Lindsey knew that it was wrong to just go and not say anything, but it was better this way. She knew that if she said goodbye to the team, Walter and Candace would hug her so tight that she wouldn't be able to breathe, even Tyler would give her a squeeze, Candace would cry, and they would all try to stop her from going. And she knew, that if she looked into Candace's big eyes, and Walter's sad expression, that she would stay, and Lindsey couldn't stay. She needed to move on.

She needed this fresh start. She was tired of being stuck in the past, of only being able to live in the memories, of not being able to see tomorrow. But at the new school, there would be nothing but tomorrow. At her new house, there would be nothing but fresh. She loved the look of her new place. It looked nothing like the old one. There was room for flower boxes on the windows, tall cupboards that she would never be able to fill, and everything was bright, cheerful, happy. She needed happy.

Lindsey was ready to stash this, her old life, into a box and leave it there. Of course, she loved their team. Walter's open heart, Candace's endless enthusiasm, Tyler, who she could read like a book. Even Alex's crudeness was endearing. She didn't want to forget them, but she needed to move on. Lindsey wasn't sure when she had started feeling like this - heavy, weighed down by life, but she knew now that she was drowning, and getting away would be like being saved.

It was the only way.

Not sure what I think. I wrote it on a whim, and it's terribly short. I don't own The Forgotten.