A/N: Well here it is, after a month of writing I finally finished it, so enjoy!

The group of six dragons sped over the environment below them, the burnt black wastelands passing under them in a blur. The wasteland known as the Burned Lands was a twisted black mass of torn land. Amidst the tangle of broken land were many horrors and atrocities, but the dragons who flew overhead where not looking for them this day.

Their attention was instead focused on the path before them. They flew straight for the massive volcano that jutted out of the land. All of the dragons were silent, as the tension built, as they all knew that the final battle was at hand.

All of the dragons were looking dead ahead, all except for Cynder. The dragoness looked back and forth to her friends. Each of them wore determined faces, and while Cynder couldn't disagree with their determination she had to worry a little. Her eyes slid over to stare at Spyro.

Cynder could not deny that she was worried about him. They were already headed towards the fight of their lives, but that was not what was on Cynder's mind at the moment. What she worried about was that the purple dragon could be losing himself. She had seen first-hand the vicious way that he had killed Trias. While it was true that he had to die, the way the dragon had gone about it had sent a chill down her spine. Even now they were on their way to kill more dragons, their own kind.

Suddenly, the dragoness turned to the violet. "Spyro are you feeling alright?"

The purple dragon turned his head to face her with a befuddled look. "Of course, why wouldn't I be?" He asked.

"I don't know, I…I just…" The dragoness trailed off, losing her momentum as suddenly as it had built up.

"What is it Cynder? I don't want you to go into this fight with a cluttered mind." Spyro countered, hoping to coax the dragoness into telling him.

After a seemingly long pause the black dragoness turned to face Spyro again. "Spyro, what happened back there-

"What with Solris?" The dragon interrupted thinking he knew what she was talking about.

"No, no, I don't mind that, Solris is on our side despite what anyone says." Cynder explained while shaking her head.

"Then what are you worried about?" Spyro asked while cocking his head to the side.

The dragoness gave a sigh as she didn't want to directly say it, but she saw no other option. "Spyro, what about Trias?" She asked finally.

"What about him?" The violet dragon asked his eyes narrowing.

"He was…he was one of us." The dragoness stuttered.

"What do you mean?" Spyro said not catching on and surprised at the comparison.

"He was a dragon, just like us…and you just killed him." Cynder argued.

"What did you want me to do?" Spyro asked. "I mean I couldn't just leave him there."

"Was there really no other way? Spyro he was one of us, a dragon, our own species." Cynder said, and Spyro just then realized the full depth of her concern.

"Cynder, you have to understand these dragons are not like us. They are corrupted beasts, who put the rest of our race to shame." The dragon countered.

There was a long silence between the two as Cynder's head turned back towards the landscape of blackened hills below them. After a moment she spoke again without turning to face the purple dragon. "I was like them once you know, Solris too."

Spyro sighed. "Cynder you know that we don't think of you as one of them. When you were corrupted by Malefor, it wasn't your fault."

"It wasn't their fault either; they were born into that evil." Cynder countered, the purple dragon's argument doing nothing to change her mood.

"There was a difference though you fought the corruption and you won, Solris too. They accepted their fate; we can't change their mind, not now. If there had been any hint at them changing back to normal I would have acted on it." Spyro said shaking his head.

"I don't know Spyro, I'm not sure if I can just kill another dragon, apes sure, but dragons are…different."

"Then leave that part to us. Cynder one way or another this is going to end, and remember that they won't hesitate to kill you if you don't kill them first." Spyro said his tone turning serious.

There was another long pause between the two. "I guess there isn't any way around it." The dragoness said hanging her head in sorrow.

"Trust me Cynder I don't like it either, I didn't want to kill Trias, but for the world to be rid of this terror we have to kill them." Spyro said in a gentler tone as he tried to reassure her.

Cynder said nothing and only nodded, feeling as though she didn't have the strength to speak.

"Just trust me, we'll get through this." Spyro said letting his wing overlap with Cynder's slightly.

The dragoness gave no response, but Spyro didn't have much he could say to make her feel any better.

The dragons flew on for only a few minutes before they all saw what they were looking for. The volcano that stood under Malefor's lair was belching fire and ash every few moments. Although the dragons were still in the distance they could see small specs, four to be precise, each of them standing on the rim of the volcano. Before them a bluish spirit was disappearing, shattering into thousands of small strands of light.

"There they are!" Spyro shouted above the wind.

"What just happened?" Aegis asked, as he watched the spirit disappear completely.

"I don't know but we have to stop them, now!" Spyro yelled back.

There was a pause of silence as the group flew ever closer to the dark dragons.

"Then we are with you." Cynder said with a slight nod, and a comforting smile.

The others nodded in unison, agreeing with the dragoness fully. They had all come this far and they wouldn't stop now.

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Spyro said, more to himself than anyone else. Although the words were said softly Cynder still heard them and smiled.

As the dragons hurtled forward, Astir, by some insane stroke of luck, looked up to see them. The dragon grinned showing his white fangs. His smile didn't go unnoticed, and Reave, curious, followed the dragon's line of sight.

Upon seeing the dragons Reave quickly turned back to Astir. "Throw the scale into the volcano!" He growled forcefully.

"No, not yet." Astir replied still peering at the dragons who were rapidly growing in size.

"Are you crazy?" Reave asked, as the volcano rumbled, shaking the ground beneath their claws.

"Astir throw the scale in! You can't expect us to fight them, not now!" Erutos yelled approaching the black dragon.

"I'll throw it into the volcano when I damn well please!" The dragon shot back. "We have unfinished business to take care of. So the scale will have to wait!"

"You're insane!" Reave murmured.

"Astir, just throw the scale in…" Krista said trailing off as she was still tired from the beating she had taken earlier. "For me." She added.

Astir looked her over for more than a few moments before replying. "No, these dragons have thwarted us from day one. Now they pay!" The dragon roared.

Spyro heard the black dragon's roar, which sent a shiver down his spine. The purple dragon quickly shook off the feeling, as he spread his wings catching the wind, and bringing him to a controlled stop on the ashen lip of the volcano. He heard the flutter of wings as Cynder and the others landed around him. The dragon didn't move his eyes from Astir who stared him down with glaring eyes.

"Astir give up, it's hopeless now." Spyro said.

"Give up?" The dragon paused to laugh. "I think you forget, I hold the scale of Raknos, one little move, and the world will end."

"You expect us to just turn and leave then? I'll pry the scale from your cold dead talons." Spyro growled. Cynder did well to hide her discomfort at the comment. She still wasn't comfortable with killing her own race, although she was beginning to think that she would have to make an exception.

