded still embarrassed at being caught. The two walked back inside the house and over to a nearby pillow. They lay down next to each other happy to finally be at rest. Just happy to be near Cynder, Spyro laid his head down on the pillow. As he did he felt Cynder give him a gentle nuzzle before whispering, "Good night Spyro." The purple dragon smiled as Cynder moved a little closer to him before they both fell into a sound sleep.

The next morning Cynder woke up. After letting her eyes adjust to the light she shifted her eyes to see it was already light outside. The dragoness got up and began to stretch out her stiff muscles. As she moved around, the pillow beneath her paws moved too waking Spyro. The dragon groaned slightly before opening his eyes. "Cynder, why are you getting up so early?" He asked groggily his eyes barely open.

"Spyro we can't just waste the day away sleeping."

"I beg to differ Cynder." Sparx said from across the room, their brief conversation waking the dragonfly.

At this point Spyro, had woken up slightly and was beginning to see Cynder's point. The dragon got onto his feet and began to stretch as well. "Sparx she's right we can't get lazy now."

"Who says we can't we beat Malefor didn't we?" Sparx said, beginning to get up despite his arguing.

The dragon didn't answer he just finished his stretch and then, along with Cynder walked over to Sparx. "Come on Sparx." Spyro said.

"Yeah, yeah I'm coming." Sparx said while floating up to rest on Spyro's horn. "Now go." Sparx said pointing a finger forward. Spyro shook his head, almost dislodging the dragonfly before walking off down the stairs. The three walked down the stairs and into the main living space. The three guardians sat there already eating a few strips of meat. Volteer was the first to notice them. "Ah, young dragons I didn't expect you up this early."

"We figured you three would sleep all day." Terrodar added with a laugh.

"Told you we should have." Sparx whispered so that only Spyro and Cynder could hear.

"None the less we have some food here, if you want it." Volteer said nudging some food forward.

Spyro heard his stomach growl, it felt like he hadn't eaten in days and in reality he probably hadn't. "I think we could stand to eat some food if you don't mind." Spyro said sitting down with Cynder sitting next to him.

As the two ate their food Sparx fluttered off of Spyro's horn and over to the guardians. "Anything for me by chance?"

"Ah, yes the lightning bug. Here this should be enough." Terrodar said lifting an apple to Sparx. The dragonfly ignored the nickname and quickly grabbed the apple by the stem. As he began to fly away, he only succeeding in a slow descent because of the weight of the apple, luckily he landed where he wanted and began to eat. Before long all the dragons, and dragonfly, had finished their breakfast. Sparx barely succeeding in eating a forth of the apple.

"Alright, well what should we do now?" Spyro asked.

"We could go explore the city," Cynder suggested. "We never really got the chance because last time we were, you know, under attack."

"Sounds good to me." Spyro said rising to his feet.

The day went on uneventfully as Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx took some time to walk around the city and familiarize themselves with the place. On the third day the dragons walked out the door of the guardians house again hoping to find something new this morning.

"Don't be late." Volteer said quickly and almost too quietly to hear, as the dragons walked towards the door. Cynder turned her head to look at the electric guardian but didn't say anything when the elder didn't return her gaze.

The two dragons burst into the sunlight of the outdoors, the bright daylight hurting their eyes and causing them to look down for a moment. Once their eyes adjusted they walked down the cobblestone path that winded through the streets of the city. The day passed fairly fast with the two dragons walking through the many avenues of the city. Many of the dragons stared at them, some even applauded or cheered for them as they passed. The dragons did little more than politely nod to the passerby's. Before they knew it the day was ending. As dusk fell the two dragons realized that they should probably get back to the house, although this day they had ventured quite far from their home, in the hopes of finding something different.

"Uh, do you have any idea where to go?" Spyro asked.

"As in where to go to get back to the house?" Cynder asked, and Spyro nodded his head expectantly.

"No, I have no clue where to go." Cynder said smirking at the dragon.

"Sounds like you two could use a bit of help." The two turned to see who had addressed them, since they had believe they were alone, before them stood another dragoness. She had mottled green skin with patches of brown covering her scales. Her eyes and wings were both golden in color. Her tail was in the shape of a deadly looking spiked ball.

"I guess we could, I'm Spyro and this is-

"Cynder." The dragoness finished for him. "I would have to have been born yesterday to not know who you two are."

"Oh, well we were just trying to find our way back to the guardian's house." Cynder explained.

"I can help with that follow me. Everyone knows where the guardian's house is." The dragoness said before trotting off.

"So can I ask who you are?" Spyro said after a minute of silence.

"Oh, I'm sorry, my name is Tera. I'm the new earth guardian."

"Oh congratulations." Cynder said. She quickly looked over to Spyro expecting him to say something of the same manor but found him lost in his thoughts.

The mention of her guardian title had reminded Spyro of Ignitus. As he thought about the fire dragon he realized that he was going to go insane if he continued like this. He loved Ignitus like a father but mourning over him all the time would not bring him back or make himself feel better. The dragon quickly pushed the fire guardian from his mind. A sudden burst of laughter made the dragon jump, and he started to wonder how long he had been thinking.

