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Summary: During battle in Eclipse. When Bella cuts herself with a sharp rock, Edward becomes distracted and Victoria takes the opportunity to get through. Three days later Bella is a vampire, but realizes her happily ever after isn't going to happen (well not with Edward). The Volturi know that she has been changed and Aro wants her for a short visit, but will it become longer when a friendship, and possibly more, happen with a certain dark soul.

Prologue—Seek Not My Heart

A brilliant haze of red and white was the last thing I had seen, before light no longer existed, and an inferno covered me in a cocoon. I allowed death to come to me without a fight, without as much as a single tear. I caused her to slip through Edward just by having my own hands spill my own blood. Sorry Edward, but you deserve so much more. All the Cullen's did. I had caused so much trouble for their family in a short amount a time and needed to fix it, even if death had to be the only way.


That's where it felt like my end was taking me. I deserved to go to hell. All that I asked for in my life was for my own needs, my own wants. Scorching flames burning throughout my skin for eternity was welcomed.

I didn't know when, but after awhile sounds and smells made themselves known. That was all it took for me to realize that I wasn't in hell, but I was in fact changing. I couldn't say if this was what I wanted anymore after all the thinking of death for so long, and wanting to escape all the problems I have caused to everyone I had ever met. Now all of that is wasted. The Cullen's will expect me to have a new life among them, and who am I to deny them.

One final beat. One life for eternity.

My eyes opened slowly to reveal a form of clarity no human would have thought could have existed. New colors, new details. Everything was so different, yet so the same. Amazing. I don't know how long I just laid there in awe of the ceiling, but I regained focused when someone cleared their throat. I turned my head quickly towards the sound and came to look on seven glorious, familiar vampires. At the moment they were all glaring at Emmett, who must have been the throat clearer, why they were I don't know.

I got off the bed at a speed that frightened and amazed me. My action caused everyone to look at me and I felt slightly self-conscious. Jasper must have felt it and smiled, but his eyes showed he was confused by something. Alice looked ready to pounce at me. Everyone seemed extremely happy. I was surprised though to find that Edward was the only one that wasn't exactly looking happy, but then again he didn't want this life for me and is probably blaming himself for all of it.

"Umm…Hi?" I said but it came out sounding more of a question. Once again I found myself amazed, but this time because of my voice. I guess it changes more than just looks.

"Bella, aren't you thirsty?" Jasper asked confusion still readable in his eyes.

"Well, I guess there is a slight burn but not terrible." I answered honestly. He became even more confused, and possibly a tad frustrated.

"Bella!" Yelled Alice just before she threw herself at me into a hug that should have hurt me.

"Alice." I said before returning her hug.

"Ouch, geez Bella where have you been hiding that strength?" Alice joked and everyone laughed, except Edward who was still looking broody.

"Wait. How did the fight go?" I asked as I suddenly remembered the fight with the newborns.

"It was a cup of elk blood." Emmett bellowed. I think he means piece of cake. Must be an inside joke.

"Yes, everything went well." Esme spoke with a motherly smile, even with the topic in discussion.

"Bella there is something that we should tell you." Alice said, and then continued. "Well, after Edward defeated Victoria some of the guards from the Volturi showed up. They noticed that you were changing and have decided to tell Aro."

"That's good, right?" I said, but I could tell there was something else.

"Yeah, but when Aro found out he decided that he wanted to see you. Don't worry though it seems he would just like for you to be there as a short visit, nothing more. Possibly try to get you join the guard, but that's it." Aro has decided to ask me for a visit. Now that's weird.

"Do I even get a chose?" I asked.

"Not really, you only get to choose for how long you are to stay." Carlisle said.

"Bella, could I possibly take you hunting now." Edward commanded more than asked.

"Sure let's go. See ya everyone." I said waving to everyone as Edward basically dragged me outside.

Edward shot straight through the forest still clutching my hand. Luckily for me being a newborn allowed me to be able to easily keep up. When we were miles away from the house Edward decided it was time to stop. He didn't say anything at first; he just paced in what seemed to be anger. I was worried. I wasn't sure what the outcomes were, or what exactly had him upset. So I simply waited, and didn't have to for long.

"Bella, how could you have been so stupid? Why did you risk yourself like that? Was it because of this?" He yelled motioning at my person. "I didn't want to turn you into a vampire, so you thought you would take a chance by seeing what would happened if you spilt your blood?"

"I thought we agreed you were going to change me if I married you." I whispered.

"Did you honestly think I was going to change you? Why would I have changed you? I loved your warmth, your silent mind. Most of all I loved your humanity, something I no longer have. Now because of your foolish act, you ripped all of it away from me." He sneered.

"You never loved me?" I would be in tears if it were still possibly. Instead tearless sobs racked through my body. Though my heart should be crumpling slowly surprisingly it's not, only a slight piece is missing now. My mind still can't get over the fact that someone that has almost tried to kill himself over my 'death' would not actually hold any real feelings towards them. My heart on the other hand secretly kept itself from Edward after what happened the first time; I guess I never trusted him after that first time.

"No. Don't worry though I won't kill you. My family seems to adore you. We are just no longer in a relationship. In fact we will no longer be in on speaking terms." He said before taking off.

I crumpled slowly to the ground, my mind processing everything that had just happened. I wasn't in pain, it didn't hurt like the last time he left. Somehow I always knew he would just leave me. I just never knew it would be this soon or over something like this, but I should have known that I would never be good enough for Edward. He was unreachable to me, maybe to every girl.

The only thing on my mind at that moment was 'what now?' How are the rest of the Cullen's going to react? Would they still want me? Could I even handle living with them now?

The last question was the most substantial since I didn't know how to deal with living with someone that used me as a pet. What was there now?

I started making my way towards the Cullen mansion taking down some creatures along the way. Alice was waiting for me with Jasper both looked incredibly sad.

"So you're going on your own then?" Alice asked.

"Yes, I can't be an inconvenience." I said.

"Bella, you have never been that. You are family whether you are with Fuckward or not." Jasper told me sincerely.

"Thank you, but I still have to leave on my own."

"Just remember that you can always return to us." Alice said with a sad smile.

They handed me a black credit card for the journey ahead. I whispered a goodbye before sprinting off to the airport in Seattle. I didn't even remember that I was a newborn vampire that was going to a place full of humans until I hit the outskirts of the forest and smelled the blood. Surprisingly, the burn wasn't something that couldn't be handled so I continued. The airport wasn't overly crowded as I made my way to the desks.

"One ticket to Volterra, Italy." I said.

"Well, there is a flight to there but you would have to stop in New York first. Is that acceptable?" The lady asked looking everywhere but at my eyes.

"Yes. Make it first class." I said handing her the credit card. Might as well go out, I thought.

"Flight is actually in an hour. Have a good day."

I sat near the gate I was waiting to board. I kept hoping that maybe the Volturi weren't as bad as I remembered from my human memories. Maybe it was an off day. I chuckled to myself at that thought. Hopefully, I was making the right decision.

I know it's short but it is only a prologue of sorts.

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