"Just try." The black dragon taunted with a small smile.

Spyro roared accepting the challenge, as Astir knew he would. The purple dragon leapt forward, and breathed a blast of fire, the red hot flames scorching the ground where Astir had been standing, the black dragon having leapt away a second before. Spyro landed on the ground turning to face the dark dragon, hardly surprised that he had dodged the initial attack.

Each of the dragons sprung into battle, all of them except for Aegis. Azshea, was about to charge forward towards Erutos, but stopped herself when she saw that the lightning dragon wasn't moving.

"Aegis?" The red dragoness asked, although she could see Reave out of the corner of her eye and already knew what was wrong.

"Go somewhere else Azshea. I don't want you to get caught up in this too." The lightning dragon said.

"What? Why? I can fight too!" She exclaimed.

"I don't want to see you get hurt." Aegis said forcefully.

"How nice, my brother has a heart." Reave said his eyes narrowing sinisterly. "Time to break it."

Both Aegis and Azshea had heard the black dragon, but only Aegis moved fast enough. Black flames spread forth from Reave's mouth. Aegis, acting purely on reflex and instinct rammed Azshea with his shoulder, sending her rolling across the dirt. When she looked up shadowy fire was still engulfing the area where Aegis had been standing, the golden dragon being nowhere in sight.

Cynder sidestepped a sharp spike of ice that catapulted towards her. Her head swiveled quickly, locating Krista. The blue dragoness looked wobbly on her paws but had somehow still managed to summon the strength to spit ice. Cynder dove towards the dragoness her claws barred as she propelled herself across the short distance swiftly. She landed close to Krista and whipped her tail in front of her. The blow, which would have proven minor to any dragon as full strength, to Cynder's surprise sent the weary dragoness to the ash covered ground.

Cynder stalked forward to the dragoness who was taking heavy and deep breaths. Her blade like tail rose subconsciously, and only when it was creeping forward did she notice it, and immediately halted the blade in mid-air. The black dragoness stood there at a mental crossroads as she tried to decide on what to do. Her conscious screamed at her to stop, and that it was against everything she knew to kill another dragon. Outside of that in the position she was in, she knew it would be wise to kill her now.

Suddenly, the thoughts flew from her mind as the black dragoness was thrown to the ground. Erutos stood next to her, teeth bared.

"A pity that you couldn't see things our way." The green dragon said. With a quick slam of his paw a pillar of earth burst from the ground striking Cynder in the back of the skull, the devastating blow sending her world spinning. As Erutos stalked closer the dragoness stumbled to her feet trying her hardest to focus herself and her vision for if she didn't she would be dead within seconds.

Solris dove down spinning around on the ground behind Astir her tail spreading out behind her, acting as a tripwire. Astir easily jumped the cord, and simultaneously spat a glob of poison at Spyro who was still holding most of his attention.

"Solris you traitor, showing your face here, you're stupider than I imagined or did you forget?" Suddenly, the black dragoness stopped in her tracks. Astir ducked one of Spyro's quick swipes. As the black dragon went down the dark dragoness leapt forward, tackling Spyro to the soil. "I own you."

Spyro felt the sting in his chest as three slender, but deep claw marks appeared on his chest. The purple dragon stifled a cry as he struggled to push Solris off him.

"Spyro don't worry about me; just get the pendant from Astir…by any means necessary." The black dragoness said, although she could barely force the words out. Spyro nodded, not happy at all about what he was about to do.

The violet dragon kicked with his hind legs sending the dragoness a foot into the air. Once she wasn't making contact with Spyro the violet dragon conjured crackling energy from his body. Lightning struck Solris sending a burning shock through her body, and leaving her to fall to the ground with a dull thud. Spyro had no time to worry about her though as he rolled away from where he was laying, Astir's tail plunged into the earth at that spot.

Aegis burst from the black fires that licked at his body. The dragon's scales were obviously darkened from the blaze, but the fizzling pops of his scales didn't seem to bother him. He dove at Reave head on, and only at the last second turned his body to the side so that he would avoid a direct hit on the larger dragon's chest. Aegis wasn't stupid, and knew that in direct combat he would lose. The golden dragon landed, and lightning blasted from his maw. The potent blast only sent a small shiver down Reave's spine though and the dragon hardly flinched. He instead turned on a vulnerable Aegis.

The black dragon raised a claw ready to strike, but he was interrupted as Azshea bit down on his neck. The crimson dragoness' teeth digging into the dragon's formidable hide. Reave immediately changed directions with his paw, and slapped Azshea away, the massive claws striking a rough blow that sent the dragoness tumbling on the ground. Quicker than Aegis could even register Reave spun on his heel, and swung his tail around like a club, bashing the lightning dragon in the chest sending him soaring through the air towards the lava that lay bubbling inside the volcano.

"Perhaps now is the time to end your pitiful little life." Reave said turning back to Azshea, who was getting back up.

"Reave, can't you just stop this. You were good once, I've heard the story. You could help us end this!" Azshea pleaded as she began to back away from the large dark dragon.

"At one time I would have readily said yes to that." Reave said stopping. The scarlet dragoness looked at him with curiosity wondering if her words had sparked something. "At one point I would have said yes." The dragon clarified. "But now I see this world for what it really is. You, my brother, and your friends, you are all a blight on this world. No, I won't stop, and now it's time to end you're wretched existence." The dragon said as he stalked forward.

As Erutos lunged forward towards a dazed Cynder, the black dragoness saw him coming, but couldn't even bring herself to move, as she could hardly stand straight at that moment.

Out of nowhere the green dragon was tackled in mid-flight, Icryious latching onto him, and sent the two rolling on the ground grappling with each other. Cynder shook her head trying to rid herself of the dizziness that had beset her. As the dragoness reopened her eyes, the blurriness was gone, but the throbbing pain in the back of her head was still there.

A sudden growl brought her back to attention as Krista lurched towards her, the ice dragoness' maw open wide, her sharp fangs bared. Cynder ducked the blue dragoness and turned herself around. She immediately had to take a few steps back as Krista swung viciously at her with razor-sharp talons.

Cynder retaliated with a burst of shadow fire, which scorched empty ground. Then before Krista could return an attack the black dragoness leapt away using her control of the wind to send her into the air swiftly.

Aegis flipped himself over as he flew through the air. His chest still sore from the heavy blow Reave had dealt him. The dragon could feel the heat intensify as he started to descend, and once he had turned over he knew why. The lightning dragon was heading straight for the lava in the volcano. Aegis flapped his strong wings as quickly as he could, effectively stopping himself, mere feet from the burning liquid.

