What could happen, or in my opinion, should have happened, after last night's episode. Sorry, about the late updates on all my stories, but I have tutoring and volunteer work and projects and my computers been being really retarded lately.

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Mark walked through the hospital. As Callie had told him everything about Sloan he had realized that he had nothing left. Lexie had broken up with him and Sloan had left and was giving the baby up for adoption. Truth was that he was kind of mad; he had given up LEXIE for SLOAN. He had always at least thought that he would have Sloan and the baby, but now he didn't.

He had started to realize that he was being an ass and so now he was going to tell Lexie and ask her to give them another chance.

He saw the on call room door open. He saw Alex walk out; he didn't really think that much about it, Karev was practically addicted to sex. But then he saw who followed him out.

"Lexie." He said in a barely audible whisper. He quickly turned before she saw him. He ran to the door leading to the stairs and once he made sure he was alone, sat down and could feel his heart breaking.

After a few minutes, he figured she was gone by now, so he went to get in the elevator.

As the elevator went to the floor where he had seen Lexie, it stopped. His heart started to race. He couldn't let Lexie see him like this. The doors opened and she was standing there.

"Dr. Sloan." She said stepping into the elevator.

"Grey." He replied. "Are you… going to keep your hair like that?"

"Yeah." She replied as the doors closed in front of her.

"Oh." He replied sadly, she had moved on.

"When I was a brunette, I was prom queen, I was class valedictorian, I was in love with the greatest man in the world, but then I hurt him and things went wrong so excuse me for not wanting to be reminded of that!" She said facing the elevator doors.

Mark walked over and hit the button to stop the elevator, "Don't try and turn this around on me! Don't pretend to be the victim! I know you just slept with Alex! Sloan left and is putting the baby up for adoption, so I have NOTHING! I was coming here to beg you to give me another chance. But then I saw you coming out of the on call room with Karev, so don't act like this is my fault!" He yelled.

"Mark…" She said trying to put her hand on his arm to calm him down.

"No! Dammit Lexie!" He said pushing it away and stepping away. "You're not Lexie. Not even close. Lexie is sweet, kind, shy, awkward, nervous, she believed in holidays. She wouldn't do this on Valentine's Day because she believes in love. Lexie is a brunette. I don't even know you anymore! You're not the Lexie I fell in love with. This, this isn't her, not even close." He said gesturing to her and hitting the button.

As the doors opened he turned and looked at her, "If you can find Lexie, MY Lexie, let me know." He said before storming down the hall feeling as heartbroken as ever.

You were always hard to hold
So letting go ain't easy
I'm hanging on but growing cold
While my mind is leaving