Chapter Eight: Plans for a Darley

Lyric groaned as she felt little hands tugging at her arm, then heard a little voice whisper, "Mommy, Lu-Lu got colored on his face, but not like you and Daddy." And she was up, best as she could be at almost seven months pregnant. Her now brown hair was up in a messy bun and she shoved herself up, letting her daughter, now legally her daughter, lead her to the living room to see her youngest brother sitting on the couch as Joe brought him ice. Billy was nowhere to be found, but she could only guess he was on the streets or at the bar. Lucas looked over to see Lyric, who immediately gritted her teeth.

Not only did her brother have a black eye, he had a split lip and a bruise on the other side of his face. Tyler hurried to Lucas and climbed onto his lap, cuddling into him and falling asleep. As Lyric walked around the couch, she spotted the microwave in the kitchen and saw it was two fifteen in the morning. The eighteen year old tilted his head and sighed, "What happened Luke?" Lyric wished that she could say this didn't happen often, but with Lyric no longer in school, it happened much too often. She was very close to filing an abuse report, and gaining custody of her brother. It was like gaining custody of Tyler, but they had managed to avoid the abuse report, and simply blackmail Billy's mother with it to get the small brunette.

Lucas shrugged and told her, "Brendan came home high. Mom and dad were asleep." Lyric rubbed her hand over her eyes and dropped onto a chair, while Joe told the other Hume to hold still while he fixed his lip, again. Lyric watched as her boyfriend's brother, who had become like her own brother, tended to her biological brother. They had become good friends, which Lyric was thankful for, and more than once or twice, Joe and Lucas had spent after school and weekends playing video games and doing whatever else teenage boys did, together. Lyric lent her head in her hand, watching the three minors. She was sure Billy wouldn't have a problem if they took Luke in; Tyler was pretty much convinced that Lucas was her brother like Joe was, and didn't understand why he had a different home.

Almost on cue, the front door opened and closed, and Lyric looked over the back of the couch to see a very angry Billy Darley. It didn't help that he saw a bruised Lucas in the living room either. Tyler looked up from her place on the couch and smiled, running over and hugging Billy around his legs. And instantly, Billy began to calm down. Lyric's private theory had been correct; Billy had softened up for the tiny brunette girl with no fear of the gang, or of Billy. The red that he had entered with was fading quickly, and as he picked his half sister-turned-daughter up, Lyric asked in him, "What's wrong?"

Billy looked over at the brown haired woman on the chair, green eyes half on him, half glazed with sleep. He had no doubt she had been woken up because of Lucas, and he hated that this was at least the third time it had happened this week. She was dealing with more things than any female with a child on the way should. Billy liked Lucas; he thought that the kid had potential to be a part of the Darley gang. Despite Lyric not being thrilled that her brother was a gang candidate, at least it was the Darley gang, and she could keep an eye on him. And Lucas seemed to like the idea of being a part of the most feared gang in Boston as well.

Shifting Tyler a bit, he placed her back on the couch with Luke and Joe and nodded his head towards the kitchen, and as soon as he helped her up, they walked into the kitchen. Joe must have caught on and flipped the TV on, distracting Tyler for the time being. Billy leaned against a counter and finally said in a low voice, "Wallis put a request in to have divers search the bottom of the bay. I don't know how, but the judge is making a ruling on it tomorrow, well later this morning."

Lyric felt her blood freeze over, but kept a level head and asked, "When did you last use it?" Her well had paranoia prevented her from using 'the bay as a dump site', because for all she knew Wallis was on the goddamn fire escape listening. And she was pretty sure Wallis would pull some stunt like that to get a conviction on Billy Darley. The woman had gone as far as trying to pull Tyler out of school under the pretenses the area they lived in was unsafe. The school now had a much stricter policy of pulling students out after that little fiasco.