The dragon breathed a sigh of relief, and waved his wings more rapidly to lift himself away from the lava. Out of nowhere there was a bubbling sound, and a sudden pop as lava burst into the air. Aegis snapped his body out of the way avoiding the airborne liquid. Seeing the danger he was in the dragon turned back towards the nine dragons, who were still fighting furiously on the rim of the volcano.

The golden dragon sped off towards them, his strong wings propelling him swiftly through the air. After a moment though Aegis saw the real potential of the volcano below him, as lava began to burst up from all places. The thick orange liquid spraying all around him, Aegis beat his wings faster as he tried to escape the suddenly violent volcano. He rolled to the left and then veered back to the right to avoid two more showers of magma.

As he evened out in the sky he saw Reave approaching Azshea, the red dragoness backing away slowly, fear in her eyes. His blood began to boil as he thought about the black dragon. As a result he pushed himself harder, speeding up his flight. Within seconds the golden dragon reached the lip of the volcano, and dropped into a dive.

Aegis landed on Reave's back with devastating force. The blow sending the black dragon to the ground, slamming his face in the dirt, as powerful as the attack had been it seemed to hardly faze him as he growled and began to pick himself back up. As he worked his way to his paws Aegis clung to his back biting, and tearing at him.

The black dragon chuckled as he felt the blows, the sharp talons feeling like pin pricks. "So foolish little brother, you must realize that it won't work."

"Perhaps we should try something else then." Aegis murmured, more to himself than to his brother.

Aegis suddenly let up his assault, and instead wrapped himself around the black dragon, while he began to gather his energy. Reave noticed this immediately, and began to jostle the dragon in any way he could. He didn't get far though as a blast of fire enveloped him. The flames licking his body, and obscured his vision, the fires quickly let up though, and Azshea took her chance, tackling the dragon in the chest. The blow itself did little to hurt the black dragon, but her plan wasn't to kill the dragon, only to distract him.

Her plan seemed to work as Reave swiped at her, which she easily ducked away from. Azshea's attention was turned back to Aegis as he suddenly got up once again this time releasing a horrifying roar that even scared Azshea slightly.

The noise sent chills down everyone's spin, even Reave's. The snarl was followed quickly as dark clouds seemed to sweep in out of nowhere, bringing with them a rough wind. Only seconds after they appeared the sky began to light up, first slowly, but growing rapidly. Finally, with a thundering crack lightning bolted down from the sky, the massive plume of electrical energy blasting the ground right on top of Aegis, and Reave.

All of the dragons were blown back from the blast of the impact. Azshea flew the farthest, tumbling through the air until she regained her control of her body. As the dragoness leveled out she looked back to the spot where Reave and Aegis had been. Now there was a massive crack in the rim of the volcano, with lava rushing through the opening and down the side.

Azshea peered frantically through the dust that had been kicked up by the lighting, but found no sign of Aegis, or his brother.

The explosion rocked across the rim of the volcano sweeping all of the dragons off of their feet. Spyro rolled tumbled across the ground as the rocks beneath his talons trembled. The purple dragon quickly regained balance, only to find Astir leaping atop him. The black dragon landed on Spyro's back, and the violet dragon reared back in protest. Astir was hardly swayed by the act, and he continued to rip into Spyro's scales.

Thinking quickly the violet drake threw himself to the dirt. He landed on his side rolling over, and grinding Astir into the dirt. He writhed on the ground for a good minute before he felt the black dragon's talons and teeth loosen on his body. As soon as he felt it Spyro rolled over again and sprang upright.

Spyro's victory didn't last long though as Solris swooped in, and plowed him back to the earth. The black dragoness was obviously not acting of her own will, but she couldn't seem to stop herself. Spyro pushed his thoughts aside, and pushed himself away from the dragoness, just as her tail blade slammed into the ground. Luckily, she still seemed tired from the blow that Spyro had dealt her earlier, but the violet dragon knew that he would have to get that pendant from Astir soon, or be forced to put Solris down for good.

Shaking the last thought from his head Spyro zoned in on Astir who was grinning sadistically at him. He knew he had the upper hand, as he controlled Solris' movements. Spyro leaped across the dirt at him ready to kill.

Icryious launched himself horizontally across the ground, a massive spike of earth emerging from the ground where he had just been. The dragon continued this movement working his way closer to Erutos who, during the explosion, had somehow managed to get away from him. The dragon launched himself forward again. This time in mid-flight he fired a spike of ice. The spear like object cut through the air. Erutos, distracted by using his powers to control the earth, could only dodge slightly. The ice clipped his shoulder, although the hit was minor it tore through this scales leaving a fairly large gash in the dragon's skin. Icryious took no time to revel in his small victory, and instead sprinted forward while his opponent was distracted.

It appeared though that it was want Erutos wanted, for as the dragon sprinted forward, the seemingly hurt Erutos slammed his paw on the ground, sending a slab of earth to tilt suddenly. The portion of earth sent Icryious sprawling through the air as he hadn't been expecting an attack. The earth dragon seized the opportunity, and sprung towards the prone ice dragon. Erutos deftly spun his tail around slamming Icryious back into the earth.

Cynder ducked her head down, and snapped her body up and down, avoiding a steady barrage of ice spikes. Krista stood on the ground conjuring the icy spears, never faltering. Despite her unwavering attacks Cynder could see, even from the sky that the dragoness was growing weary, and that using her element so much would only tire her out more. Cynder only had to play for time and wait for the ice dragoness to seal her fate, the black dragoness rolled away from another spike before regaining her balance. She looked down again to see Krista readying to fire another spike of ice, although she seemed to be slowing down as she strained to fire another spike of ice.

Cynder took her chance, and dove down towards the dragoness. In mid-dive Cynder realized just how much danger she was in as Krista finally managed to launch he elemental attack. The ice spike soared through the air towards Cynder's slim body. The black dragoness' eyes widened in surprise, as the ice moved closer. With only milliseconds to spare the dragoness spun her body in a small circle. Cynder watched as the ice flew past her, unfortunately, she hadn't quite moved out of firing range and she felt pain rip through her body as the icy spear cut down her chest.

The dragoness finished her roll, and continued her dive towards Krista. The ice dragoness could already see this, and tried in vain to conjure her element once more. She didn't get the chance though, as Cynder slammed into her sending both of them rolling along the ground. As their momentum began to give out Krista kicked with her hind legs separating Cynder from her.

