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Chapter 2

In upstate New York there is a children's hospital for age's ten through twenty-one. The outside of the building is coral and there are many trees lining a small and vacant parking lot. Flower beds lined the front half of the walls leading to the entrance with a sign that says 'Andrew and Jules Facility' also known as upstate New York's finest children's rehabilitation center.

Most teenagers treated have eating disorders, substance abuse problems, or in one boys case, suicidal tendencies. The newest addition to the facility was in room 101 and had been there for two months after being found by his two friends bleeding from his wrists. '

If Romeo and Juliet got their happy ending, why couldn't Jason and I be aloud?' Peter thought as he lay on his bed, head buried into his pillow. To the right of the boy was a table with his script and a twin that belonged to Jason back when they were doing to the senior play at the end of the play. A cold breeze floated into the room from the bared window and caressed peters body, which made his body react to the temperature change with a shiver, but it went unnoticed to the teen.

He couldn't feel anything anymore; cold, hunger, fatigue, they were all unnecessary to him because he felt dead. He was dead, and the dead don't feel, eat, or sleep. Clear tears were stained on his face and some of them dripped off of him and onto his pillow collecting in a small puddle. Peter didn't sob for his body was exhausted. He couldn't anymore, and after the night of Jason's death the function became extinct from overuse.

In the room that Peter inhabited with one other person the walls were white and the carpet had transformed from a dark brown to a now lackluster tan-grey in the months that he had been in the building. On his side, the walls were also completely bare, lacking of any personality or evidence that someone lived there. A few workbooks that the doctors wanted him to work on sat on a small desk next to a small closet. Unopened letters from his family and friends laid in a stack next to a trash can ready to be used. He could never find it in himself to throw them away though, he just didn't open them.

The only letters that he ever opened were from Ivy Robinson, the girl the Jason got pregnant a few weeks before he died. Ivy sent updates to Peter on how the pregnancy was going and how close she was to her due date. After all, she was carrying the last part of Jason that was on this Earth. Contrary to that side, the other half of the room was covered in posters of rock and punk bands, ticket stubs were taped to them from when Peter could only assume he had bought the posters.

But the most curious thing about the other half of the room wasn't the multitudes of posters decorating the walls, but the boy who had put them up there. Brent Rhodes was Peter's eighteen year old roommate at their new home. He was always trying to get Peter to talk to him when they were together in their room. He was in the facility for anger management issues and depression. Brent had told the other boy that he didn't want to kill himself, but his snooty parents didn't want to take the chance so they shipped him off to one of the best centers in the country.

It was located about four hours from Peter's old school where he had only graduated 2 months ago. Brent only had to be driven a half hour because his family had lived in upstate New York. He was used to luxurious houses and not worrying about money. Brent had never wanted for anything in his life that material or bought with money. The one thing he wanted was to be seen and heard by his parents and friend, but having money took the warmth out of his family and trust from his friends.

Brent was always talking to Peter and the other boy never had to say anything which was comforting to Peter. There wasn't much that Peter didn't know about Brent and that scared the younger boy, He didn't want to get attached to anyone in his final months, Peter didn't want to have anything to override his feelings, it was unlikely to happen anyways, and Jason was his life. Now that he and his life were gone, it wouldn't take long for Peter's body to follow.

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