Billy shrugged, which did not comfort Lyric, and guessed, "Maybe last week. Could have been a few days ago, but we've been using the refinery line." That made her feel better. Nodding, she paused as her son kicked her, flinching from the strong kick, before telling Billy, "Then the bodies should be more than decayed enough to prevent them from getting any evidence for a while, if at all. But no more dumping in the bay, start using the gulch. Plenty of animals to eat someone."

Billy nodded, but was still tense. Wallis would go as far as messing and faking evidence to try and put him in prison, or on death row. For once in his life, Billy was actually worried. He refused to leave his family; he wouldn't let Wallis take him away from Joe, from Tyler and Lyric, from his unborn son or even Lucas, who had become another Joe to Billy Darley. The gang lord was pulled from his thoughts as Lyric rested a hand on his arm and assured him, "Everything is going to be fine, Billy. No one is messing with us."

Looking into her green eyes, he just nodded again and said tiredly, "I'm holding you to that, Lyric. So what's up with your brother?" Lyric sighed and shook her head, resting it on Billy's chest before telling him, "Stupid Brendan is coming home high as a mother fucking kite. Beat up Lucas."

Billy frowned. He felt his temper spark. No one messed with his family, especially not the druggies that he sold too. Resting his head on top of hers, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and asked her, "What you wanna do about it?" He knew what he wanted to do; Billy wanted to kill the druggie and keep Luke. But he wasn't sure Lyric would agree with that, after all, the druggie in question was her twin brother, but then again, Lucas was her baby brother. Leaning more on Billy, she mumbled, "I dunno, what are you thinking of?" He could either tell her exactly what he was thinking or he could just shrug and keep himself out of possible trouble.

But Lyric was good at calling him on his lies, so he took a breath before sighing, "Kill your twin, to protect Luke." Like Billy expected she pulled away. But the look he didn't expect. She was giving him a look of consideration before shaking her head and replying sadly, "Too dangerous. How would you do it anyway?" He stared at her, shocked she was considering this, but he recognized that transition from his Lyric to his street Lyric. She was considering all options to protect her baby brother, much like Billy would for Joe.

Running a hand over his buzzed hair, he shrugged and offered up, "Joe's ready for an in, he's close with Luke, and wouldn't have a problem." Lyric chewed on her lip thoughtfully before reminding them both, "My dad might be a problem. I'm sure that my dad would ban Lucas from having anything to do with me, let alone you." Billy shrugged and argued, "Or, he might not even pay attention. If your twin brother is such a golden boy, the center of your dad's world, then would he even be able to function? I mean, he disowned you, he doesn't seem to be torn up over it, but Brendan?"

Lyric nodded slowly, rubbing her stomach as the baby kicked again, and finally consented, "Don't tell me anything, but I'm not against the idea. Just be careful, last thing I need is Wallis on our case." He nodded and watched as another wince came from his girl. Frowning, Billy asked her, "You okay?" He doubted that it was normal, for her to be in pain from 'a kick'. Unless his kid inherited his muscle, but that seemed unlikely. Brushing her hair out of her face, she just nodded, telling him, "Yeah, just not liking the kicking of my rib cage from the inside."

Before Billy could push it, Tyler wandered in and told her parents in a loud whisper, "Jo-Jo and Lu-Lu are sleeping." Lyric smiled at how cute the little girl was and told her in the same loud whisper, "That's okay, Lu-Lu and Jo-Jo are very tired." Tyler giggled and hugged her mommy's legs, then her daddy's before running back to the living room. As the two gang members followed, they nearly laughed at Joe asleep on Lucas, and Tyler wiggling between them, before falling asleep herself. The little girl was probably one of the best things that had happened to Lyric, and to Billy. Finally, lyric yawned and told Billy she was headed back to bed, and to wake her up at six, and to make sure the entire gang was there.

He watched the eighteen year old girl vanish into the room they shared, and couldn't help but smile. For the first time in a long time, Billy felt safe. This was his family, and this was what he was living for now. After turning off the TV, putting a blanket awkwardly on the three kids on the couch, he returned to his room, took off his jacket and shirt, pants and boots and tossing them somewhere before climbing into bed with Lyric, instantly falling asleep.