As Cynder got back up she was surprised to see Krista diving at her, teeth bared. Cynder hardly knew what to do. She crouched down, and dived forward, coming in below Krista's jaw. Cynder opened her own maw, and caught the dragoness in her throat. Cynder's ferocious attack struck harder, and there was a loud snap as the two tumbled to the ground.

Cynder kept her mouth wrapped around Krista's neck for a few long minutes. After the initial shock had left her Cynder stood back up, and stared down at Krista's now lifeless body. She could hardly believe what she had just done. The dragoness could feel her sorrow welling up, at the realization of what had happened. Cynder wrenched her eyes away from the ice dragoness' corpse. Cynder slowly stepped away from the body wanting to forget what she had done. The dragoness tried to push the thought from her mind as her eyes fell on Spyro. Cynder could clearly tell he was in trouble as Solris and Astir both pounced and swiped at him.

Azshea watched the lava flow from the massive gap in the volcano's rim. She scanned the area looking for some sign of Aegis, all the while praying to the ancestors for his safety. Despite her frantic searching she found nothing. Floating in the air, beating her large leathery wings to stay afloat, the dragoness ran out of ideas. A sudden crackle of electricity sent the dragoness spinning in the air. Her eyes focused on the spot seconds later, to find Aegis and Reave spinning in the air in a frenzied dance, each of them clawing and biting at each other, Aegis having just sent a strand of lightning at Reave, hitting the dragon dead on.

Azshea shook her head as she realized that Aegis needed help. She beat her wings, building up her forward momentum until she was flying steadily towards them. She watched with apprehension as the two dragons separated, and collided again and again. They only stayed together for seconds, just long enough to strike a few blows, before launching off into the air again, to avoid plummeting to the ground below.

As the scarlet dragoness neared the two dragons, she spat a few fireballs in Reave's direction, when she could. Two of them hit the dragon, although the flames seemed to bounce off of his scaly exterior. The dragoness growled in irritation before swooping in, and biting down on the black dragon's wing, grinding the bone segment between her teeth.

Reave grunted, but otherwise gave no outward sign that he was in pain. The black dragon turned his head around and breathed a blast of shadow fire. Azshea was forced to release the dragon as the black flames licked at her body.

Her attack had done its part though, as she glided away from the large dragon she looked back to see Aegis plummet into Reave. The golden dragon was glowing with electrical energy as he executed his devastating attack. Reave was caught head on by the blow, which knocked him from his position sending him on a quick spiral down to earth.

Azshea hovered alongside Aegis as they watched the black dragon fall. "Are you alright?" She asked worried. After the lightning had struck she couldn't be sure about his health.

"I'm fine, just a little worn." Aegis said rolling his shoulders, never taking his eyes off of his brother, who was still falling, and beginning to pick up speed.

"Are you sure there is no other way to do this?" Azshea asked, noting the dragon's eyes, and how they were pinned to his brother.

Aegis watched with a heavy heart as his brother fell. He knew the answer; he knew what he had to do. Unfortunately, that made the task no easier. His heart grew heavier still as he watched Reave pull out of his dive, and begin to climb back towards them. He had hoped that Reave would fall to the ground, and that would have been the end of it, he wasn't sure that he could kill Reave face to face.

"I am sure." Aegis said, although his voice didn't sound very convincing.

Azshea didn't question him; she hardly had the time to as she looked back down Reave was rushing up to meet her.

Spyro pushed off of the ground to avoid Solris who dived forward. As soon as his paws touched down he was immediately back-peddling as Astir came forward swinging his fore limbs furiously. After a moment the black dragon feinted with left claw before coming in with his right. Spyro, who was quickly tiring fell for the trick, and felt three deep lacerations form in his left shoulder. The purple dragon dropped to the ground as his shoulder began to bleed.

He tried to pull himself up, knowing that Astir would be on him any second. As much as he tried though, his shoulder wouldn't allow weight on his left fore-leg. The violet dragon watched as Astir closed in waving his tail blade menacingly. "I'm going to enjoy this." The dragon chuckled.

Spyro flinched as he saw Astir's tail snap down towards him. The purple dragon felt the tip enter his skin, but just as the blade began to enter, it was yanked back out. Spyro's eyes snapped open as the metal's rude exit route pained him. He looked up to see Cynder wrestling with Astir. The dragoness was thrashing at him with her claws, and occasionally trying to bite him.

After a few seconds Solris tackled the dragoness off of Astir, and as Solris and Cynder began to struggle with each other as Astir picked himself back up. The dragon laughed as he watched Cynder try to fend off Solris without seriously injuring her. "Even you can't hope to stop us Cynder!" He said.

Cynder growled, and breathed a wave of shadow fire, stunning Solris, before throwing the black dragoness off of her body. Cynder rolled over forcing herself up. The dragoness' eyes connected with Astir's in a matter of milliseconds. They eyed each other wearily, neither knowing what the other would do.

Cynder took a small step forward and almost immediately Astir raised his tail poising the blade only a few inches above Spyro's throat. The black dragon grinned, "Don't do anything you'll regret now." The dragoness glared at him, knowing that she was beaten.

"One more step, and I'll kill him." The dragon threatened still grinning. "Actually, why wait?" The dragon asked himself shaking his head as if he was being stupid. "Hell, I've been waiting for too long already!" The dragon yelled, as he plunged his tail blade forward towards Spyro's vulnerable neck.

"No!" Cynder yelled as she sped off towards Astir. The dragoness knew that she wouldn't make it in time, but she continued to run anyway.

As the metal tail tip began its descent the purple dragon quickly summoned his element, and smacked the ground with his claw, and right on time a small shield of earth popped up, the earth shield catching Astir's tail at the last second.

The black dragon's face was one of pure confusion. Just as he realized what was happening Cynder tackled him bringing both dragons to the ground again.

As soon as the immediate threat was over Spyro forced himself up. He grunted through the searing pain in his shoulder, trying his hardest to ignore it. The purple dragon flinched as he got to his full height, but turned to see Cynder wrestling with Astir, all the while making her way steadily closer to the amulet that hung around his neck.

Out of the corner of his eye Spyro noted a black figure, and he immediately summoned his element, launching a bolt of lightning that shocked Solris to her core. The blow would have normally left the dragoness sprawled on the ground, but the amulet that possessed her forced her onward. Solris stumbled forward ramming Spyro with her horns. The hit was not very effective, but it sent both of the weakened dragons backwards on shaky footing.