"Uh, what is that?" Spyro asked, suddenly suspicious of where this dragoness was taking them.

"Oh don't you know?" The three rounded the corner to see a large plaza completely lit up and full of dragons and moles. "This is your party."

The two dragon's jaws dropped, seeing the vast amount of people who had come to attend, 'their' party. "What do you mean our party? What is this for?" Cynder asked caught off balance by the celebration.

"You know I thought you two would be smarter than that. It's for defeating the Dark Master." Tera explained. "The guardians set it up for you. I guess their whole surprise plan worked."

When the two dragons didn't speak she simply said, "Surprise!"

With that exclamation the three dragons walked towards the plaza. The place was surrounded by buildings and lit with lamps to keep the darkness at bay. Dragons swarmed the plaza along with moles. Tera quickly located who she was looking for and pushed her way through the crowd. Soon though she didn't have to as people noticed Spyro and Cynder, they began to part before them. As they walked the people began to cheer for the two dragons again.

"You know I can't tell if they are blowing this out of proportion or not." Cynder whispered to Spyro so no one else could hear. Spyro only shrugged in response as they continued their walk.

"Hello, young dragons." They heard a familiar voice say over the crowd. They looked up to see Terrodar standing in front of them with Volteer and Cyril standing close by. Tera immediately walked off to the side of the guardians to stand next to who Spyro could only assume where the other new guardians. Blaze stood among them, but Spyro turned his attention away so as to not ruin the moment for himself.

"Surprise young ones! What do you think?"

"Terrodar, you didn't have to do all this for us." Spyro said with Cynder nodding her head.

"On the contrary young dragons you two have done a great service, and deserve a reward." Terrodar said his voice rising so that all could hear him.

"It doesn't feel right though, we just did what we thought was right we didn't need all this."

"You are too modest young one. You deserve a little gratitude." Cyril added.

Spyro sighed still not comfortable with the whole situation. "Well, thank you then this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me and I'm sure Cynder would agree with me." The purple dragon said smiling.

"Good then, everyone please enjoy the festivities." Volteer said raising his voice and the dragons cheered in response.

"Can you believe all this?" Cynder asked as many of the dragons dispersed to enjoy the party.

"No, I still don't- The purple dragon cut off as he heard a hissing sound coming from behind him. The dragon whirled around, to look behind him with Cynder spinning herself around too. A green glob of acid was headed straight towards the dragons. Before giving it a second thought the two dragons rolled out of the way, each in a different direction.

As they regained their footing the dragons looked to see a black dragon standing in front of them. His horns were made of ivory like Cynder's but curved backwards like a ram's horns. His crest and wings were both matching in a dark green color, so dark is almost appeared black. His tail ended in a sinister blade but the thing that caught both of the dragon's attention was his blazing red eyes.

"Who are you?" Cynder asked in a hiss.

"I know you Cynder I'm surprised you don't remember me." The dragon said. In the blink of an eye the dragon charged forward ramming Cynder in the chest.

"Cynder!" Spyro yelled, before firing a bolt of electricity at the dragon.

The black dragon hardly seemed to notice the attack. He shrugged off the numbing electrical charge and turned towards the purple dragon.

"You'll have to do better than that Spyro." He said.

Once again the dragon seemed faster than it seemed possible. Spyro barely had time to dodge another glob of acid as the dragon seemingly appeared in front of him. As the purple dragon sidestepped the attack he spun sweeping his tail around and tripping the black dragon. The black dragon stumbled but regained his balance quicker than Spyro could have expected the purple dragon jumped backwards but wasn't quick enough. The black dragon slashed with his claws tearing a gash in Spyro's chest. The purple dragon roared in pain at the wound.

By this point most all of the party guests had stopped what they were doing to watch the fight. Anyone who hadn't been watching had their attention drawn by Spyro's sudden roar. Their shock at the sudden mood change kept them from jumping in to stop the youngsters.

Cynder charged across the ground to where the dragons were. As she closed in the black dragon spun around to face her, his tail blade stopping just in front of her throat.

"You've slowed down a lot Cynder. I expected better from the two dragons who bested Malefor."

The dragoness stood stunned in place as the dragon's tail-blade quivered anxiously in front of her throat. "I should think I should end this here- the dragon suddenly lurched to the side as Spyro rammed into his side.

"Stay away from her!" Spyro yelled at the dragon, furious that he had almost killed her.

"Now tell us what you want." Cynder said baring her teeth menacingly.

The black dragon got to his feet again and looked around to see the other dragons starting to approach him. With a snort he turned back to Spyro and Cynder. "Meet near the oracle if you want to figure this out." With those quick words the dragon lifted himself off and flew away into the night.

"What was that all about?" Cynder asked.

"I don't know. Are you okay Cynder?" The dragon asked looking the dragoness over.

"A little shaken but I'm okay." She in turn looked at Spyro. She gasped when she saw the gash that was bleeding out across his chest covering his crest in blood.

"We have to get you fixed up now." She said urgently, leading the dragon off towards the guardians.

Spyro didn't pay her much attention. He didn't notice all the eyes staring at them. He didn't notice anything he just watched the spot where the black dragon had disappeared in the sky. He had a bad feeling about what was about to happen.