Cynder pushed her head to the side as Astir's claw swooped by nearly striking her. The dragoness swiped with her own talons, but found that any move she had planned Astir was ready for her. A sudden idea came to the dragoness, and she opened her maw releasing a terrifying high-pitched screech. The sound rendered Astir immobile, but Cynder knew that it would only last a few moments, if that. Luckily, a few moments were all that she needed. The slim dragoness quickly worked her talon under the small chain around Astir's neck, and pulled. The metal woven chain snapped, and with the amulet in her paw Cynder tossed the small trinket into the nearby lava.

As the amulet sunk down into the burning liquid it cracked, and shattered, sending a small pulse out from itself. As the amulet broke Solris stumbled, and suddenly all of the pain and weariness hit her like a brick wall. Solris' eyes rolled back, and she fell to the ground with a thud, before lying still.

Icryious fired a spike of ice, forcing Erutos to leap to the side to avoid being skewered. The green dragon landed on the ground with a rumble. Icryious felt the vibrations, and rolled away from where he was standing. As soon as he had moved a spear of earth shot up from the ground.

Icryious rushed the green dragon ramming him with his horns, and with a roar of anger, tossed the earth dragon into the sky. Erutos beat his wings a few times floating up into the air as he tried to regain his lost breath. Icryious however never stopped his attack. The dragon summoned as much of his element as he could, and loosed six spears of ice into the air.

The sharp ice flew through the air, hurtling towards a prone Erutos. The earth dragon managed to dodge two of the spike, but the other four sliced through him. Three spears hit his wings one piercing his right wing and the other two cutting through his left. The fourth spear embedded itself into the dragon's ribcage.

Erutos fell out of the sky, and landed roughly on the ground. The dragon coughed as he felt blood well up in his throat. Erutos watched as Icryious slowly approached, an air of victory swirling around his figure.

As the ice dragon reached Erutos he wanted nothing more than to let him bleed out where he lay. After everything he had done he deserved as much. Icryious swept the thoughts from his mind and turned his head as he delivered the finishing blow.

Azshea let out a muffled cry as Reave slammed into her, head first. The dragoness felt Reave move his head, and toss her away through the air. The crimson dragoness flipped over so that her stomach was facing the ground. It took her a moment to adjust her wings enough to fly, as if she just extended them they would have simply popped from their sockets. Within a moment the dragoness beat her wings a few short times and leveled herself off.

Although she had managed to keep herself from plummeting to the ground the dragoness found that she had no time to raise herself higher into the sky. While Azshea was focusing on her flight path, Reave had stayed in hot pursuit. As the red dragoness leveled off in the sky, Reave had rapidly caught up to the dragoness and tackled her in mid-flight. Reave hardly made any attempt to attack as the two dropped from the sky, he simply dug in his claws and held the dragoness in place, preventing her from squirming away. Azshea screamed in pain as the black dragon's claws sunk into her scaly skin.

She could see through her watering eyes that the ground, although still a good ways away was approaching much faster than before. Suddenly, an idea came to the dragoness, and she began to concentrate, ignoring the pain in her body. At first there was no real change but over the course of a few seconds Azshea's body began to heat up, becoming steadily warmer. Reave noted this, but did nothing more than what he was already doing.

After almost ten seconds of falling the dragoness' body had super-heated, and the sting of the scorching dragoness was starting to tear at Reave's rough exterior. He could feel his scales melting from the dragoness' touch. As a final act Azshea's head snapped forward biting down on his forearm, and sinking her teeth into the dragon's scales, and this time tearing right through them, for they had been softened by the excessive heat.

This maneuver was the last straw and Reave, released the dragoness, wanting nothing more than to separate himself from the searing dragoness. Azshea wasted no time in adjusting herself again, slowly coming to a steady float. When she turned to where she had last seen Reave she flinched in surprise to see a golden streak speed by her. By the time she had shifted her head down Aegis had smashed into Reave, sending the two on the same hurtle that she had just been through, except this time there would be no chance to pull out of the dive. Azshea dived after them at a more easily controlled pace. She knew there was no point to hurry, as she would never catch them in time. Her mind ran circles as she watched the two fall down to earth, her only hope was that when she reached the ground Aegis would still be alive.

Aegis bit and clawed at Reave as he moved around the larger dragon's body, constantly avoiding his grasp. With every step touch he could feel Reave's searing body, and knew in his mind that Azshea had been behind it. Why else would he have let her go, so willingly? Aegis spree of continued hits lasted for only a moment though as Reave grasped him, placing a tight grip around his neck.

As Aegis struggled against the choking hand, Reave stared up at him, his face a clam one. "If I am going to die, I'll at least take you with me." He said, and Aegis could hardly hear him against the wind.

"Why? You'll only help end the world!" Aegis said in a raspy voice. When Reave didn't respond he continued on. "Snap out of it Reave! Think of what Malefor did, he killed our parents, he tried to destroy the world!" The dragon paused for a moment. "He made you into what you are now."

There was a moment's pause before the black dragon spoke again. "It's too late for me Aegis, you can't change me now." The dragon said, and Aegis' heart sank, as he stared into his former brother's eyes.

"But, it's not too late for you." The dragon said, seeming as though he was forcing the words.

Aegis' eyes opened wide, and his jaw dropped. Almost before he registered the words Reave placed his hind legs on the golden dragon's chest, and pushed as hard as he could, launching the dragon upwards, effectively slowing him down, so that he could pull out of his dive. Aegis' eyes watered as he watched his brother fall, there was the faintest hint of a smile on the black dragon's face just before he crashed into the ground below, sending up a wave of dust and debris.

Aegis glided down allowing the dust to clear from the spot where his brother had fallen. He landed a few moments later, and stumbled through the dusty atmosphere, until he came upon a small crater. He knew he had found the spot. As the dust cleared, and his vision came to him he saw Reave's broken corpse. The dragon had already passed on. Despite this Aegis stared at him for what seemed like hours, hardly believing that it had really happened.

"Are you alright?" Azshea asked quietly as she approached the golden dragon. From her vantage point she had seen, what had happened but hadn't heard the words that were exchanged.

"He was back to himself." Aegis said after a long pause.

"What?" Azshea asked, surprised, but trying to keep her tone light.

"Right before he saved me, he told me…" The dragon trailed off as he remembered the moment, which had passed before he knew it. "Told me it wasn't too late, for me, and then he saved my life." He finished sadly.

"He really did all of that?" Azshea asked in disbelief.

Aegis nodded, before turned to face her with watering eyes. "He was his old self…I know it, but now…"

Azshea quickly stepped forward and caught the dragon in a tight hug. "It's okay."

Aegis didn't say anything he just stood there as thoughts of his brother swirled around him. "Everything is fine; Reave is in a better place now." Azshea said, although in her mind the words sounded ridiculous. Reave, the dragon who had harassed all of them, and helped in the plan to bring about the end of the planet itself, in a better place. Although, Azshea knew that it wasn't technically his fault, as he had been corrupted, the words still sounded funny. The dragoness pushed the thoughts away from her mind as she squeezed Aegis all the tighter.

"Azshea, we need to go." Aegis said his voice suddenly more collected.

"Are you sure?" Azshea asked taking a step back so that she could see the dragon face to face.

Aegis nodded, although the crimson dragoness could see that behind his stern face was a dragon on the verge of a breakdown. Azshea only nodded not wanting to break the dragon's mask. Without another word the two flew up back towards the rim of the volcano and the others.

Spyro got up again his shoulder sending a wave of pain through his body. The dragon pushed through it though as he came up next to Cynder, the black dragoness having been forced away from Astir. The two stood together facing the black dragon who looked haggard after all of the fighting he had gone through, although the same could be said for Spyro and Cynder, who each sported their own wounds.

"Give it up Astir, you've lost." Spyro said.

"On the contrary, you may have gotten, Solris back, but I still have the scale." Astir chided.

A sudden burst of fire from Spyro forced the dragon to back pedal into the air. The purple dragon's attack was quickly followed by a gust of wind from Cynder, which sent Astir on a short tumble, straight into the volcano. The black dragon sunk without a sound his body wrapped around the scale. There was a long silence after the dragon had disappeared. Spyro was the first to break it.

"Don't tell me we just…" Spyro said trailing off.

"We did…" Cynder said staring at the lava were Astir had sunk.

Both dragons stood in silence staring at the volcano, neither daring to move. The silence was broken as Solris groaned in pain, and the volcano seemed to rumble in response.

"What happened? Where's Astir?" Icryious asked, running over to the two dragons.

"In the volcano." Spyro said solemnly.

The ice dragon grinned, but stopped when he noticed that no one else was sharing in his happiness. "What?"

"He fell in with the scale." Cynder said, and Icryious jaw seemed to drop to the ground.

"So the world is going to end?" Solris asked as she staggered towards them.

No one answered the question as the volcano rumbled once again.

"We couldn't have come this far for this to happen!" Icryious said angrily stamping his paw on the ground.

"What can we do?" Spyro asked.

"You stopped the world from falling apart before, do it again!" Icryious stated insistently.

Spyro didn't have time to respond as the volcano rumbled a third time, and the lava exploded into the air. All of the dragons turned with wide eyes, as among the burning magma emerged another dragon. This one a full size adult, as black as Astir but with small cracks of orange appeared on his scales. The lines appearing as veins of magma, the dragon's red piercing eyes stared down at Spyro, and a familiar grin spread across the giant dragon's face.

"What the-

Spyro never finished his sentence as the dragon's tail whipped around colliding with him and Cynder, sending both dragons through the air before rolling on the rough soil.

As Spyro began to pick himself up he heard a sound that boomed like thunder. "Thought, I was dead, didn't you?" It said, although the sound was loud enough to make the dragon's ears ring.

"Astir?" Spyro said out loud. "But, how?"

Icryious landed next to Spyro and helped him back to his paws. "I think I know what's going on." He said staring at Astir who was busy examining his new adult body.

"What? How?" Spyro asked quickly.

"If Astir, and the Scale of Raknos entered the volcano then I bet that Astir absorbed the Scale's power." Icryious explained.

"So he has all of the power from the Scale of Raknos?" Spyro asked, and Icryious nodded. "Wouldn't that make him invincible?" Spyro asked.

"Possibly, but I doubt it, being strong doesn't make you immune to death." Icryious stated.

"Then it looks like we have one more fight on our claws." Spyro said giving a small smirk. "Any suggestions?"

Icryious shook his head, as Spyro had expected. The two were interrupted by another booming sound. "I guess I'll just have to destroy the world myself." Astir said as he turned towards Spyro, grinning. "Starting with you all, I'll tear you limb from limb!" He yelled menacingly as he leaped towards them.

The smaller dragons all dived out of the way of the now adult dragon. Icryious was the first to attack, firing a few spikes of ice at the dragon, which hit his rock hard skin, and shattered, into tiny icy particles.

Astir laughed, and lunged for the dragon. He wrapped Icryious in his paw, and began to squeeze the life out of him. The ice guardian had little defense, and was forced to wait as his breath was forced out of his lungs. His only hope lying in his friends to somehow save him.

His hopes seemed to be well placed as a sudden lightning bolt struck Astir near the eye. Aegis landed on the ground by the large dragon, marveling at the sudden transformation. Azshea took another approach, and flew straight at the large black dragon, latching onto his face. The crimson dragoness hacked away with her talons at anything see could find. Astir roared with anger, and stood on his hind legs before shaking the dragoness off. As he stood up the dragon loosened his grip, and Icryious fell to the ground breathing, heavily. Azshea gave one swoop of her wings, spitting a few small fireballs as she fell back to the ground with a graceful landing.

Astir turned around suddenly feeling a biting pain on his backside. Cynder had only just finished spitting a glob of green poison on him when the large dragon was upon her. She jumped into the air to avoid Astir's claw. The black dragoness didn't quite clear the jump though and as she was clipped she fell to the ground roughly.

Cynder luckily retained enough sense to roll as she landed moving her out of Astir's claws, which slashed down on the spot she had been at. Astir was more persistent this time though and opened his mouth unleashing a flow of dark fire which enveloped Cynder.

As the black dragoness faded from view Spyro loosed a few bolts of lightning, the shots doing nothing more than grab Astir's attention, which sent Spyro to the air, as the dragon stabbed at his position with his sharp tail.

Astir was about to breathe another wave of shadow fire at Spyro but stalled himself as he felt the shocks of lightning bolts on his hind legs. The attacks felt to him like small pin pricks, and he chuckled loudly at the feeble attempt. His tail swooped around catching Aegis in the side, and sending him tumbling away through the air.

When he turned back to face Spyro the purple dragon landed on his face, just as Azshea had done. Within moments Spyro exhaled a burst of white hot fire. The flames licking the dragon's face, sending him into a disoriented flailing.

The black flames that covered Cynder suddenly burnt out as the dragon harnessed her power over wind, snuff out the fires. She looked over to see the unfolding scene, and watched as Astir tried to remove Spyro from his face. After a moment she noticed Solris who was sneaking around the dragon's back, and seemed to be making her way to his belly. Cynder leapt off the ground, and beat her wings making a long arc around Astir, so that she would not be noticed. Although she found that to be a slim chance as Spyro still had him distracted, she landed next to Solris making the dragoness jump at her sudden appearance.

"Follow me." Were the only instructions that she was given.

As Astir grabbed at Spyro more frequently, the violet dragon jumped away to avoid the large dragon's paws, which had almost caught him multiple times. As he leapt away Azshea put her plan into action. She hurtled forward, summoning her fiery energy. The element encompassed her figure making her appear as though she was a shooting star. The red dragoness bashed Astir's side sending the already off-balance dragon onto his side.

As he fell over Solris signaled for Cynder to follow her lead before sprinting off towards the fallen dragon, as the Astir was still acclimating to his new body he had a bit more trouble as he tried to right himself again. As he maneuvered around he felt two sharp pains in his belly as Cynder, and Solris began to slash away at his softer skin.

The dragon's body was still tough and leathery there, but it was much easier to tear through than at his dark black scales. The two dragoness' took advantage of that for the few moments they had before Astir managed to get back to his paws, and they were forced to back away, but not before leaving many gashes that were even then beginning to bleed openly.

As Solris and Cynder backed away Astir took in a sharp breath, before exhaling, catching both of them in a wave of shadow fire. Solris and Cynder didn't notice but the fires had caught Icryious, Azshea, and Spyro as well, leaving all of them too cook in the massive wave of black fire.

That would have been the end of the group there, but luckily Aegis had been previously tossed away by Astir. Now the golden dragon bolted back, and quickly understood the peril his friends were in. He wasted no time launching himself towards Astir, and landing on his face. The initial shook of the landing left the black dragon stunned as he had forgotten about the golden dragon. Aegis smirked before spitting a bolt of lightning straight into the dragon's left eye. The electricity knocked out the dragon's eye forming a bloody hole there instead.

Astir roared in agony as he felt his eye explode, and clawed near his face in wild anger, but Aegis was already gone. The yellow dragon dropped down to where the others were, as the fires extinguished, and they all moved their burning bodies hoping to cool down. Spyro was the first to recover from the blow, and he stared at Astir who was breathing heavily and poking at the area where his eye used to be.

"Just give up Astir! You can't win, you're outnumbered!" Spyro yelled, and the dragon stopped what he was doing to stare at the dragon with his one good eye. Spyro had to stop himself from turning away from the gruesome image as there was now a bloody mass on the dragon's face where his eye socket was.

"Numbers don't win everything." Astir said. "You forget that I hold the power of Scale of Raknos, and with it I'll crush you and your friends!" The dragon yelled.

With a roar of defiance from the black dragon the lava in the volcano behind him arced into the air, and flew down towards the dragons.

"Move!" Spyro yelled, as the dragons dived out of the way to avoid being melted by hot magma.

Spyro rolled forward and came up to his paws launching a burst of ice spikes which embedded themselves into the dragon's skin, but only barely. The violet dragon then ducked out of the way as another burst of lava swamped where he was standing. Spyro jumped into the air, and spat a fire ball at Astir before flying away through the air. As he flew though he heard a strange noise, and did a barrel roll. He found a moment later that if he had not then he would have been charred by lava a column of lava. The purple dragon dived to avoid another stream of the liquid.

As Spyro maneuvered there was a sudden cry, and the purple dragon turned in surprise to see Solris leap out of the way of another wave of lava. She wasn't as lucky as the others though, and some of the thick scorching liquid landed on her hind leg. The dragoness fell to the ground, and tried in futility to brush the small globs off of her scaly skin. She was only partially successful as the places that were touched by the lava would be extremely burnt in the future, but luckily she managed to remove most all of the liquid.

As she was distracted though, Astir reached down and grabbed her. He would have normally just killed the prone dragoness, but found that Solris was special, and therefore deserved a more unique death. He slowly pulled the struggling dragoness in closer towards his mouth, all the while saying, "You deserve a death that is most horrifying for what you have done, to the seven."

Spyro watched in terror as his friend inched closer to Astir's mouth. He only had one idea, but it was a long shot and would drain him of much of his energy. At this point though he didn't care, anything was an option, and with Solris' life on the line he took little time to debate his actions. The purple dragon planted his feet on the ground, so that he was firmly set.

Solris struggled harder, and harder as she was moved steadily closer to Astir's opening maw. No matter how much she writhed in the massive dragon's paw though, she couldn't escape his grip. Just when she thought doom was certain there was a thunderous boom and beam of purple light smashed into Astir with devastating force. The dragon immediately lost his grip on the slim dragoness as he tried to escape the burning light.

Solris wasted no time, and flew away from the dragon, having no desire to be that close to his mouth again. She knew that the attack had come from Spyro and she nodded in his direction as silent thanks. The purple dragon returned the nod before turning back to Astir, who had regained his composure, had already fired another attack. An entire wave of lava came rushing towards Spyro from all directions.

The purple dragon didn't have time to move from the lava that was growing ever closer. Suddenly, Azshea appeared next to the violet dragon. Spyro flinched when he saw her as he wondered if she knew that she had just moved into certain doom.

As the lava cascaded down upon both dragons, Spyro closed his eyes, but when no burning pain came he opened them again. He was startled to see the cone shaped stream of lava suspended in mid-air just over them. Azshea stood with her wings spread straining on as she concentrated her power. "Raknos wasn't the only fire dragon." She said through strained lips. "Now hurry up and attack, before I lose control of this lava."

Spyro nodded, and began to focus himself once again. Astir could see that the dragon was planning another burst of convexity, and pushed himself harder to make the lava wash over them. As he gathered his energy the lava began to creep closer to the two dragons.

Icryious noted the two dragon's perilous situation, and took it upon himself to stop it. The ice dragon bounded into the sky, and aimed at Astir who was focusing too much to notice him. He reared back his head, and snapped it forward summoning a sharp spear of ice. The frozen liquid shot forward, and within seconds sunk into Astir's right eye, leaving him to roar, and writhe where he stood at the loss of his other orb.

As the dragon lost complete his focus, the lava around Spyro and Azshea dropped to the ground, and Azshea collapsed along with it due to her exertion to keep it at bay. Only moments later Spyro opened his maw and released a second beam of violet light. The purplish hue snapping across the landscape faster than any of the dragon's could register before smashing into Astir, who gave another defiant roar as he was tossed backwards by the force, and thrown once again into the molten core of the volcano.

The dragon splashed against the thick liquid, but to no avail and sunk into the magma shortly after.

The six dragons stood on the rim of the smoking lava filled volcano, watching the red burning substance. Each of them wondering if this time it was over, if this time they had ended the seven dragons of darkness for good. The six stood in silence watching and waiting as if expecting Astir to jump back out and the fight would start anew. No such event occurred.

"Is…is he dead?" Cynder asked.

Spyro tried to speak but the words were stuck in his mouth and it took him a moment to process them, and realize what he was saying. "We did it Cynder, he's gone." Spyro said turning to her with a smile.

A/N: Alright, I just put the epilogue in here because I didn't want to put out the chapter then make you guys wait another month for me to write an epilogue. Just a warning I had no idea what I was doing for this so hopefully it turned out alright.


Fifteen years had passed. It seemed to Spyro as though it was only yesterday that he was making the same journey. The purple dragon, now an adult, flew through the air away from Warfang. His mate, Cynder, beside him, the dragoness having grown in size as well, but managing to keep her lithe form, while Spyro had grown more muscular with age. Spyro looked at her and smiled with satisfaction, the dragoness was still as beautiful as the first day they had met.

"Dad, where are we going?" A small voice asked bringing Spyro from his thoughts.

In front of him a young dragon who was only starting to mature was flying in front of him, twisting his body around as he tried to get a good view of his father, while flying at the same time. The small purple dragon bore a dark crimson crest and black horns and claws. His eyes were purple to match his skin, and were right now filled with inquiry.

"I told you Taelas, you will have to wait until you get there." Spyro said smiling at the little dragon whose curious nature was constantly making him ask the same question over and over again.

"Awww, but dad-

"Taelas you heard your father, it won't be too long now." Cynder chided.

The small purple dragon hung his head as he had been hoping for an answer to the question that had eluded him for the past few weeks.

"Mommy, will you tell me?" Another dragoness asked, this one having dark blue skin and a deep golden crest.

"No, Aria you are no different from your brother." Cynder replied in a calm tone. The younger dragoness slowly dropped back a bit to join her older brother in his pouting.

"Your kids won't stop asking you either, huh?" A voice asked, and Spyro turned to see Aegis, fly up next to him.

"Of course not Aegis, how about yours?" Spyro asked with a small laugh.

"Syra is circling Azshea like a gnat, and I don't think she has stopped to breathe the whole way." Aegis said as he tried to keep from laughing at his own joke.

Before Spyro could respond a small pink dragoness landed on the golden dragon's head. "Speak of the devil." He said rolling his eyes at Spyro. "What is it Syra?" The dragon asked looking up as he tried to get a glance at his daughter.

"Where are we going?" Syra asked in a small squeaking voice.

"I can't tell you, but you'll find out in a little while." Aegis said.

Syra gave a little stamp and Aegis blinked as she hit his head. "Syra go and talk with Aria and Taelas, it will distract you until we get there." Aegis said.

The small pink dragoness seemed to cheer up at this and opened her little sunburst colored wings catching the wind before falling back next to the other two younger dragons.

"Remember when we were that energetic?" Aegis asked.

"Yeah, it was a lot different then." Spyro said thinking about his younger days.

"Spyro!" A voice said making the purple dragon turn. Solris flew down next to him, her body cutting through the wind as it always did. Although Spyro figured it was because of her element not her physical skill, never the less she was the most graceful dragoness in the sky.

"What is it Solris?" Spyro asked.

"You might want to gather up your children, the Burned Lands are drawing near, and they are still relatively unsafe." The black dragoness explained. "Aegis, Icryious is informing Azshea right now, but you might want to rejoin them, just in case."

Aegis nodded. "Thanks for the warning." He said before banking away so that he was closer to Azshea.

Spyro followed suit, he and Solris coming to rest near Cynder. Taelas and Aria coming up in between them, their small wings working double to keep the pace, the rest of the journey passed in silence none of the dragons speaking so that they wouldn't be distracted if something did happen.

The younger generation of dragons stared at the landscape as they passed by. The decrepit black landscapes with lava, and fire still burning on it sent shivers down their spines. Aria becoming so frightened that she flew up, and ducked behind her father's head.

Spyro felt the dragoness' presence, and whispered to her. "Don't worry Aria, there is nothing here that can hurt you, I promise."

The small dragoness felt comforted by her father's words, but didn't move out from behind his head. Taelas just watched in silence taking in the desolate landscape, the place scared him, but yet he could not look away.

Finally, the dragons came to their destination. A giant volcano, in which the magma was still relatively high, the dragon's wasted no time and landed lightly on the rim. Spyro sighed as he looked at the sight of his finally battle. The young dragons walked around tentatively, placing their paws on the ground lightly, as if they thought it would lurch up and swallow them whole.

"Why are we here dad?" Aria asked her voice quaking.

"We are here Aria because we have come here every year on this day, as it is symbolic." Spyro explained.

"Sy-symbolic?" Aria asked struggling with the large word.

"It was important to them." Taelas said tapping his sister on the head. "So what happened?" The dragon asked looking around to the six older dragons that stood around him his sister and Syra.

"Have a seat and we'll tell you." Cynder replied and the small male immediately sat on his haunches, followed shortly by Aria and Syra.

"What we are about to tell you, we tell you because you need to know your parent's history." Spyro said.

"Then why are they here?" Syra asked pointing a loan claw to Icryious and Solris.

"Syra! Don't ask questions like that." Azshea quipped.

"Sorry." Syra said looking down a bit.

"It's okay Syra, just remember next time." Azshea said her tone much lighter. "Go ahead Spyro."

The purple dragon nodded. "Cynder and I were flying in the blue sky over Avalar. We had just defeated Malefor, but things were about to get a lot worse." The purple dragon explained.

"Wasn't Malefor, The Dark Master?" Taelas asked cocking his head to the side.

"He was." Cynder answered.

"And you two defeated him?" The small purple dragon asked.

"Yes, we did." Spyro said nodding his head. The violet dragon had to keep from laughing as his son's jaw dropped. Spyro and Cynder had made an effort to keep their legacy a secret around their children. They didn't want them growing up with the idea that they were better than everyone else, just because of their parents. Although they soon found that many wanted nothing more than to forget Malefor's reign. Taelas and Aria had heard little rumors, but had never confirmed their theories about their parents.

"As I was saying though, things were about to get much worse. Malefor was gone, but his seven lieutenants were still alive, The Seven Dragons of Darkness…"

A/N: Alright finally note, well that's it everyone. The Seven Dragons of Darkness ends here, I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it (even if it was hard at times). I wanted to put this note in here just to say thanks to everyone who read and reviewed this story or even just read it. If it wasn't for you guys this story wouldn't have made it past chapter 1. So I hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!